Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency markets have seen significant and unprecedented growth, with investors in the space earning huge profits. One major drawback, however, is that trading cryptocurrencies is a bit complicated and the recent influx of new projects into the market is quite overwhelming. As a result, investors that do not have the time, resources or expertise to do exhaustive research may end up making snap judgements and losing money. As such, it has become particularly important for investors to be cautious while making investments in ICOs and cryptocurrencies in general. This is because a large proportion of investors lack the knowledge to dissect projects, analyse teams or even to ascertain the authenticity of the claims made in the white paper. More so, even if these investors have the knowledge and expertise to analyse and make risk assessment for blockchain projects they may lack the time, resources, and in depth research required to make informed decision. On the other hand, there are multiple genuine cryptocurrencies and ICO projects that have viable products, and world class teams that have the ability to execute the vision and deliver revolutionary solutions within the space and this is where MINDSYNC fits in they have developed a decentralized community-driven AI platform where everyone can participate in the growing artificial intelligence market as a customer, expert, developer or supplier to order or create and share AI services as a values.


Mindsync is A new platform in the access of data and speed up to created a solution in the global market. This platform that aims to solve the problem of customers in a set of data.

Mindsync project aims to provide the best solution and easily accessed, cheaper and more easily in access so it can be speed up and created a solution in the market global. Mindsync is a new project in the cryptocurrency world that has the mission is to unite the experts and hackers artificial intelligence, scientists data, the developer learning machine, the data and suppliers of the computing, investors, volunteer in one place who intend to solve the problem in the field of marketing. Experts here is necessary because it can help the customers in give a solution to what they do for getting the task of given by this project that will get in repayment return. In repayment will be accepted by customers in accordance with the rules that there will be accepted and automatic by customers.

The Customers in Mindsync project can make the competition or a challenge where the developer in the community will participate. The developer to create a solution got in repaynent and customers could use a solution.

Token Mindsync is token utility ERC-20. The number of token limited. Token Mindsync set to walk on the technology blockchain that decentralization, make sure transparency and security all the financial transactions. Mindsync is a platform single offer handling the real world applied, repay or for free. Mindsync provide solutions that contains the technology AI. and develop with a complete tested and launched on the platform. As well as on business integrated and customers successful will get Token MindSync that can be used to all the operation payment in between the platform.


Mindsync is a platform for completing customer tasks with AI technology competition and markets for solutions and training data sets. Our mission is to bring together the best artificial intelligence and hacking experts, data scientists, machine learning developers, big data, and computing power suppliers, investors, volunteers in one place to make AI solutions better available, cheaper, simpler for various customers , accelerating its development and creating a world market for AI solutions.


Customers post orders or assignments in the form of challenges on the https://mindsync.aiplatform, with detailed requirements, data sets, deadlines. Prizes will be shared among several platform participants.

Experts help customers prepare tasks, competition rules, examine solutions for tasks and get rewarded for such work.

DS / ML developers work on shared or group assignments. The competitive nature of their work maximizes the speed of development, quality and significantly reduces the cost of solutions for customers. The accepted solution developer automatically receives the award in accordance with the rules.

All datasets and kernels (task solutions) are hashed. Hash is stored on the blockchain to check integrity and protect against changes. Solution expert reviews, developer rankings and teams are written and stored on the blockchain (for additional security from ranking forgery).

Customers get the best solution for their tasks – algorithms, and data along with expert reviews. Customers can postpaid solutions on our platform to receive additional revenue from sales.

To find a solution, developers use the miner’s computing power, fog supercomputer projects, cloud providers or exchange resources. This process, provided by the mindync.ai platform, is transparent to developers and they can focus solely on the task. Computing power suppliers receive payments immediately after the use of their resources.

Communities can also post their own algorithms and data for free or for sale at https://mindsync.ai/ Investors can become sponsors of challenges and teams, pay prize funds and earn income from selling solutions. Investors can also receive part of the prize fund if they function as sponsors for teams that take part in the challenge.

MindSync tokens can be used for all payment operations among platform participants



Offering a single platform handling real-world problems, paid or free. The solution is made by the AI, DS, ML community: You place orders for solutions that contain AI technology; developed by members of our community, a complete test and launch on our platform. It is also possible to integrate it into an existing business or other areas.


Customers can order a completely new AI solution or use one of the ready-enterprise solutions from our repository which is ranked by Mindsync community experts who save a lot of time and also apply it to other more complicated challenges on the platform.

APIMindsync AIaaS platform:

You can run a production-ready solution internally and ask it to use the API without having to apply it to your external server. This makes it possible to create scalable applications using AI and provide unlimited theoretical computing power for any device.

Token Details

Name: Mindsync Coin

Price: $0.14

Blockchain: Ethereum

Total possible tokens: 1,000,000,000

Symbol: MAI

Total tokens distributed to public: 500,000,000

Type: ERC20

Purchase methods: ETH, BTC, LTC

Token Distribution

Use of Funds




For more information, please visit the links i have provided below;

Website: https://mindsync.ai/

Technical Review: https://mindsync.ai/docs/whitepaper.pdf

OnePager: https://mindsync.ai/docs/onepager.pdf

Telegram: http://t.me / mindsync_ai

Facebook: https://fb.me/mindsync.ai.official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mind_sync

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