Milc here to change the 21st century VOD and online video publishing sectors

As reliably examining for spellbinding activities, that contribute more to society Every age perpetually seems to have another revision which drives her issues. The 21st century has had two or three with the cessation objective that has authentically been particular focal points. There was the time of the gold rush, the commencement of the web and now the kineticism in development. Blockchain advancement has been a momentous change to the 21st century. It might be verbally communicated to be the gold of the century



The blockchain-predicated arrangement’s structure can indubitably be elongated securely, sanctioning a generally growing number of engenderers and customers to participate. As the substance on the stage engenders, it will progress into a principle advertise the position. The token’s thriving isn’t dependent on first working up an obnubilated plan of action. Or maybe, it is composed as a utility token on the MILC-arrange from the soonest beginning stage into the present business and will induce enhearten there.

The MILC convivial order has a fundamental impact in the MILC blockchain plan of activity, content age, scattering, and progression of the token as a profitably lucrative utility token. The model delineated in this makes the obnubilated introduce of the endorsing token progression. It covers the requisites of the ecumenical media industry

 What is MILC?

Welt der Wunder TV is making a plenarily early blockchain-managed sanction, trading and arrangements organize for surprising video content, for the ecumenical telecom, VOD and online video disseminating segments.

The MILC token (Micro Licensing Coin) is a utility token and the portion medium inside the stage.


the sizably voluminous issue lies certainly in ecumenical availability. Ecumenical licit structures change and differentiation in contract law and in coordination tongue jumble the system. Kenning the qualifications are the matter of specialists in the portion and are grave for the layman to comprehend. ‘As of recently, there are no portrayed standards. Accordingly, most endorse assertions, but in a general sense indistinguishably commensurate to, are never-ending being redeveloped and drawn up. A confided in appendage structure which organizes and automates contracts while offering the two vendors and purchasers a high bore of authentic repayment and is truant.

Milc arrangement

The MILC stage can profit engenderers in executing their originations by utilizing stage perpetuates to subsidize ventures. Originations and conceptions can be financed and conveyed to fulfillment through the stage presales usefulness. The sizably voluminous use network of MILC can accomplish this pre-deals financing.


Token deal

Altogether 40,000,000 MILCs are printed. Adscititiously printing of

MILCs isn’t accommodated.

 Token Economics MILC Token

In orchestrating the token, it was eminent for Welt der Wunder to incite a utility token which can delineate the procedures on the blockchain.It is consequential for Welt der Wunder that the framework introduces a long haul manageable stage The utilization of the MILC is irreplaceable in the stage. Accomplices can facilely interface with fiat monetary standards, anyway,y they will be required to go through a trade API capacity to transmute over in MILC.





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