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MoCo is an AI-based virtual reality platform and blockchain from the MoCo VR Entertainment World Ltd. Team. With this, the MoCo team also announced a pre-sales token that began on June 20.

“MoCo will activate virtual or augmented reality projects to launch on the platform, but human mass communication is at the heart of what we are developing now,” said MoCo Chief of Technical Implementation, Yokouchi Naoto. “While many companies use AI, VR, blockchain and video compression, the MoCo Team unites them all to create a 3D world that provides communication in the real world. Only with your smartphone’s camera, you will be able to create virtual 3D avatars on the MoCo Platform, with AI translating and translating your real movements into the avatar. All of this creates the next leap in the way we communicate.

Motion Communications (MoCo) is a revolutionary communication platform that will change the way you communicate on the Internet. In the first stage, we will present the world’s first anonymous chat avatar and Creator Market. The MoCo platform will create a new era of anonymous social networking in 3D and 4K VR, giving users the opportunity to make money with their creativity and talent.

The MoCo platform online trading platform will include an official store where users can purchase official content related to avatars and free markets where users can earn money for content related to the original.

The VR Motion Communications Team (MoCo Team) are creators, manufacturers, developers, engineers, gamers, salespeople, and other professionals who want to change the world by communicating online using the most sophisticated and sophisticated technology.

VR Motion Communications (MoCo) itself is a revolutionary communication platform that will work on the next generation of media communication content and services to be possible; The world’s first anonymous 3D Avatar chat, Live Chat, and 4K / 8K Streaming and other streaming services, and finally Immersive 3DVR Live Video Chat.

As the first stage of developing our platform in the world, we will soon be bringing mobile phones, the world’s first 3D anonymous Avatar Avatar, Market Creator, Marketplace and gaming platform. The MoCo Platform online market will include an Official Store where users can purchase official avatars and content related to avatars, and the Free Market where users can generate content related to their own original avatars.

At a later stage, the MoCo Platform and technology will enable great recognition throughout the new VTuber world – but in 3D – where users can monetize their creativity and talent further. The development to this stage will also enable large-scale, simultaneous, 4K / 8K broadcasting, 360 ° Real Time, VR streaming events around the world, such as World Cup matches, Super Bowls, and even concerts sold out by top-level musicians in the world the other side.

In the final step for developing our platform, we will combine AI we. Video Compression, AI-Automatic 2D-3D conversion, and AI motion capture technology, to allow users to enter the VR room using only their web cameras or mobile devices. Users can also create their own Avatar or Character bot and shop, create and feel virtual RooM that users create, and communicate with their families or get along with their friends.

Users will be able to create and monetize their own original content, which we will copyright using Blockchain and smart contracts, which are supported by MoCo crypto tokens. Supported by blockchain technology, the MoCo and MoCo Token platforms will enable the development and purchase and sale of original content in a fast, safe and secure ecosystem. Individuals and businesses will be able to meet and communicate with others around the world safely, and they will also be able to create their own monetized economy using their own talents and ideas, and engage in safe trade with each other as well.

The big difference between the MoCo Platform project and most of the other projects presented through ICO and Sales Token, is that we already have technology and patents on the technology that will be used to develop our platform, we just need your support to develop that technology. and our platform for their full potential.

Evolution of Human Communication Tools 
Building a shared future

Home of the Possibility of New Communication  The MoCo Platform is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional project whose every step of development changes the world a little more. He did it by destroying the old paradigm and creating new possibilities.


  1. The first step is to provide 3D Avatar Chat and the first Market Creator in the world where users can communicate, make, buy and sell safely and safely
  2. In the next step, MoCo will start live streaming chat and other services that will completely disrupt the current video streaming and video bulb models.
  3. The final step is to make immersive 4K / 3D VR communication possible for anyone who has a smartphone or web camera, from anywhere in the world.
  4. With MoCo tokens, users will be able to buy and sell original items and subscribe to streaming content quickly and efficiently without losing quality. All Avatar and Video content will be managed by the blockchain to protect and manage copyrights.

Token Distribution

  • PRE-SALE 1: June 20, 2018 – 30 Days + 60% Bonus
  • PRE-SALE 2: July 20, 2018 – 90 Days + 40% Bonus
  • PRE-SALE 3: 1 Oct 2018 – 30 Days + 30% Bonus
  • PRE-SALE 4: Dec 1 2018 – 120 Days + 20% Bonus
  • MAJOR SALES OF TOKEN: April 1, 2019 – 182 Days + 0% Bonus
2018 / Q1
The birth of ideas for the MoCo Platform
2018 / Q2
2018 / Q2
Pre-Sales 1
2018 / Q3
The MoMoco project was established to develop the World’s 1 Anonymous 3D SNS Avatar application
2018 / Q3
Pre-Sales 2
2018 / Q3
First compression that works & Direct Streaming 4K / 5MBPS / 60FPS (only 3-10 seconds delay)
2018 / Q4
1st successful compression & Live Streaming of 4K/5MBPS/60FPS (360°)
1st successful 3D scan with single camera using human subject
Pre-Sale 3
Pre-Sale 4
2019 / Q2
Crowd Sale Start
MoMoCo 3D Avatar App 1st Mock-up
MoMoCo App Open Beta Launch in App Stores
2021 / Q3
MoMoCo Marketplace Launch
2021 / Q3
Fight Club Game Launch
MoMoCoin = Moco Token Exchange System Launch
2022 / Q2
MoMoCo App 100,000 Downloads
2022 / Q3
MoMoCo App 300,000 Downloads
MoMoCo App 500,000 Downloads/Start Live Streaming Chat
VR Chat System/VR Real Time Event #1
Our Team

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