The advent of blockchain technology brings a new system and model for businesses. Before blockchain, companies and organizations that operate for profit must find a way to bill their users to ensure profit. Also, they have to go through multiple channels to ensure that they are transparent (which they sometimes still find a way to evade).
From the word MOBU is a decentralised platform and end-to-end solution for ICOs to launch compliant security tokens on the blockchain.Launching an ICO that offers a security token can be extremely challenging due to the magnitude of technical, legal and regulatory requirements and procedures. As an organised ICO platform MOBU offers a complete blockchain solution to expand the horizons and solve the problems of cryptocurrency developers who are hesitant and unsure about all the procedures required when offering security tokens to the cryptocurrency community.
1 MOBU introduces a new innovative method of escrow services to ICO`s.
2 These unique features ensure higheroverall ROI for investors and creates anetwork of confidence and trust that will boost economic efficiency and incentivize community growth
3 MOBU offers a decentralized organised ICO platform to facilitate the release of compliant security tokens on the blockchain.
1. MOBU offers KYC, AML and SEC approval, innovative escrow services to ICOs,bank support to investors when fiat is converted to crypto and smart contract development, and facilitates all other processes needed to raise funds.
2. MOBU creates a network of confidenceand trust that will boost economic and operational efficiency.
3. It ushers securities onto a new decentralized secondary market with negligible fees, instant settlement times, and around the clock trading.
MOBU’s decentralised organised ICO platform offers the following solutions
• bridges the gap between the securities marketplace and the blockchain
• creates an abstract smart contract from which all security token ICOs willbe extended. The MOBU abstract smart contract will contain the code that isrequired by the security token ICOs to conform to the MOBU ERC20 platform and the MOB20 standard to adapt to the ideas and requirements of MOBU
• facilitates the release of compliant security tokens for all businesses that are
backed by real assets wishing to raise capital on the blockchain
• provides clarification and certainty to both the investor and the issuer in terms of expectations and rights

As the cryptocurrency market evolves, the global adoption of ICO fundraising structures has led to an explosion of new capital formation that has outpaced both the seed and venture capital investment markets. However, approximately 98% of these ICOs launched utility tokens. The securities market is a multi-trillion-dollar arena which remains virtually untouched in the blockchain space. We know that a security token start-up can be a legal, technical and regulatory nightmare. MOBU is a decentralised organised all-in-one platform to launch validated security tokens. Security tokens improve traditional financial products in a number of ways:

Transfers instantaneous

By removing the middlemen from investment transactions issuers are able to conclude quicker timelines to successfully offer their security. Instant and prompt trade settlement on the secondary market for Security Tokens will become an attractive advantage for issuers and investors as well.

Exposure to the free market

It is challenging for investors in Asia to invest in private US companies or real estate. Therefore, most investment transactions today lack exposure to a global investor base. With Security Tokens, asset owners simply market their deals to anyone with an internet connection. This free market exposure will lead to a notable reform in asset valuations since any asset that is not exposed to a free market is inaccurately priced.

Investor base is larger

ICOs now raise more capital than IPOs. The potential investor base is drastically increased when asset owners can present deals to anyone with an internet connection. It is obvious that asset owners prefer to show his/her investment opportunity to every potential investor in the world and not be restricted to only US accredited investors and institutions. Competition is healthy and beneficial for financial markets on long-term.

Service functions are automated

With Security Tokens, issuers will start to use smart contracts to automate the service provider function through software. In most transactions lawyers are less middlemen and more service providers. This does not necessarily indicate that lawyers will cease to exist, but rather that their function will be more advisory based.

Decreased manipulation by financial institutions

The likelihood for corruption and manipulation by financial institutions is decreased if those institutions are removed from the investment transaction process.

The MOBU token is the core utility token that powers the MOBU system. The MOBUtoken conforms to a MOBU ERC20 platform and a MOB20 standard. MOBU is an openprotocol which means that MOBU token holders can visit any supporting exchange to buy and sell their tokens.
In conclusion , MOBU creates a network of confidence and trust that will boost
economic efficiency
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