MoBee’s tokens sale and globally virtual mobile operator of Blockchain Technology

At present we are standing on the digital ecosystem. Digital ecosystem is standing on the internet basis work. This is the opportunity place for investor and digital platform user. When blockchain technology invented in the digital ecosystem, now ecosystem is grown up more as well as people’s interest in this sector increasing day by day. Now people understand the crypto currency market more than before. Now they are investing their valuable money and gaining profit from it. There has different type of team in the digital ecosystem. They are working here blockchain technology and making path of benefit for them and other investor. For this digital ecosystem people day by day work is easier and they can invest money from their mobile or computer in a short time and gaining huge profit. This digital ecosystem is the platform of opportunity.

The MoBee project is the worldwide virtual mobile operator. They come to the digital ecosystem to offer crypto community the MBE token which is related to mobile services. Their platform is based on blockchain technology in Ethrume based platform. The MoBee project is based on fast capitalization due to increased subscriber base and demand for mobile services in general. They have a goal to create a mobile virtual operator. They are offering MBE token for ICO. They just made the mobile services easy and more valuable. They will solve all the problem and weaknesses of existing mobile operators. They will offer a different approach by creating a mobile virtual operator and they have aim to development strategy.

The MoBee project solution for weaknesses of the existing mobile operators:

The MoBee project comes to the digital ecosystem of crypto community to solve weaknesses of the existing operators. The existing mobile operators have many weaknesses and limitation. Their weaknesses are such as: the subscribers missing opportunities to create flexible price to their needs. The operators do not let customers use their funds on the subscriber account as their own wallet to pay for goods and service. They are failing to integrate financial activity into their work. The operators miss opportunities to earn extra profit. This prevents an average subscriber from using their money resources kept on their subscriber account as a tool for additional opportunities for money transfer, a deposit, a credit, an overdraft and an installment plan. Operators do not use the opportunities for mutually beneficial partner co-operation with different business network. Operators are confined to their geographic location when they provide their services. They have lack of possibilities to pay for service in Cryptocurrency. The MoBeeproject is research these weaknesses and solves them expertly. They are offering a different approach by creating mobile virtual operators. They have selected a development strategy on the weaknesses of the existing operators. The MoBee project offers the crypto community the MBE token which is really backed by mobile services and is based on fast capitalization due to increased subscriber base and demand for mobile services in general. The project is founded on the global demand for mobile services where an average subscriber is offered a wide range of opportunities.

Blockchian technology base platform:

At first we must know about blockchain technology. A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records that called blocks, which are linked and secured by using cryptography. Each block typically contains a cryptography of the previous block, a time stamp and transaction data. A blockchain is constitutionally resistant to alteration of the data. It is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Blockchains are secure and design that are an example of a distributed computing system with high tolerance. Decentralize consensus has therefore been achieved with a blockchain. This makes blockchains potentially suitable for the recording of events and other records management technology. At present blockchain technology is worldwide well known technology. For the blockchain technology many platforms, shares and currencies are arriving in the digital ecosystem. The MoBee virtual operator is the platform that is build up on the basis of blockchain technology. Their project is open for cooperation with other telecommunications market players are welcome to join it. According to our estimates, 150–200 mobile operators worldwide may be interested in the MoBee ecosystem services. They account for some 25–30 % of the potential market and may generate an equivalent fiat volume of USD 9 bn annually. The development of a blockchain as an advanced technology rests of tree factors. The factors are 1) Relevance 2) Backing 3) Realization. The MoBee platform solved tree problems at once by the help of blockchain technology.

Benefits of the Three Link Idea:

The MoBee project builds up the three link idea. This idea is based on the operation of the three components and elements for mobile services. The general interest of the project participants are mobile operators, subscriber and telecoms community experts. The three link idea’s benefits are given below:

· The MoBee project offers a simple and clear project to create the virtual operator using the Ethereum blockchain and MBE token.

· They are connecting with other mobile operator’s traffic selling to any mobile virtual operator’s.

· The MoBee projects scheme offers the better financial gains to both subscribers and mobile operators.

· The subscriber who will use the MoBee virtual operator will get a wide range of mobile services at good price which is payable in Cryptocurrency.

· They have also opportunity to pay for goods and services in partner networks with additional bonus cash back services.

· The subscribers who will use the MoBee virtual operator will get the powerful Distreem money box tool for managing the profile and mobile services.

· The subscriber who will use the MoBee virtual operator will get the integrated financial instruments in order to multiply the crypto funds on the subscriber account.

· The Mobile operators will get the networx platform.

· They also will get a user friendly and efficient instrument enabling their access to the market to telecoms freelance experts and outsourcing companies.

· The mobile operators will get the mobile traffic to pay for their infrastructure maintenance.

· The mobile operators will get opportunity to cut dramatically their operational and capital expenses.

· They will get an opportunity to significantly increase the efficiency of their work focusing on the development of new services on customer care issues and customer preferences.

