Mindsync is a blockchain base platform established to provide easy access of data and increased speed, Mindsync envisioned to create a solution in the present global market. This platform is geared at solving the problem of customers in a set of data. Mindsync project Aims to provide the best solution and easily accessed, cheaper and more easily in access so it can be speed up and created a solution in the market global. Mindsync is a new project in the cryptocurrency world that has the mission is to unite the experts and hackers artificial intelligence, scientists data, the developer learning machine, the data and suppliers of the computing, investors, volunteer in one place who intend to solve the problem marketing.
This project is establishing a wide market in the ledger system where all the stakeholders of this community and of the blockbuster at large can come together, share values and help improve one another through the effective contributions made. This is to assist the developers in their ability to make useful AI available and to ensure their proper incentivizing and to create a channel where everyone can have a solution to all of their real life issues through many skills made available in the ecosystem.

This project is full of experience experts in the AI field that are ready to contribute to the growth and development of many enterprises through their knowledge of AI. This project can simply be referred to as an AI as a service platform (AIaaS) or could be called expert as a service platform (ExaaS) that is available for format of businesses to help them flourish while introducing AI use to them. This project will work by increasing computing power to the community of users and clients and it will be forming alliance with special supercomputer projects and mining organization to make this possible. More to this, there is going to be rewards given to users as they use this project to achieve the growth of the their businesses.

This project has a great rating system and that helps mind sync to know how far it has gone in making changes or achieving growth for the members involved in it. For this rating system to work, it uses three distinct components which are;

Through competition, this project is able to analyse a member. This is done by checking to see how much of a problem it has assisted in solving for others or the ones the member has done singlehandedly. More so, it checks to see his standing order and the part played in them.

The second method of rating members if through the checks on how much that member has contributed to the community in forms of joint discussions, solution giving and the kind of interaction the member has in the ecosystem. This also entails the relationship and social intimacy he or she is able to secure with clients.

The third is through the level of regulation possessed or distributed by the member. This is a situation whereby the member who has attain a level of reputation for himself in the community shares some part to others to lift them also. For a member to have done this, it means he has a great rating in the system and such will be respected.

Token Mindsync is token utility ERC-20. The number of token limited. Token Mindsync set to walk on the technology blockchain that decentralization, make sure transparency and security all the financial transactions. Mindsync is a platform single offer handling the real world applied, repay or for free. Mindsync provide solutions that contains the technology AI. and develop with a complete tested and launched on the platform. As well as on business integrated and customers successful will get Token MindSync that can be used to all the operation payment in between the platform.

Mindsync has a contract system which entails the reputation of the users and their data used in the ecosystem. This contract is of the advantage of preventing all forms of illicit activities and the punishment of the perpetrators.

When a special MAI token contract is used, it helps users to know the balance they have left and how useful it will be for any competition or maybe it will be used to pay some expert fees

Now that we have the world adjusting to the use of AI, it is more important to pay attention to this project called Mindsync because it encompass the whole of the AI world. This project is therefore making it easier to adopt these great machines without any difficulties with the lowest possible fees such that many sectors can feel its positive impact.


Name: Mindsync Coin

Price: $0.14

Blockchain: Ethereum

Total possible tokens: 1,000,000,000

Symbol: MAI

Total tokens distributed to public: 500,000,000

Type: ERC20

Purchase methods: ETH, BTC, LTC


We can not deny the fact that there are many similar projects that focus on this area, but many problems of big organization will be levelled on account of their surrender to Mindsync while all clients will be able to overcome all of their challenges as they give this project the opportunity to revolutionize the world with AI. It is therefore very essential to be a part of Mindsync at this early stage. I urge my readers to read more about this project!

Use the links below for more information

Website: https://mindsync.ai/

Whitepaper: https://mindsync.ai/docs/whitepaper.pdf/

Telegram: http://t.me/mindsync_ai

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mind_sync

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