Mobilink-Coin and Mobilink-Network were created on the premise of some involved with the telecommunications provide, and will flip it in a very higher direction. With higher market potential opportunities in Blockchain technology and former expertise of the team, Mobilink-Network will provider high customer service delivery and lots of value added services that conventional telecommunication service cannot offer to the users. Mobilink-Network provides users will benefits a limitless data and calls services for a monthly fee that may be charged to advertisements shown to users. In alternatively, Mobilink-Network helps users to eliminate the cost of their calls and data every month, through advertising prices incurred by advertisers. Which is the best way to reduces call and data rate which often distract people from using internet and making calls as a result of the cost incurred on the network.

Mobilink Features

The main functions and functions of the network include:

1. Mobilink Network has telecommunication partnerships and interconnections in 170 countries.

2. Mobilink Network provides access to international mobile SIM-cards; These cards are available worldwide on any unlocked smartphone.

3. Mobilink SIM cards will allow users to receive unlimited free voice and data services all over the world for free

4. Mobilink token holders will receive one Mobilink SIM card for $ 300 invested in ICO Mobilink Coin, which will include unlimited free voice and data services; Users can also transfer their existing phone number to their Mobilink SIM card

5. Users will earn in Mobilink Coin based on advertising, which will be displayed in selected applications based on the Mobilink algorithm. This algorithm calculates the use of the user

6. Mobilink Coin is a token based on ERC20, which makes it possible to use the Smart Contract algorithm.

7. Mobilink Coin can be used as any digital currency, allowing you to transfer funds, money orders, make payment.

8. Mobilink Smart MasterCard will also function, which will instantly send money around the world through a convenient wallet.


Blockchain technology allows for time-tested, data, and attention. The current protocol aligns the interests of all stakeholders in the media consumption cycle to create a network effect that encourages adoption. By creating new exchange media, Consumers get more choices about how they pay for media; Creators and Receivers get new forms of compensation, and Advertisers get more transparent accounting and audience information. The protocol interacts with the current platinum in addition to other host media networks. It introduces new revenue streams and inefficient mechanisms for host networks that provide the ability to scale effectively. Over time, donors will utilize the identity profile created for future blockchain-based systems.


With this opportunity, We invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Token under the name “Mobilink-Coin Token”, here is the data.

Token Distribution

The launch of ICO will be divided into two parts, for the first phase from February 20 to April 15, 2018. The launch of ICO is open to anyone worldwide, the US and Canada can sign up, but only since the year 2002 invested 2nd stage of the ICO.This rule may change during the first phase of the ICO suspension, and we will announce it as soon as we receive updates from OSC and SEC.Phase Two Will Begin From May 15 to 10, 2018, Phase 2 of our ICO launch will be available to the United States and Canada, as we await and await approval from both OSC in Canada and the SEC in the USA.

Token info

Token MOBL

Platform Ethereum


Price in ICO1 MOBL = 0.10 USD

Total Token Supply: 9,000,000 (9 Billion)Token issued

Soft Cap: $ 20 million USD

Cap Hard: $ 240 million USD

Payment received: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, DASH

Minimum Payment: $ 300 (USD)

ICO Start Date: March 15, 2018

ICO End Date: April 15, 2018




Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.


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