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Mix The market based blockchain based home is for sale rates and car rentals. This site has been in operation since 2017. The current work is in the USA, Russia, Canada, Mexico and is preparing for the beginning of Australia. The site includes several trainers and staff, allowing everyone to pay and train teacher cars at good prices. The program has collected more than 6000 cars in the everyday city. Two financiers put money into the program. Unlike many blockchain-start-ups, we are working on a business-oriented company that will allow people to destroy cars, bikes, horses, warriors, helicopters and other cars in various parts of the world.


Travel history is an important source of material production. Progress in technology has allowed people to advance, seek more territory, and increase their power over much more. Even in ancient times, new tools such as locks, skis, and snowshoes have further increased the potential for travel. As new productions and acquisitions were used to deal with problems, travel time is low as it is able to carry many responsibilities and more is added. Innovation continues as carriers are working to find new ways to reduce cost and increase healthcare.

Today many companies around the world are looking at the travel area, from a car to a complete one. But this time we have discussed it is a place to borrow and drive a car.

The way to pay for a car is sometimes expensive, a meal and full of hidden and expensive money. Buying to get the best price and ensure that you understand the rules and regulations before you spend and use a useful car. Make a car and make a choice, make sure you have all the necessary stuff and replace it in the same situation as you paid for it.

Meanwhile, no one in the world allows credit providers to pay for various types of vehicles around the world; For example, today you drive a car in Beijing and a few days later you ride a bicycle in Thailand. Not only do you need to look at different planets to steal, but you will never have to compare gifts from different companies. That’s why this takes a lot of time to consumers today. And some of the problems are often difficult for users.

Translation industrial production neCmix.Rent will this government get executives and small car owners from the company and will make money from its original use. The big block of technology of the blockchain is that it solves a major trading problem that is the basis of trust among market operators.

Therefore, the lawsuit can be a credit provider and offer a car that your employees can use safely and comfortably.

Mix Rental Solutions

The consumer buyer is the first

Mix.Rent helps employees quickly determine the location, type of vehicle and adjust the steps required. In addition, our work will highlight the value of a private company, consistent with the responses of previous legislation.

Various gifts come from visitors

Employees receive full gifts from teachers, ie, different vehicles and vehicles and their different lives; customized yachts; trailer and RVs can take you to different events with the world; and the lowest number of helicopters.

Help Offers

Mix.Rent saves time and money for your customers. The site offers an opportunity to take a lot of time to pay.

It’s easy to write

Mix.Rent exceeds all the troublesome problems you pay like never before. When you create a car program, the location shows the average market price and the monthly monthly income of your car.

This is the time to start a market research and review the findings of the findings that were implemented quickly by working.

Token Sales

Total number of 100,000,000

Private Placement 3,000,000 40% Bonus

Pre-ICO 4,000,000 20% Bonus

ICO 45,000,000 bonus of 10%

Minimum available volume 2,000 ETH

Maximum volume of money (dry cap) 60,000 ETH

For more information about Kmix.Rent, you can send a message to https://t.me/mixrent

Website: https://mixrent.io/
White paper: https://mixrent.io/documents/wp_en.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mix.rent.team/
Telugu: https://t.me/mixrent
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MixRent\

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