The technology advancement of things which I call technology of things has made the world a better place about getting things ASAP. It has made things really easy with the inventions that still coming up all for the sake of making things easier. One of the broad aspect where technology has helped the world is via the telecommunication system. We can all imagine how people communicated over thousand of squares mile thousands of years back via different means just to pass information.

The has been a great improvement over there years now that we have mobile telecommunication companies making outreach to the next individual one second click away with the provision of mobile phones so as to keep in touch with out loved ones at a rate. Form my perspective the technology is good yes but has really answered the question because I believe most of this telecommunication companies are just out there to make profit for themselves offering messed of services all at a high fixed rate. They don’t care about what their client think once they get all the profits in their favour.

Today telecommunication market covers 70% of the entire population on earth and is one of the largest global markets. It has a huge subscriber base of 6 bn people and being a high-profit industry.

Investing in a global virtual blockchain mobile operator called MOBEE with the aim of combined technology of the existing in combination with the new blockchain in dealing with mobile telecommunication issues.

The platform with involves using blockchain technology will transform the traditional method used in telecommunication system to the decentralized platform involving existing user with the use of crypto currencies as a form of making payments for services delivered by the telecommunication service providers. With a global decentralized block chain platform all thanks to bitcoin the world is exposed to better user interface facility structures with benefits both the individual subscribers and the service providers.

The project will bring forth the following developments:

Next generation mobile operator which will offer a combination of traditional mobile services and financial services.

Simplified usage of cryptocurrency and expanding the horizons further.

The backing of the high volatility of cryptocurrencies with the real telecommunication services.

Aggregation of freelance experts and telecoms outsourcing through an open and decentralized platform.

The platform works on a very simplified approach with only three main areas of differentiation.


  • The NetWorx Platform
  • DiStream moneybox
  • MoBee Virtual operator


It is a platform used to create a line of communication and the Internet used by virtual MoBee operators to be distributed to their customers. This service will be provided to the operator only in exchange for the traffic that MoBee must sell to the MoBee virtual operator’s subscriber for the MBE token.

NetWorks can be a typical MoBee outsourcing service platform for telecommunications trading. MoBee uses this platform to combine the freelance consulting market and highly skilled outsourcing companies. Mobile operators can use this platform to benefit from various telecommunication infrastructure support services.

The MBE token

Token is an internal payment tool for the MoBee ecosystem and for all types of operations, which determine an important role within. MBE-tokens can be freely exchanged into various crypto-currencies.MBE Tokens will be released based on the ERC20-based Ethereal blockbuster and equipped with global telecom carrier services

– voice and internet traffic

– with, scalability and business development, maintain a stable token level, warranty growth, avoid high volatility and manipulation by interested parties the reserve team of 10% of all MBE tokens published, which is the motivation to see the trend of MoBee demand.

The price ranges from 1 MBE=0.007 ETH-0.009 ETH. The soft cap is fixed at 3500ETH while the hard cap is fixed at 90000 ETH. The preICO will take place from 15th March while the ICO will initiate from 22nd May 2018.

Benefits of an MBE token token


  • MBE Tokens are supported by real mobile demand services from the real sector of the economy.
  • The MBE token is also supported by the telecom outsourcing market of the NetWorx platform
  • At the Pre-ICO and ICO stages, interested parties have a unique opportunity to obtain MBE tokens at a large discount (links to the ICO section)
  • Limited token issues There is no additional evidence issued after the ICO
  • An additional discount will be provided for purchase if the purchase price exceeds 3 ET
  • To log into an MBE network on a partner network when making a purchase
  • We believe the MBE token will be further supported with mobile service resources as it will be revealed and the virtual operator MoBee will
  • Degree reach
  • Search to multiply tokens stored in customer accounts using DiStream moneybox
  • The token will be listed on the stock exchange allowing conversions in other crypts.

Readers I believe we should all be part of this great investment moving train for the betterment of our global economy using the blockchain virtual platform.


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