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The global cryptocurrency market started 2018 with a bang, hitting a record high of $700 billion in market capitalization. All signs point toward an increasingly large cryptocurrency exchange market as new crypto traders continue to join exchanges. The influx of people into the cryptocurrency market has made an astronomical rise in the adoption of blockchain technology. Numerous supporters, investors from different field of professions and businesses around the world have embraced new technological innovation which has helped reshape the world. Basically the rise of cryptocurrency and subsequent attention brought to blockchain technology has prompted nearly every industry to evaluate the benefits of integrating the technology into their operations One firm at the forefront of this innovation is MINDSYNC and they have developed a decentralized community-driven AI platform where everyone can participate in the growing artificial intelligence market as a customer, expert, developer or supplier to order or create and share AI services as a values.


Mindsync is a platform to help solve customers’ tasks through AI/ML/DS competitions as well as a marketplace for these solutions and training datasets.

Mindsync is a new platform in the access of data and speed up to created a solution in the global market. This platform that aims to solve the problem of customers in a set of data.

Mindsync project aims to provide the best solution and easily accessed, cheaper and more easily in access so it can be speed up and created a solution in the market global. Mindsync is a new project in the cryptocurrency world that has the mission is to unite the experts and hackers artificial intelligence, scientists data, the developer learning machine, the data and suppliers of the computing, investors, volunteer in one place who intend to solve the problem in the field of marketing. Experts here is necessary because it can help the customers in give a solution to what they do for getting the task of given by this project that will get in repayment return. In repayment will be accepted by customers in accordance with the rules that there will be accepted and automatic by customers.

The customers in Mindsync project can make the competition or a challenge where the developer in the community will participate. The developer to create a solution got in repaynent and customers could use a solution.


Mindsync is a platform for completing customer tasks with AI technology competition and markets for solutions and training data sets. Our mission is to bring together the best artificial intelligence and hacking experts, data scientists, machine learning developers, big data, and computing power suppliers, investors, volunteers in one place to make AI solutions better available, cheaper, simpler for various customers , accelerating its development and creating a world market for AI solutions.

Features of the Platform

  • Platformsync

Offering a single platform handling real-world problems, paid or free. The solution is made by the AI, DS, ML community: You place orders for solutions that contain AI technology; developed by members of our community, a complete test and launch on our platform. It is also possible to integrate it into an existing business or other areas.

  • Order Customized or Reuse

Customers can order a completely new AI solution or use one of the ready-enterprise solutions from our repository which is ranked by Mindsync community experts who save a lot of time and also apply it to other more complicated challenges on the platform.

  • API

It is possible to run a production-ready solution internally and make a request for it to use the API without applying it on an external server, that is on your side. This makes it possible to create scalable applications using AI with unlimited theoretical computing power for any device.

Mindsync Platform

Platform for finishing customer responsibilities with AI and marketplace generation competition for answers and training statistics units. Our undertaking is to deliver together the first-rate-made intelligence and hacking experts, facts scientists, device mastering developers, large records, and computing electricity suppliers, investors, volunteers in a single region to make AI solutions more to be had, less expensive, less difficult for various customers, accelerate improvement and create a international marketplace for AI answers.

How does Mindsync works?

On the MindSync platform, clients can create demanding situations and create unique AI-primarily based solutions to their commercial enterprise issues. This task can be seen with the aid of all contributors of the network. Experts who are inquisitive about the platform will check in for the challenge after accepting the terms and situations of the phrases and conditions. Experts (individuals or teams) who efficiently create answers will ship their entries for review via customers and different professionals in the network.

MindSync will permit ready-for-manufacturing answers to be accomplished at the platform and make requests via the API while not having to apply it on an external server, this is, at the customer side. It is viable to apply AI to create applications for any tool that is linked to the Internet.

Mindsync can be a network pushed decentralized AI platform in which anybody will take part as a consumer, professional, developer, or provider inside the growing pc science marketplace to order or produce and percentage synthetic intelligence offerings at a distinct price.

Mindsync can be a community pushed decentralized AI platform in which anyone will take part as a patron, professional, developer, or issuer inside the growing pc technology marketplace to order or produce and proportion artificial intelligence offerings at a specified fee.

Mindsync Token

Mindsync token is designed to make investments on the platform, access AI solutions and to reward participants such as machine learning developers, experts, volunteers and researchers, computing power and big data providers. Mindsync token is a ERC-20 utility token. The number of tokens is limited. Mindsync token is set to run on decentralized blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security of all financial transactions.

Token Details

  • Name: Mindsync Coin
  • Symbol: MAI
  • Price: $0.14
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Total possible tokens: 1,000,000,000
  • Total tokens distributed to public: 500,000,000
  • Type: ERC20
  • Purchase methods: ETH, BTC, LTC
  • Softcap 30,000,000 MAI
  • Hardcap 500,000,000 MAI

Crowdsale Schedule

  • Private presale: 01-Oct-18 – 14-Dec-18
  • Public presale: 15-Dec-18 – 15-Jan-19
  • Public sale: 01-Mar-19 – 01-Apr-19

Bonus / Discount

  • Private presale bonus: starts from 50%
  • Public ICO bonus: up to 15%

Token Distribution

For more information, please visit links i have provided below;

Website: https://mindsync.ai/

Whitepaper: https://mindsync.ai/docs/whitepaper.pdf

OnePager: https://mindsync.ai/docs/onepager.pdf

Telegram: http://t.me / mindsync_ai

Facebook: https://fb.me/mindsync.ai.official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mind_sync

Medium: https://medium.com/mindsync-ai

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/mindsync_ai/

Github: https://github.com/mindsync-ai

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