MITOSHILOTTO is an online lottery network that utilizes Bitcoin and AltCoins as stock. MITOSHILOTTO depends on the Blockchain platform. Security, unwavering quality, and value are enhanced by legitimately incorporating the C/S condition with Blockchain as opposed to the danger of making a business on Blockchain.

Mitoshi is a yearning venture meaning to change online lotteries utilizing blockchain innovation. Mitoshi is directing a token deal to permit partners a chance to join and bolster the Mitoshi platform. Every single token purchaser and donors will get ERC20

interchangeable Mitoshi tokens (MTSH) on the Ethereum organize. The Mitoshi token is a central part of the Mitoshi CryptoLotto. It will be utilized to get to the distinctive diversions and lottos gave inside the Mitoshi platform. This structure makes the token an essential piece of the platform and center part of the lottery’s development and tasks. Token adjusts and exchanges will be followed by Mitoshi. To moderate hazard from unexpected conditions, for example, huge token robbery, contract trade-off, or a disturbing change in the Ethereum convention, Mitoshi may pick to solidify token exchanges and issue another token contract with equalizations supplanting that of the first token library by a specific date. In case of an Ethereum fork, the Mitoshi group will auspiciously declare which branch it will bolster.

Mitoshi CryptoLotto          

Mitoshi will use the blockchain platform and with Ethereum savvy contracts for gathering, disseminating assets and additionally in paying lottery deals commissions through our referral program. With brilliant contracts, neither winning numbers nor lottery tickets could be forged. Mitoshi Cryptolotto will a decentralized network claimed by the web network – on account of the intensity of the blockchain.

Mitoshi will have an across the board lineup of lottery draws. Each illustration contains huge payouts for its champs. Mitoshi CryptoLotto will have a worldwide reach, permitting anyone from around the world to take an interest by the tap of a finger.

Mitoshi Solutions

Versatile application Mitoshi Mobile application 

the Mitoshi will be intended to get to the mitoshi platform. This application will have every one of the capacities to join each parcel and additionally center around other gaming openings given by the Mitoshi platform. The application can be gotten to by means of IOS and Android.

Installment strategies

The individuals who need to purchase these tickets can go to our site or download the application. They can enlist and be appointed an electronic portfolio. They either import or exchange their role or ether advantages for electronic portfolios. Also, they can purchase Mitoshi gaming images once these benefits are credited. The Mitchell Lottery must be obtained through Mitoshi markers and will be esteemed at 1 Mitoshi coin for each ticket.

Airdrops and Awards

Mitoshi will circulate a large number of free tokens for airdrops, prizes, and voices. Take in more about how you can fit the bill to claim the Mitoshi mark totally free. So you can begin procuring.


Token symbol MTSH

Token sale start

Token sale end

Total amount of tokens 1,000,000,000

Total amount to be sold 68,000,000 or 68% of total issuance

Total private sale US$20,000,000.00

Total pre sale US$20,000,000.00

Token main sale US$60,000,000.00

Soft cap US$10,000,000.00

Hard cap US$100,000,000.00

Accepted crypto & fiat currencies ETH, BTC, LTC, USD

Minimum purchase limit



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