MIX.RENT — Blockchain Based Ecosystem Connecting Travelers,Transport Owner and Assistants Globally

The Blockchain Technology keeps on expanding in ubiquity and also its appropriation because of its genuine utilize cases in different parts by people, firm, and governments. The revolutionary technology impacting different industries miraculously was introduced in the markets with its very first modern application Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency has been trending and still is the hottest topic for discussion over the internet forums, communities and social media. There’s no surprise that investing in cryptocurrency has unveiled a new way of reaping out profits (with a ginormous value) just by sitting at home.
In this sea of inovation and new technologies i will be introducing you to a visionary project that come to life in the form of ICO’s and today i am going to present you with one of the most promising ones on the market which is Mixrent a blockchain-based ecosystem that connects travelers, transport owners, and assistants worldwide.
Mixrent is a blockchain-based ecosystem that connects travelers, transport owners, and assistants worldwide. Find your new favorite destinations across the globe and let Mixrent get you there. Mixrent creates a global ecosystem that discovers a new format of traveling. The renter experiences only positive emotions while traveling. The service community will take care of the rest.
Mix. Rent supplies customers with a platform that is user friendly to lease vehicles. Since 2017, the support assisting them rent kinds of vehicles and has been uniting individuals. So far, over 11,000 users who have recorded over 7,000 vehicles have been enrolled by the system. These include bikes, bikes, powerboats, building equipment, yachts, automobiles and gear. Into the markets, the system will be introduced in the future. Blockchain technology and our very own tokens will significantly boost the reliability of trades, simplify payment between trade parties and will surpass the trust between owners and tenants. They are not likely to be another normal job within this area. Mix.Rent’s task would be to be a worldwide leader in the permits for the unlimited increase of MIX Token. They proceed to ICO with the objective of altering the transportation rental marketplace, to produce an excellent service to our clients and also to conduct a business design that company to a decentralized system and decreasing temporary expenses and expenses on leasing vehicles for many customers, that will enable us to quickly scale the company.
By uniting private owners and rental companies offering transport services regionally, nationally and internationally, and by using blockchain technology, we create a new market that offers you communication, earnings and a great experience while you travel in comfort to your destination.
Lack of trust
Renters and owners do not trust each other. It is difficult to find reliable information about each user since ratings are not available yet.
No single global rental platform
There is no opportunity to choose different types of transport on a single platform.
Big deposit
Renters are often discouraged from booking a vehicle due to a high deposit.
No payment with cryptocurrency
Owners cannot receive cryptocurrencies as a mean of payment. A renter cannot rent transport anonymously.
Underdeveloped service
Transport rent requires performance of related services (washing, repair, delivery, etc.), and these obligations place a heavy burden on a renter or are fulfilled by the vehicle owner at an exaggerated rate.
Hidden commissions
Frequently, users find out about hidden commissions and additional payments after the deal is completed. As a result, they overpay for the rent.
Missing disputes settlement transparency
Settlement of disputes is protracted for a long time and users waste a lot of time and effort to protect their interests.
Transport is entrusted to an unknown person
On traditional sharing platforms an owner meets a renter only at the time of deal. It is unsettling.
Reliability and security
Blockchain in Mixrent solves the issue of trust in P2P deals: renter, owner, and vehicle rating and history are reflected in distributed ledger.
Single rental platform
Make any routes and rent different types of transport on a single platform to travel by land, water, or air.
P2P lending
In Mixrent, a renter can raise necessary funds for a deposit from the project community (P2P lending).
Payment in cryptocurrencies and fiat
Mixrent accepts payments in fiat and main cryptocurrencies. Save up to 30% selecting payment in MIX tokens due to reduced conversion commission fee.
Service community
The Mixrent community takes upon itself the routine part of the process of transport use and takes care of all service tasks. They are paid in in the project tokens.
Transparency and openness
All transactions are recorded in public blockchain. Users see detailed information for each transaction.
Decentralized arbitrage
Disputes are regulated by independent referees who are randomly selected from the project community. We patent this method of referee selection.
Choose whom you entrust your transport to
Renter reliability is evaluated by the platform using a unique scoring system.The owner can judge the renter’s reliability not only by system rating, but also by linked social media account.
Creating of a global sharing community
The Mixrent ecosystem does not only connect owners and renters, but also works with the project’s service community which performs services such as delivery and return, washing, repair, arbitrage, and P2P lending for both a deposit and an extended coverage in addition to other services.
Rent impressions, not transport
The platform’s users can not only choose any means of transport, but also turn their usual trips into real adventures. Even one’s hometown can be rediscovered if you look at it from a new perspective.
Client’s comfort comes first
The main goal is to create the most pleasant traveling experience. Mixrent, therefore, takes the hassle of organizing a trip into consideration, and does not only help one choose the location and transport type, but also helps with partial lending for a deposit or an extended coverage, use the services of delivery and return, repair, washing, and other related services.
