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Mix.Rent is a fast growing platform for renting various types of vehicles. In the first year of operation, the platform recorded more than 11,000 users, registered more than 7,000 vehicles. The project is simple and understandable for all market participants. Anyone can invest during ICO and benefit from this viable and operational business, where everyone can benefit. This platform is important for users and investors, which is confirmed by $ 100,000 of funds received from investors.
Mix.Rentset itself is the task of becoming a world leader in the rental service market, creating high-quality customer services, and launching a business model that provides unlimited growth of MIX tokens. The ICO is carried out with the aim of turning a business into a decentralized platform and reducing the time and cost of vehicle rental for all users, which will enable a rapid increase in business scale.

Mix.Rent is probably a decentralized rental and car division service. Through the use of reasonable blockchain and contract technologies, this platform can offer its customers the most important and most convenient base of all modes of transportation, which are updated every period. The decentralized platform model provides direct collaboration with a large number of tenants and vehicle owners around the world.

This platform has been operating since 2017. This service is currently available in the United States, Russia, Canada, North America and is ready to be launched in Australia. This platform brings together the owners of various vehicles and tenants, each sanctioning people to borrow and rent vehicles from homeowners at a favorable cost. This project has collected enough 6000 units of vehicles with daily bookings in several cities. 2 investors have invested in this project. Unlike some blockchain-start-ups, we tend to measure performance in real-life development businesses that allow people to rent and lend cars, motorbikes, bicycles, cruises, electric boats, helicopters and alternative vehicles in several countries around the planet

Market issues:

  1. For tenants:

· There is no platform for renting various types of vehicles

· High chance of losing a portion of your deposit

· High rent for tourists

· Tenants are not aware of what explicit vehicles they will get

· There is no comparable ranking to complete the simplest provision

  1. For owners:

· There is no convenient platform for lending vehicles

· No platform serving to attract new customers

· There is no rating from the mobile home owner

· Low trust on tenants

How to Mix.Rent solves problems:
The rental market has several problems. Resolution of technology offered by the combination. Contracts can facilitate current market access for small companies and vehicle homeowners and can change them to create cash from assets that are currently not used.

  1. What hired by a tenant:

· Answers that guarantee deposit compensation by means of a reasonable contract

· Lower costs and faster group action processes with cryptocurrency payments

· Choice of associations to select specific vehicles from the data described out there on the platform

· Choice of associations to rent various types of vehicles everywhere on one platform

· A reliable rating system that allows users to receive the simplest offers

  1. What homeowners get:

· Easy platform to earn income

· Effective tools to attract customers

· The scoring system creates many homeowners who can be trusted

· Rank that tells you a lot about the tenant’s dependence

How it works:

  1. world platform: combine. Easy rental to list your vehicle in the homeowner every day listing their vehicles, and tenants choose and book vehicles based on value, class and site.
    You don’t have to be forced to build your own website if you want to share your vehicle
  2. choice for owners: The owner must offer a description of his vehicle, images and therefore the value to drive customers on the platform and start generating. After the list is created, the platform shows general costs on the market.
  3. Twenty-one vehicle categories: Users will rent / rent cars, motorbikes, motorbike scooters, bicylces, snowmobiles, ATVs, limousines, helicopters, electric boats, yachts, minibuses, jets, RVs, special vehicles. each type of vehicle gathered in one place to be used for work and entertainment.
  4. User rating: Users will offer comments and feedback. The goal is to establish a blockchain-based scoring system that can be changed to assess risk quickly. users who are highly rated get a vehicle when not depositing.
  5. many vehicles: in the future platforms can provide vehicles for tourists supporting their preferences and sites. This system can store knowledge about preferences and provide new choices
  6. very soon: vehicle rentals are often paid with tokens and cryptocurrency. Bonus fee for paying with platform tokens.

How to build combine. Rent different?

  1. Client focus is our priority: combine.Rent helps users quickly choose placements, types of cars and necessary parameter pieces
  2. special offers from homeowners: Tenants covering an area offered by exclusive owners, namely unique, trendy cars and motorbikes with their own distinctive personalities; adjusted yacht; trailers and RVs, such offers cannot be found with standard rental companies
  3. Offer advantages: combine. Save every time and cash for customers. Because of the total platform transparency and the probability of matching all offers, our costs are twenty-five cheaper than large rental companies
  4. easy to register: merge. Just break all obstacles that make transactions difficult as before. after you generate a vehicle profile, this platform shows general market costs and therefore the expected monthly income from your vehicle. this is often the main time for marketing research and therefore initial estimates of income have been implemented quickly and easily

Utility token mix: 
Functions, properties, and token capabilities are out there on a practical platform with practicality that is updated once a token sale is sold.

  1. Tokens allow users of the platform to generate and enjoy admiration.
  2. Some choices can only be out there for Token holders.
  3. The policy of combining LP records (Ireland), the supplier of Token, is to create a Token as the most payment instrument with practical currency in.
  4. Tokens sell rental services.
  5. Tokensbuy rental service.
  6. This platform allows the incorporation of Token homeowners to produce replacement products here.
  7. Square size tokens are blocked as deposits if required in a reasonable rental contract.
  8. Tokens offer access to exclusive platform options.
  9. The token will not offer the right to vote, the corresponding will not be considered share ownership or shares issued by combining Rent records.
  10. Square size tokens are issued to users as gifts for actions performed on the platform.
  11. Combining Tokens is a stable coin to buy ads on the platform.
  12. Blockchain from the combo.rent platform does not stop the distribution of profits between homeowners and Token holders.
  13. Combining Token users can take advantage by not having to use cross-border payments so that they can rent vehicles from a completely different country.
  14. Tokens connect and unite people, homeowners and tenants, all UN agents use combined tokens in several countries across the planet.



Useful Links:

Website:  https://mixrent.io/

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032670.new#new

whitpaper: https://mixrent.io/documents/wp_en.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mix.rent.team

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MixRent

Medium:  https://medium.com/@mixrent

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