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Over the years, the global lottery industry has been faced with challenges ranging from a lack of innovation to a lack of growth to a lack of fairness, and the list continues. These challenges thus hamper industrial growth, and also make many people lose trust in the industry.

The lack of fairness has always been one of the big challenges in the industry because I will find it easy to manage lottery results. One way the lottery can be rigged is by installing a lottery terminal on a fake server to fake tickets after the draw or to damage credibility, making tickets not redeemable even if they win. It’s important for transparency in the industry because it brings the confidence of the players. That’s why at Mitoshi, we integrate blockchain technology that decentralizes opportunities, making lotteries more transparent.

Hasil gambar untuk mitoshi Token

Next we will introduce Mithosi and how does Mithosi work ?

Mitoshi is the next generation of online games and cryptolotteries powered by blockchain. Our vision is to provide a truly fair, safe and transparent cryptolottery experience that is easily accessible to the global market. Imagined as a truly international cryptolottery game – it will offer sweepstakes that complement the geographical regions of Asia, North America and Europe. Mitoshi crypolotto tokens can be purchased using fiat and crypto currencies.

Mitoshi is a project in development designed to revolutionize online lottery using blockchain technology. Mitoshi sells tokens to support stakeholders the opportunity to join and support the Mitoshi platform. All token buyers and contributors will receive ERC20

                                                           How to proceed ?

Mitoshi mobile application
The Mitoshi mobile app will be designed to access the Mitoshi platform. This application will collect all opportunities to join each lottery and navigate through the game opportunities provided by the Mitoshi platform. This application can be accessed via iOS and Android.

Payment method
Those who want to buy this lottery ticket can visit our website or download the application. They can register and an e-wallet will be given to them. They deposit cash or transfer their bitcoin or ethereum assets to an electronic wallet. And can buy Mitoshi Play Tokens after this asset is credited. The Mitoshi lottery can only be purchased through Mitoshi tokens and will receive 1 Mitoshi coin per ticket.

Air drops, gifts and prizes
Mitoshi will allocate millions of free tokens for airdrops, prizes and prizes. Find out more about how you are eligible to have a free Mitoshi token. So you can start winning.

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Mitoshi CryptoLotto

Mitoshi will use the blockchain platform and with the Ethereum smart contract to collect, raise funds, and pay sales commissions through our reference program. With smart contracts, neither the winning numbers nor lottery tickets can be falsified. Mitoshi Cryptolotto will become a decentralized community that is needed by the internet community – thanks to the power of the blockchain.

Mitoshi will have lots of lotteries. Each lottery provides a scale of payment to the winners. Mitoshi CryptoLotto will have a global reach, allowing anyone from all over the world to facilitate with the tap of a finger.

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Blockchain technology presents many advantages for the industry, making integration not only beneficial but also producing important developments for many industries. Integrating blockchain technology decentralizes opportunities, making lotteries more transparent and more accessible. By using the Ethereum contract, Mitoshi will build a lottery that is fair, transparent and safe – and can be accessed globally for those who have internet and smartphones.

Furthermore, decentralized technology is a way to overcome policies that encourage industrial growth while making the market more profitable and growing. Mitoshi CryptoLotto will be accessible anytime, anywhere with the ease of transactions provided through cryptocurrency through blockchain technology.

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