Any transport monetization
Due to Mixrent, users can monetize any transport type. There are not any limits: cars, motorcycles, quadrocycles, yachts, and other transport types can be added to the platform. All transport which had not been used for a long time can be used to generate additional income for the owner.
Unique offer from owners
Exclusive offers from owners are available to renters including tuned cars and motorcycles, yachts made to measure edition, houses on wheels equipped with modern technical equipment, and rare bicycle models. Such offers are not available at other rental companies.
Profitable offer
With Mixrent, members can not only save time in the planning phase, but it is also possible to save money with discounts. Furthermore, due to complete openness an easy comparison of all offers, the prices on the platform are lower than in huge rental companies. Upon payment in MIX tokens, an additional discount is also provided.
How It Works?
Global platform
Mix. Rent is easy to list your vehicle in. Owners daily list their vehicles, and renters choose and book vehicles by price, category and location.
No need to make a website of your own if you want to share your vehicle
Options for owners
The owner needs to provide description of his vehicle, photo and the price to get customers on the platform and start earning. Once the listing is created the platform shows the average prices on the market.
21 vehicle categories
Users can rent/rent out cars, motorcycles, motor scooters, bicylces, snowmobiles, ATVs, limousines, helicopters, power boats, yachts, minibuses, jets, RVs, custom vehicles.
All kinds of vehicles gathered in one place to be used for work and entertainment.
User rating
Users can provide comments and feedback. The goal is to create a new blockchain-based rating system which will enable to quickly assess risks. Highly rated users get vehicles without security deposit.
More vehicles
In the future the platform will offer vehicles for tourists based on their preferences and location. The system will store data about the preferences and offer new options.
Very soon
Vehicle rental can be paid with tokens and cryptocurrencies.
Bonus prices to pay with the platform tokens.
Mixrent creates a global ecosystem that discovers a new format of traveling. The renter experiences only positive emotions while travelling. The service community will take care of the rest.
Service community
The community members provide services upon request (delivery/return of vehicle, washing, refueling, repair). They are rewarded in MIX tokens.
Keep on enjoying traveling. The creditos community will bail you out crediting the necessary funds on P2P lending basis. Creditors are rewarded in MIX tokens with percentage of your deposit.
The Mixrent arbitrage is convenient, impartial, and fair. The data are exported from blockchain and sent as an application to 300 referees who have passed KYC and qualification test. The first 10 referees who have responded are assigned to the application.
They are not just another big idea. They are changing rental market and provide you with reliability, additional earnings, and a great experience while you travel in comfort to your destination.
Every day travelers to many countries choose Mixrent and their number has only been growing.
Mix Rent Token Sale and ICO Details
Token Details
Ticker: MIX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 52,000,000 MIX (52%)
Distribution of Tokens
Use of assets
Platform Marketing and PR 30%
Web, mobile, API, partners network development 30%
Growing internationally – expansion in developed countries 20%
Insurance and legal funds of the platform 15%
Bounty program, which will continue after ICO 5%
Q4 2016
Creation of the idea, transport rental market research
Q2 2017
Development of a prototype for local market, the idea testing
Q3 2017
Autotransport rental applications number increase. New transport types addition to the platform (motorcycles, ATVs, boats)
Q4 2017
Transport types addition (special equipment, yachts, motorhomes).
Q1 2018
Research on global transport rental and sharing market. Mixrent international expansion launch, launch in the US and Canada
Q2-Q3 2018
Preparation to Tokensale. Implementation of international expansion strategy. Among achievements: over 8 thousand transport units are available on the platform, 585 cities, 12 000 users.
Q4 2018
Tokensale execution. Smart-contracts implementation on the platform, monetization setup. Launch of API and mobile apps on iOS, Android. Implementation of a payment system.
Q1 2019
Implementation of arbitrage. Office opening in the US. The development team augmentation, user ratings implementation. Addition of new types of transport.
Q2 2019
P2P lending implementation. Office opening in China. Expansion to markets of India, China, Brazil, and Australia. Multilanguage support implementation.
Q3 2019
Partnership with industry participants: tourism, airfare, rental property, organization of events. Implementation of the Mixrent widgets to partners.
Q1 2020
Expansion to markets of other countries. Launch of marketing campaigns in 120 countries of the world.
Tim Kravtsov: CEO
Young Choe: Technical Advisor
Ismail Malik: Crypto-economics Advisor
Timur Malyshev: CTO
Alex Loktev: CMO
Paul Averkiev: CFO
John Manoogian: Business Development Director
Roberto Minghi: Software Engineer
Anton Yoo: Community Manager in Korea
Kir Bezverhi: PR Director
Kris Grig; Project Manager
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