Lotteries – as one of the types of gambling, have firmly entered human life and are one of those few gambling games that are supported and regulated by the state. attracts participants to the lottery area. However, people are increasingly losing confidence in this industry, because they believe that deception and injustice prevail here, many people bought tickets, but only a few came to the real winnings. Of course, there are pets of fortune who broke multi-million dollar jackpots in the lottery, but this is rather an exception to the rule. At the moment, this is still a very dark and opaque game, no one knows how the winner is determined, how many tickets were sold, whether someone was knowingly aware of the results,

However, it is natural for a person to believe in a miracle, which is winning the lottery by buying a ticket, everyone hopes in his heart that he will be the lucky person who makes a big jackpot, but in most cases it still remains a dream, the maximum gain can be several times higher for a lottery ticket.

But thanks to MITOSHI, the process of playing the lottery and the dreams of winning it will become much more transparent and real. No, no, they will not hold win-win stocks or lotteries, the mission of MITOSHI is to build an absolutely fair, lottery- free platform that is not subject to any outside interference.

Mitoshi  – a revolutionary approach to the field of online games and lotteries, finally, here will rule in honesty and fairness. Traditional lotteries have long discredited themselves and lost all the confidence of participants. Mitoshi will change this situation and build an absolutely transparent, very safe and one hundred percent fair platform for online games and cryptolottery.

The main problem of the old lotteries was the lack of honesty, transparency, decentralization and security, these problems will never more haunt lottery participants thanks to Mitoshi. To ensure the integrity of the game, the platform will be built on the basis of the blockchain, and will use smart contracts in its activities, thus eliminating third-party intervention, and winning numbers and lottery tickets cannot be falsified by anyone.

Mitoshi uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to build a transparent and fair environment for lotteries and online games. This platform will be able to unite players or participants from all over the world and provide them with real and equal chances to win the lottery, due to the absence of third-party influence on the lottery results.

Mitoshi Solutions

Return justice and transparency

In order to regain faith in the lottery, Mitoshi will produce a global “reform” of this industry. Now everything will be inflated only from the blockchain and smart contracts, no outside interventions and manipulations. After all, at the moment there are many ways to falsify or falsify the results of the lottery or win, but this will never happen again, with the arrival of Mitoshi, no one will return to the previous lotteries, most of all they just disappear, because they simply cannot stand which will be 100% support for participants.

Give everyone the opportunity to play

The existing lotteries have many restrictions, from territorial prohibitions or restrictions to large jackpot taxes. These factors significantly narrow the circle of participants, and therefore the size of the prize fund decreases, which also negatively affects the participants. Mitoshi does not put any restrictions on users of its platform, anyone who has access to the Internet can easily win and get his prize despite his place of residence, citizenship and having a bank account and other nuances.

Expand the market

The current restrictions and a high level of distrust of lotteries significantly reduce the size of this market. People leave, because playing online lotteries means almost the same thing as throwing money out of the window, and finding an honest lottery operator is almost impossible, fraud and abuse are everywhere. Those people who stay and periodically play do not have much faith in the lottery. . All these factors significantly reduce the growth rate of the lottery market and do not contribute to the retention of participants on it, as well as denigrate the very idea of ​​the lottery. With the arrival of Mitoshi and the return of honesty in the lottery, people will again reach out to buy tickets, which means that the number of participants will increase, the size of the prize pool will increase and most importantly, all participants will have absolutely equal and real chances to win.

New types of jokes

In the usual lottery, it all comes down to buying a ticket and expecting the numbers on it to match the winning numbers, this does not cause much interest. Of course, you will say what difference how to play, just to win, but still this process much more exciting and interesting, liven up it substantially. Mitoshi will offer its users a much more interesting approach, now the process of participation in the lottery will be very interesting and exciting, even if the user does not receive a prize, he will remain satisfied with his participation in the lottery anyway.

Won? Get the money!

Having received the coveted right to win in the usual lottery, it will take you months to get a prize, a lot of checks and bureaucratic obstacles, inconvenience and distress await you on the way to getting an already won prize. In Mitoshi everything will be different, this process can be described as: won – received money. Prize to the recipient is sent without delay and unreasonable obstacles.

In turn, the implementation of all these plans is impossible without the blockchain, because it is not only very convenient for these functions, but is also the only effective way to return fairness and justice to this industry. It is also important that this platform will be available to anyone who has an Internet or smartphone at hand, at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world, you can play on equal terms for all.


Mobile app

For greater convenience and expanding the scope of users, Mitoshi will launch a mobile application that will have all the features, including access to lotteries and other types of games.

After all, almost everyone has a smartphone, at any time you can turn it on and in just 1 Mitoshi try your luck and get a real chance to hit a big sum .

The application will be available for iOS and Android .

What else do you need to know about Mitoshi?

Several of the many advantages of the new lottery platform are given below, and this:

  • Winning ticket is impossible to fake
  • Absolute impossibility of abuse
  • Mitoshi anonymous lottery, no KYC and other checks. Only you and your prize
  • Payment of winnings made in full, without commissions


Many people want to become a partner of the first fair lottery in the world. Of course, there is no doubt that Mitoshi will become the new leader in this industry and will get a breathtaking number of partners.

  • Loftchain – platform specializing in the development of blockchain projects and smart contracts
  • Experfy– Platform that deals with developments in the field of AI, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, RPA, Mobile and Cloud.

At the moment, the project has good technical partners who have extensive experience with the blockchain, AI, IoT and other industries that will help Mitoshi build a stable and safe ecosystem.

Details of the ICO

The Mitoshi token is a utility token that is used exclusively on the platform of the same name. It will act as a means of payment for participation in lotteries.

Information about the token Mitoshi

Token Symbol – MTSH
The start of the sale of the token – October 2018
The end of the sale of the token – August 2019
Total number of tokens issued – 1,000,000,000
Total amount of tokens for sale – 68,000,000
Soft cap – US $ 10,000,000
Hard Cap – US $ 100,000,000
Accepted currencies – ETH, BTC, LTC, USD

Token distribution:

Road map

The roadmap of the project shows us the paths and plans for its development, so the idea that emerged in 2018 already in 2019 will become a completely finished product. At the moment, the project is preparing for the sale of tokens, which gives good investment opportunities. In parallel with this, the development of the project’s ecosystem will go on and in a very short time we will see a new king of the lottery market.


Conclusions about Mitoshi

I’m not afraid to say that the project wants to make our life better, because who doesn’t want to buy a lottery ticket and win, even if not millions of dollars, but at least a couple of thousand, everyone who has bought a ticket at least once, hoped to win, deep down will be really possible thanks to Mitoshi . No more manipulations and deceptions, only honesty and transparency and full confidence in the lottery.

And who knows, maybe it is you who one day will buy a lottery ticket for 1 Mitoshi and make a big deal about which they secretly dreamed all this time.

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