Performance of Distreem money box:

The Distreem money box is one of the three link idea. This is so much important to the subscribers. The Distreem money box is the subscriber’s online wallet in the MoBee ecosystem. It is consider as the main resources management instrument of the subscriber. The Distreem money box wallet not only makes it possible to pay but also is a full value cost efficient instrument. This wallet will be use to using and accumulating the MBE token. The Distreem money box platform’s capabilities offer the subscribers a flexible and powerful tool for:

· Managing the services of the MoBee mobile virtual operator

· Effective managing their account in the MBE tokens

· Other options, such as adjusting the security setting, alerts, personal data, contracts with the help desk etc.

The Netwokx platform participants have many qualities. The qualities of the Networx platform participants are given below:

· The highly professional team of the MoBee project.

· The market of the telecom freelance experts

· The market of telecoms outsourcing companies

· Mobile operators as the platform customers.

The enthusiasm of the Networx platform participant:

There has many enthusiasm or interest of the Networx platform participants. The interest of the Networx platform participants are given below:

· The platform organizes and supports the management of the market of the telecoms company’s infrastructure services.

· The Networx platform’s mobile operators receive services in exchange for the voice and internet traffic.

· It is economically worthwhile for operators to settle their bills in their own products.

· They will provide for any communications operator has a margin of safety for resource capacities of at least 30 %.

· The Networx platform’s mobile operators will be able to cut dramatically their operational and capital expenses by receiving services.

· They will be focusing the liberated funds on the introduction of new services on efficient management of the subscriber base

· The participants will get the opportunity to enter the multibillion market of telecom outsourcing services receiving payment in the liquid MBE token

The MoBee project’s Networx platform has many participants. The only part of the Networx platform’s participants is: Bharti, Airtel, America Movil, Telefonica, Vodafone, and T Mobile. There are some up growing company like Chaina Mobile, China Unicom, Etisalat, Ooredoo, Telia Sonera, MTC, and Veon. They have also connected with multinational company as like Orange, Turkcell, and Telenor.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the MBE token:

· Cryptocurrency name: MBE (MOBEE)

· Platform : ETHEREUM

· Number of ISSUE : 20 MLN

· Standard : ERC 20

Pre — ICO:

15 February, 2018

Goal: 3500 ETH

MBE token cost: 0.0027 ETH


22 March, 2018

Hard cap: 90, 000 ETH

MBE Token cost: 0.009 ETH

The MoBee project is offering MBE token for public interest. The subscriber and mobile operators are mainly user of this token. The MoBee token is an important component of the MoBee ecosystem and is intended for backing all types of operations within this ecosystem. This makes the MBE token an integral part of the ecosystem and its economy driver. The MBE token is set to be listed on Cryptocurrency exchanges. The MoBee ecosystem will grow beyond the crypto community and will focus on the large mobile audience. The provision of mobile communications services to this audience requires profound knowledge of the telecoms industry and its specifics. The MoBee is the only platform for worldwide mobile platform for good service with the Cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The sale of the tokens:

The MoBee project is offering MBE tokens for public interest. They are the only platform in digital ecosystem that is using Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency ecosystem. The MBE tokens sales process given below:

The MBE token is offering additional bonuses. The additional bonuses will be offered depending on the amount of the deposit. The additional bonus distribution process is:

The MBE tokens fund distribution process:

After the ICO of MBE tokens sale, the MoBee will distribute the fund in different sector. The goal of the ICO is to raise funds for the organization of work of the MoBee mobile virtual operator which will provide services to subscribers at attractive prices and use a Cryptocurrency for payments.

The MBE tokens which will be issued are set to be distributed for the ICO sale will be 75 % of the tokens. The MoBee project founders will be given 10 % of the token and another 10 % will be given to pre — ICO sale time. The bounty program will get 5 % of the tokens

Direction plan of ICO:

The MoBee project has pre direction for the ICO plan. The direction plan of ICO will hold in 6 stages. The direction plan of ICO is given below:

ICO + 0 Stage: On this stage, they will offer initial coin offering. They will launch on this stage legal organization of the MoBee project. At this stage they will done the preparation of programmers and proposals of first operators. They will be adding marketing and advertising target to grow the MoBee ecosystem community.

ICO + 6 stage: On this stage they will attract participants to the Networx platform and they will begin MBE token exchange listing.

ICO + 12 stage: On this stage they will done Distream money box development and they will launch MoBee operator. They will be growing the MoBee ecosystem community in this stage. ICO + 18 stage: On this stage, they will be growing the partner network and expanding the coverage in the subscriber base. They will start preparation of own Blockchain technology in this stage.

ICO + 24 stage: On this stage they will be supporting and developing the MoBee ecosystem on this stage and they will launch own Blockchain.

After all we can say from above description, MoBee is a worldwide virtual mobile operator. They reinvent the communication system better than before. There token sale system for mobile operators and subscriber is revolutionary for all over the world. They have more than 100 years’ experience and more than 100 projects. They have strong expert team of specialist. They have more than 300 specialists for MoBee platform. We trust this platform to investment and taking services.

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