Hello everyone, we will provide the article to introduce the “MOCO” project for people who are interested in contributing to the development and your potential platform. The following information may be incomplete and does not imply a contractual relationship. The main goal is to provide information to everyone so that they can decide whether to analyze the company to invest to obtain tokens. Participating in this project is huge for us, if you understand the project’s vision and mission before you join, thereby increasing your confidence.


Our common mission is to realize a whole new phase of communication with the help of our revolutionary technology. As mentioned in the summary, we plan to do this in three stages of development. As we now know, most crypto / blockchain projects are based on or based on the sky dreams and promises of some rare future products that the mayor can not carry. MoCo has big dreams and some great future products, but we know that solving this problem takes time and effort, and you need your support to achieve it. When creating a roadmap and developing a three-tiered platform, the MoCo Submission needs to recover the conviction that there are true legitimate projects, such as restored MoCo projects, that are part of and worth supporting had.

What is MoCo ?

The MoCo platform is a multi-layered multi-dimensional project, and each development step changes the world a bit. This is accomplished by breaking the old paradigm and creating new opportunities. The first step is to provide 3D avatar chat and the world’s first creator market where users can communicate, create, buy and sell safely and securely. In the next step, MoCo will launch streaming chat and other services that completely break the current streaming video and video club model. The last step is to enable comprehensive 4K / 3D VR connectivity from anywhere in the world for anyone with a smartphone or webcam. MoCo Token users can buy and sell original products and subscribe to streaming content quickly, efficiently and without loss of quality.

Chat with the world’s first anonymous 3D avatar And market makers

VR Motion Communications (MoCo) is an innovative communication platform that changes the way we communicate on the Internet. In the first stage, we introduce the world’s first 3D avatar anonymous chat. The Market Creator online store on the MoCo platform has an official store where users can buy official avatar related content and a free market where users can make money Original avatars. Related content

Live Streaming Chat and 360 ° Virtual Reality

Events held around the world The next stage will include the World Cup games, Super Bowl, sold-out concerts, MoCo platforms and technologies, live broadcast, live broadcast, 4K / 8K, virtual reality 360 ° in real time Real-time offers are on the side of another world. It also creates a whole new world of VTuber-but in 3D-allowing users to also earn money from their creativity and talent.

From 2D communication to 3D communication

The final stage of platform development combines AI video compression, AI automatic 2D to 3D conversion, and AI motion capture technology to allow users to enter the virtual reality room using only their own webcam or mobile device. You Users can also create and purchase their own avatars and bot characters, create and experience user-created virtual RooMs, communicate with family members, and become friends with friends .


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