Being one of the digital platforms using blockchain technology will certainly make Moco a market that also promotes the use of digital tokens on it. Each service that they provide and is determined to be paid can be paid for using Moco tokens. This token has several other functions besides the payment tool. However, before you learn more about the functions of Moco tokens, you should know in advance the specifications of Moco tokens.
Introduction to Moco Digital Tokens
Moco Tokens are digital assets that run on this platform. The symbol of Moco tokens is MoCo, which means Motion Communications. Moco officially released this token as an ERC20 type service token. This type is usually found in a number of other digital tokens, which means that the system is protected by blockchain technology, which is very phenomenal. Blockchain makes this digital token its own security system that can protect it both during storage and during distribution. This Ethereum blockchain is considered easy to use and directly implements smart contracts in transactions. Ethereum also prevents excessive cycles and DOS attacks against the crowdsale. In addition, the GHOST Ethereum protocol will speed up the creation of new blocks so that transactions can also be performed faster. Duration
Distribution of MoCo Tokens
MoCo is planned to be distributed in a very large number, which amounts to 8 billion MoCo tokens. The distribution of these tokens will be divided into several groups, including 15% for the internal Moco team and involved consultants, 20% for use in marketing products and distribution of sales, 20% for mass sales or trading to receive funds for developing the platform 20% for a return in the community, and 25% is used to return from a company that has a partnership.
Allocation of funds for the sale of MoCo tokens
The proceeds from the sale of MoCo tokens will be divided into several categories, such as 15%, used as reimbursement from a number of related parties, 10% to complete licenses for operating the platform, 20% for marketing Moco products and developing advertising it is better to present Moco, the public said 20% for the creation and improvement of the platform infrastructure and the completion of various projects that are not yet completed, 20% for financing the development of Moco software in the form of applications and games for social networks, and the remaining 20% ​​was used to develop Moco products.
Sale of MoCo Tokens
Moco has set a soft maximum or minimum profit target of $ 6 million, and a maximum maximum profit of $ 28.8 million. The sale of MoCo tokens is currently ongoing. Sales of tokens continue from April 1, 2019 and will continue until September 30, 2019. With this sale, Moco does not give bonuses to users, since this is the last period of sales and the period of sale of basic MoCo tokens and opened in general. But Moco will give bonuses of more than 10% using the referral link in the Moco user’s digital wallet account. Previously, Moco spent 4 pre-sale sales, which were first held on June 20, 2018. MoCo tokens can be purchased using digital currencies such as bitcoins (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), and can also use standard currencies in the United States. State dollar form.
MoCo token function
In general, MoCo tokens are specifically designed for payment services on this platform. Any features or content of interest can be purchased using MoCo tokens. This token can also facilitate the receipt of services for each user who does not have a bank account. They may be indirectly involved in trade, but have greater access to the terms of trade through the cryo-currency market. MoCo is a product that offers solutions to reduce the risk of financial loss. The use of MoCo tokens will not allow users to risk a decrease in the value of the currency, since the cryptocurrency system operates in a different volume. Using digital MoCo tokens, this will create a new economic zone for each owner of this token.
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