MixRent-Decentralized platform to Rent and share Vehicles

Mixrent creates a global ecosystem that discovers a new format of traveling. The renter experiences only positive emotions while travelling. The service community will take care of the rest. Mixrent is a blockchain-based ecosystem that connects travelers, transport owners, and assistants worldwide. Find your new favorite destinations across the globe and let Mixrent get you there, Providing travel arrangements accommodating every type of budget, we allow the user to pick and choose from available transportation options– car, bicycle, or yacht – and even mix and match as per their preferences. What this means is that users of the platform can not only rent a means of transport, but also have the option of creating a route of travel mixing different transport types and turning the road itself into enjoyment.

Mixrent is a place where vehicle owners and the huge community of assistants work hard with the sole aim of making anyone go anywhere without spending a fortune. After all, summiting a mountain is easier on a bike, and going down on a hang-glider. You could cross a lake swimming breaststroke, but you know you’ve always wanted to ride off into the sunset on a jet ski.

Reliability and security

Blockchain technology in Mixrent solves the problem of trust in P2P transactions. The rating and history of the renter, owner, and all means of transport are reflected in the distributed ledger after transaction completion and cannot be changed or tampered by any of the users on the platform ensuring integrity. All data are available in the public domain and affect decisions on transport renting. Furthermore, the reputation affects the number of concluded deals and is a powerful motivator

Single rental platform

Mixrent is a single international platform for the rental of different types of transport. The number of categories constantly increases so that the renters are provided with a wide range of transport types and means. The unique functionality of Mixrent does not only allow the use of multiple transport types, but also allows making routes by mixing different categories and models

P2P lending

In Mixrent, a renter can raise necessary funds for a deposit from the project community (P2P lending).

Payment in cryptocurrencies and fiat

Mixrent accepts payments in fiat and main cryptocurrencies. Save up to 30% selecting payment in MIX tokens due to reduced conversion commission fee.

Service community

The Mixrent community takes upon itself the routine part of the process of transport use and takes care of all service tasks. They are paid in in the project tokens

Transparency and openness

All transactions are recorded in public blockchain. Users see detailed information for each transaction.

Decentralized arbitrage

Disputes are regulated by independent referees who are randomly selected from the project community. We patent this method of referee selection

Choose whom you entrust your transport to

Renter reliability is evaluated by the platform using a unique scoring system.The owner can judge the renter’s reliability not only by system rating, but also by linked social media account.

How it works

Distinctive features of Mixrent

Creating of a global sharing community

The Mixrent ecosystem does not only connect owners and renters, but also works with the project’s service community which performs services such as delivery and return, washing, repair, arbitrage, and P2P lending for both a deposit and an extended coverage in addition to other services.

Rent impressions, not transport

The platform’s users can not only choose any means of transport, but also turn their usual trips into real adventures. Even one’s hometown can be rediscovered if you look at it from a new perspective.

Client’s comfort comes first

Our main goal is to create the most pleasant traveling experience. Mixrent, therefore, takes the hassle of organizing a trip into consideration, and does not only help one choose the location and transport type, but also helps with partial lending for a deposit or an extended coverage, use the services of delivery and return, repair, washing, and other related services.

Any transport monetization

Due to Mixrent, users can monetize any transport type. There are not any limits: cars, motorcycles, quadrocycles, yachts, and other transport types can be added to the platform. All transport which had not been used for a long time can be used to generate additional income for the owner.

Unique offer from owners

Exclusive offers from owners are available to renters including tuned cars and motorcycles, yachts made to measure edition, houses on wheels equipped with modern technical equipment, and rare bicycle models. Such offers are not available at other rental companies.

Profitable offer

With Mixrent, members can not only save time in the planning phase, but it is also possible to save money with discounts. Furthermore, due to complete openness an easy comparison of all offers, the prices on the platform are lower than in huge rental companies. Upon payment in MIX tokens, an additional discount is also provided.

Business model

Mixrent plans to hold up to 4% of the world vehicle rental market a year after its ICO is complete, and 3 years after that, we intend to hold up to 10% of the world market. The platform will make money on rental fees. The size of the fee will be 15% for each party – both for renter and transport owner.


To participate in the MIX Token sale, buyers need to sign up at mixrent.io.

After passing KYC, MIX Tokens buyers can purchase tokens for Bitcoin or Ethereum in order to use them on Mixrent. All users and buyers need to provide an ERC-20 standard wallet.

Here are the examples of ERC-20 standard wallets to credit MIX Tokens:

• MyEtherWallet (no download required, it is web-based)

• MetaMask (permission for Firefox and Chrome browsers)

• Mist (for desktop)

• Parity (for desktop)

• ImToken (iPhone and Android)

• Trust (iPhone and Android)

• Cipher (iPhone and Android)

• The following hardware wallets are compatible with Ethereum tokens via Myetherwallet: Ledger and Trezor.

MIX token The number of MIX tokens is limited to only 6 billion to be released. As the platform grows and the number of users increases, the demand for tokens will increase. Moreover, the rental market for vehicles is generally developing very rapidly as the use of cryptocurrencies in daily payments is increasing every day. These three factors fully describe the mechanism for creating the internal value of the MIX tokens.


Tim Kravtsov

CEO Founder of Mixrent, Nomeroteka, and CEO of Multiprokat,

Young Choe Technical Advisor Co-founder, President, and CEO at R&D Division of Pax Datatech,

Ismail Malik Crypto-economics Advisor Editor-in-Chief of the world’s foremost publication on Initial Coin Offerings – ICOcrowd,

John Manoogian Business Development Director MBA from USC Marshall school of Business, John has experience as a Director of Operations and Finance at The Veloz Group. Additionally, he has also worked as an MBA financial Analysis Associate at Riverside for a year and as an International Business Development Manager at Freeletics U.S.

Timur Malyshev CTO

Roberto Minghi Software Engineer

Kris Grig Project Manager Former head of marketing at the CREDITS blockchain platform,

Paul Averkiev CFO

Anton Yoo Community Manager in Korea

Aaron Hynninen Digital Marketing Specialist

Mikhael Longmire Head of Community

For more information visit

Website https://mixrent.io/

Whitepaper https://mixrent.io/documents/wp_en.pdf

ANN Thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5059228.0

TWITTER https://twitter.com/MixRent

My BitCointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2293100

My ETH Address: 0xEE5E677832A32f9aCf1381B05ec7f2160550c0f2


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