Welt der Wunder TV is a substantial part of the German media industry for more than 20 years. As a broadcast network they feature and produce docutainment TV-Shows and Channels on German, Austrian and Swiss TV. They are planning a completely new blockchain-managed license, trading and sales platform offering high-quality video content for the international broadcasting, VOD and online video publishing sectors.

The distribution platform is developed and used together with their partners Swisscom Blockchain and Swiss TXT. With decades of experience, they don’t enter a new market, but solve pain points by offering a sophisticated solution – with ongoing trading and good supply and demand.

In future, this platform seeks to offer content owners the opportunity to provide their content to the global market and to ease access to purchasers, users, and advertisers. Customers will be able to deal directly with the owner or producer of the media content thanks to blockchain technology that will provide automated , trust free security in form of regulated smart contracts. The use of blockchain technology further eliminates the need to have intermediaries, which
reduces the price of content . All the participants including the producers, owners, and other platforms in need of the content will participate as part of the model in an equal measure.

As the business model becomes popular, the sales structure will be extended securely which will allow an increasing number of consumers and producers to participate. As the platform’s content grows, the platform will evolve into a leading market position.

As stated earlier, Welt der Wunder TV operates in Germany. The network is known for the production, marketing, and broadcasting of high-quality content. The network has an established network of global renowned content providers, media platforms, and TV stations. The network that is in the second largest TV market in the globe has positioned itself at the centre of the professional media industry.


The content creator will select the smart contract that matches with his/her sales objectives and upload the content on the platform. The content is stored on the cloud but a working copy will be visible on the platform. The end user will select the content with the appropriate license parameters from the video library.

The selected content can be paid with different cryptocurrencies and even with fiat currencies . The integrated exchange API converts the cash flows into MILC tokens, which are distributed to the content creator while the content is provided to the new owner in real time.


The Micro Licensing Coin is a utility token and will be the payment medium used within the micro-licensing platform. The sale of the tokens will help boost the value of MILCs in addition to popularizing the platform’s business model. The number of issued MILC tokens are 40,000,000 and 26.5% of these tokens will be available during the ICO. An equivalent percentage will be available during the pre-sale.
The best thing about the MILC ICO is that the Welt der Wunder TV Company is an established firm that has been part of the media industry for more than 20 years. The firm has broadcast networks in German and Swiss TV channels. The distribution platform is already developed and the firm has decades of experience. This company is not a startup like most ICO companies but it seeks to solve problems in a market they understand by offering an innovative solution that is bound to enjoy a good demand. Investors are reassured that the product is value for money. The ICO dates will be announced soon on the MILC global site


ICO Information

2018 – q1/q2
Preparations Welt derWunder content for platform usage

2018 – q1/q2 ff
Development blockchainsystem for salesDevelopment

2018 – q2 ff
Expansion of the blockchainshop system for sales

2018 – q1/q2 ff
blockchainsystem for sales

2018 – q4/q4
Start of internationalsales: Europe / inclusion ofadditional content partners

2018 – q4 ff
Start of international sales:USA/Canada/inclusion ofadditional content partners

2019 – q1 ff
Start of internationalsales: Asia / inclusive ofadditional partners

2019 – q2 ff

Start of international sales:Reset of World / Inclusion ofadditional content partners


  1. Hendrik Hey – Founder & Managing Director
  2. Eugen Nussbaum – Senior Producer & Corporate Development
  3. Manuel Mariadassou – Chief Technical Officer
  4. Esther Hey – Head of Sales
  5. Sandra Leinfelder – Online Editor
  6. Anna Vogt – TV Editor
  7. Kosta Gerodimos – Technical Director
  8. Theo Theodoridis – Web Developer
  9. Ilya Bychkov – Web Developer
  10. Manuela Peter – Management Assistant
  11. Gabriele Franz – Accounting / Controlling
  12. Philipp Maasberg – Editor
  13. Larissa Melville – Online Editor
  14. Charlotte Faul – Online Editor
  15. Holly Hey – TV Editor
  16. Tom Stahl – Market Researcher


  1. Helmut Rebstock
    Co-Founder and Chairman
    Helmut is a specialist in field of electric power distribution. He created successful ventures in China and Europe. His work-life is based on entrepreneurial experience exclusively in China since 1998. Past corporate life in EE research (MIT), strategic planning (communication systems) and marketing of industrial goods (European high-speed rail technology).
  2. Daniel Benninger
    CEO a.i. und Verwaltungsrat
    Since more than 10 years, he is an expert in Information& communication technology. Daniel’s experience is a connection of practical, enterprise work and university research based in Lucerne University of Applied Science, where he is a lecturer.
  3. Robin Ribback
    Innovation Manager – R&D Networks – ict Projects
    Over 25 years of experience in IT, cloud services, online media and broadcasting. His main scope is business& product development. Since a year, he is an Innovation Manager in SwissTXT.
  4. Daniel Haudenschild
    Swisscom Blockchain AG
    With over 20 years of Big-4 advisory in financial services, Daniel brings an outcome oriented approach to blockchain. He brings an international view on the business, with over 10 years in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Daniel was heading the distributed ledgers team in his former position, and has consistently led teams to deliver value with blockchain.
  5. Sven M ller
    Head of ICO Advisory
    Swisscom Blockchain AG
    Sven is a blockchain and distributed leger evangelist. He has a strong technical background and also worked as management consultant with a big 4. He has gained experience with several projects in the industry as IT architect and project manager. With his team he won several hackathons and innovation competitions in the blockchain space.


The structure of MILC Blockchain distribution platform is a breakthrough in the television industry and can be scaled to other media sectors as well. It can create easily understandable, market-ready smart contract structures, opening up a broader multi-billion market for the platform. The greatest potential of MILC lies in the fact that there are numerous branches that are battling similar problems in transactions. MILC can serve as a blueprint for these sectors and stand a chance to channelize and grow on the challenges prevalent in these industries. This is also the factor that can set aside MILC as a revolutionary ICO on the global platform in the time to come.


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