MoCo also supports technology that can broadcast live programs and live streaming chat with very hig

Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is Moco VR, and for more details, let’s just go to the following discussion:
The increasing popularity of social media has triggered the emergence of various new social media applications with diverse functions. Today, there are thousands of types of social media applications that are used by various groups throughout the world. There are social media applications that are applied globally and some are only valid in a particular area. With the presence of blockchain technology, social media functions are now combined with the functions of digital platforms that use this technology. That way, the benefits and functions to be achieved will cover a wider scope and reach many objects.
One digital platform that takes this concept is MoCo. This platform creates a new concept in social media by creating anonymous social networking services while providing space for users to reap financial benefits through the creativity and talent they have. MoCo, which stands for VR Motion Communications, provides a special space to interact with fellow users through a revolutionary new concept. Users can chat in 3D using an avatar to create a more real impression. Aside from being social media, MoCo is also a trading market where the main products on display are avatar content. This trading market is in the form of online, which provides a lot of avatar content that can be chosen as desired. From here, users can make money from content related to their original avatar creation.
MoCo also supports technology that can broadcast live programs and live streaming chat with very high image quality, which reaches 4K / 8K. This platform carries VR technology which is used to create 2D communication into 3D. MoCo will combine AI Video Comprehension, AI Automatic 2D-3D Conversation, and AI Motin Capture technology to help users enter the VR room using their web camera or smart phone device. Users can take advantage of the MoCo feature to create customized avatars or character bots. Through MoCo, users can communicate with family or relatives with a more sophisticated concept.
In addition to supporting social media functions, MoCo also supports economic functions that can guide users to make money through this platform. each user is free to create their own content which will be protected by copyright. So users don’t have to worry about their content being misused by other parties. This content will later generate profits through purchase transactions submitted in the form of MoCo digital tokens. Blockchain technology will help users protect their digital assets and secure the transaction process. This technology will also produce a fast process in buying and selling original content. This platform will be the right room to bring together individuals and business people and both can communicate directly. MoCo covers a global scale and warmly welcomes prospective users from all over the world. Now, talent and creativity can generate benefits for those who created it and through MoCo, everything can be realized more easily.
MoCo was created through the application of cutting-edge technology that will open new avenues for a more effective world of communication. MoCo creates revolutionary technology to create smaller distances between fellow individuals through communication that is naturally and smoothly intertwined. Users can choose to communicate anonymously to maintain their privacy. The use of avatars will create new nuances in communication that are more interesting. This will give the impression as if every user is establishing communication in a more tangible form. Each user can use the entire infrastructure based on AI MoCo which is very extraordinary to make the social media environment more real in the virtual and more private versions
MoCo is a multi-layer and multi-dimension project that is committed to providing meaningful changes to the world for every step they take. This platform will change the old paradigm in social media, which has been fixated on written messages. By using MoCo, users will be more interactive in communicating and the most important thing is to create opportunities to obtain financial benefits from their own hard work. 3D avatar chat will be a new innovation in the concept of social media that can be used openly and freely. Coupled with the ownership of MoCo digital tokens, users can freely buy and sell original goods and subscribe to streaming content quickly and efficiently and with high image quality.
A.I Motion Capture (A.I.-based 2D→ 3D Automatic Conversion System)
Through Image Analysis and Machine-learning technology, and the collection of visual and sensory data, we will be able to offer a Visual Information x A.I. Network that until now, has never been attempted by anyone. This technology captures live motion and minute gestures in real time through web cameras and mobile devices, and then learns it and translates it into a HD 3D representation (both for 3D Avatar Chat system and later stage 4k+ live, scanned VR version) of the original subject which can then be moved and controlled using only a smartphone or web camera.
Token Distribution
Road Map
MoCo project looks pretty confident among VR Motion all. MoCo is the world’s first 3D/AR/VR/MR platform that combines artificial intelligence, blockchain-based tokenized marketplaces and payments, and state-of-the-art video compression — a new technology that can decrease 4K 360-degree video to a tenth of the size of competing formats.
I hope and I believe that it’s not just that, and someday it will become something great. We will see what will happen, I very much hope that the MoCo project will succeed, an excellent approach to realizing their ideas! It is interesting to observe and be a part of such projects!
MoCo VR Motion Communications will enable seamless communication in HD, 4K, 360°, 3D VR across distant geographic locations, and large-scale, live event broadcasting in HD, 4K, 360°, VR.
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