Platforms and cryptocurrency that provide additional revenue streams to merchants
Hi friend crypto mania, as usual I will make a post about the ICO is running this time about a financial platform that is busy in the conversation in cyberspace, more let’s see what kind of platform that I can peel, …..
Minerva This is the first reverse processors in the world. Minerva does not charge commissions for the transaction, but pays for its use. This is the main difference between traditional payment methods. So to say, clever money, built on smart contracts in the Ethereum chain of networks.
MINERVA ( OWL ) Built on the smart contract of Ethereum Blockchain, Minerva intends to push the platform approved to adopt crypto as a new payment method. This incentive is achieved by rewarding this approved platform with a newly printed OWL token. This token is generated at the variable rate when the currency is used.
“We envision a world in which smart contracts help address the issue of excessive price changes, changing the way businesses approach crypto”
The main purpose is to help solve major crypto currency problems, and to provide business partnerships with incentive payment solutions.
The main sign is the owl Minerva and ERC20 tokens. The main purpose of the company is to provide a very effective trading strategy for all its members so that they can get a good return on their investment.
Platforms and cryptocurrencies that provide  additional revenue streams to approved merchants who accept their tokens as  a payment method  We seek to demonstrate a less volatile future of fluctuations through Proof-of-Transaction and introduce incentives  of payment solutions to accelerate the adoption of crypto mainstream  and smart contracts.
The main difference between Minerva and Bitcoin is that Minerva is designed to reward platforms that accept Owl tokens with ” reverse transaction costs ” and also to overcome the short-run excessive short-term market volumes in Crypto currency.
Owl  is an international coin that was first used widely.  This thick and heavy coin printed over 2,500 years ago  arguably the most influential of all the coins.  With caution, Owls  became known for their great quality and consistent weight, resulting in  traders using them for portability and global acceptance.
Minerva is currently the token and smart contract ERC20 system built on the Ethereal blockade. Following this standard, Minerva tokens are easily transferable between users and platforms using an ERC20 compatible wallet, and can be seamlessly integrated into the exchange.
a. 70% Presale & Final Public ICO
b. 10% Founding Team
c. 10% Long Term Operating Cost
d. 5% Bonus Signing Partnership
e. 2,5% Bug Bounty
f. 2,5% Program Bunia ICO
Until here I used to describe Minerva. If you’re still curious, you can visit Minerva’s official site here 
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