Main goal is to create an international mobile virtual carrier using its own shock crypto for payment. For the first time, customers receive mobile services instead of crypto-cards. Our proposal is presented in a unique scheme. From Mojokerto: such virtual MoBee operators, NetWorx platforms and DiStream sound boxes. The NetWorx platform generates voice and internet traffic for MoBee virtual operators for more of their customers. InStream moneybox offers MoBee the possibility for mobile services in exchange for MBE tokens as well as additional opportunities to earn funds in customer accounts. This simple, effective solution is developed to meet the common interests of customers, mobile operators and telecom experts.

InStream moneybox offers MoMee the possibility for mobile services in exchange for an MBE token as well as additional opportunities for fund services in customer accounts. A simple solution that has been developed to meet the mutual interests of customers, mobile operators and telecom experts.

Our mission:

1.Increasing the number of cryptocurrency users from several tens of millions (CCAF, the Study of Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking) to several billion due to the introduction of the mass segment of the mobile services market.

2.We will make every mobile user become a user of cryptocurrency.

3.Enable mobile customer switching to cryptocurrency payments.

4.Making cryptocurrency is increasingly supported by actual telecom services that are in demand on a regular basis.


The MBE Token is an internal payment tool for the MoBee ecosystem and for all types of operations, which determine an important role within. MBE-tokens can be freely exchanged into various crypto-currencies.MBE Tokens will be released based on the ERC20-based Ethereal blockbuster and equipped with global telecom carrier services – voice and internet traffic – with, scalability and business development, maintain a stable token level, warranty growth, avoid high volatility and manipulation by interested parties The reserve team of 10% of all MBE tokens published, which is the motivation to see the trend of MoBee demand.

Pre ICO: 15.02.2018 – 14.03.2018

For Pre ICO sales maximum token maximum 2,000,000 MBE. This token will be sold at an exclusive 70% discount from the initial MBE price.

ICO: 22.03.2018 – 10.06.2018

During ICO maximum 20,000,000 MBE is available. After ICO all MBE tokens that can not be allocated will be destroyed.For Applicable Gas = 30 GW, and Gas Limit = 85000. This applies to normal mode of Ethereum network function, when there is no problem with Ethereal network itself.

Benefits of an MBE token token

  • MBE Tokens are supported by real mobile demand services from the real sector of the economy.
  • The MBE token is also supported by the telecom outsourcing market of the NetWorx platform
  • At the Pre-ICO and ICO stages, interested parties have a unique opportunity to obtain MBE tokens at a large discount (links to the ICO section)
  • Limited token issues There is no additional evidence issued after the ICO
  • An additional discount will be provided for purchase if the purchase price exceeds 3 ET
  • To log into an MBE network on a partner network when making a purchase
  • We believe the MBE token will be further supported with mobile service resources as it will be revealed and the virtual operator MoBee will
  • Degree reach
  • Search to multiply tokens stored in customer accounts using DiStream moneybox
  • The token will be listed on the stock exchange allowing conversions in other crypts.

You can buy token by using Personal Options or by directly transacting to the smart-contract address of the Ethereal ERC20 storefront.For token will arrive to your Ethereal address as soon as your payment transaction is complete. We can not buy at least for a single transaction. You can send an intelligent address number to MoBee. After your purchase transaction will be processed by Ethereum network, you will immediately receive the MBE token back to your wallet address according to current MBE selling price.

– Project MoBee


Offers a token that is supported by mobile communication resources, as well as communication lines and the internet. MBE Token can be converted into other crypto currency and can be redeemed with your mobile service, your friends or acquaintances.

The MBE Token is an internal payment medium of the MoBee ecosystem and is intended for all related operations. This makes it a major factor for the economy of MoBee.


The MBE Token is an internal payment media for the MoBee ecosystem and is intended for all types of operations. This makes it a key factor for the MoBee economy.

MoBee  offers tokens that are supported by mobile communication sources, such as voice traffic and the internet. The MBE Token will be converted to another crypt and exchanged for mobile services for yourself, your friends and acquaintances.


The project will be developed in the following areas:

  • – Growing customer base and coverage
  • – Expand the list of services offered to customers
  • – Growing number of NetWorx platform participants
  • – Growing number of partner networks
  • – Integration of third-party services to DiStream moneybox

The MoBee project is open to cooperation: other telecommunication market participants are welcome to join.According to MoBee estimates, 150-200 mobile operations worldwide may be interested in the MoBee ecosystem services. They account for about 25-30% of the potential market and can produce fiat volumes equivalent to USD 9 billion per year.
More information about this project can be found at the following links:

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