MF Chain is particularly intended to build value for all gatherings engaged with trader exchanges. We are building an advanced economy where consumers will be able to purchase items and administrations by means of any cryptocurrency. This is encouraged through the usage of a synergistic stage that incorporates application designers who will locate a steady domain with multi-dialect similarity and a library of brilliant contracts accessible for organization. An electronic economy where purchasers can buy items and endeavors with any cryptographic cash at their most cherished merchants. In a place where visionaries and producers can collaborate to dispatch imaginative coursed applications in a world that relies upon trustless trades in any money of their choice. On a phase where engineers are supported with multi-lingo likeness and a library of wise contracts expected to propel quick change and sending. In a natural system that grips all blockchains into an automated impeccable world. Modern Finance Chain is intended to enable the world to adjust to new cryptographic forms of money as genuine sorts of cash and be viewed as a similar way they would conventional fiat currency. It’s a stage that will help the world change into another sort of answer for payments and prizes program for merchants and consumers that make it less complex for them to grasp utilizing computerized digital currencies for making payments regularly.


Current Blockchain is helping the world hold onto crypto as a cash by making an overall propelled economy. Starting with a portion course of action and prizes program for shippers and purchasers that makes it easy to get a handle on cryptographic cash portions.

The more unmistakable vision of Present day Back Chain is the MF Mainnet with adroit features.

Current Fund Prizes

Show day Back Chain is helping the world get crypto as a cash by making an overall propelled economy. Showing the fundamental ever merchant rewards program, now the two purchasers AND shippers can pick up rewards.

1% discount on consistently to month purchase made using the MFX Token

Adaptability to spend crypto without using an exchange

Put off extra charges while paying in MFX Tokens

Decision to pay in various computerized types of cash

Adaptability from Shipper Banks and Processors

Merchant Prizes Program: 1% discount on all computerized currency portions took care of

No Chargebacks, Trade Fess, Evaluation Expenses or Installment Entryway Charges

No ‘High Hazard Shipper’ Classification

Fiat Changes

New Market Reach

Portion Arrangement

The MF Chain Android and iOS application makes any wireless a totally utilitarian POS station.

Flawless, fundamental and common. Straightforward for merchants to grasp.

Multi-Digital cash support. Merchants can recognize their favored crypto and acquire MFX Prizes.

Use any wallet to relate. Customers needn’t waste time with uncommon programming.

Merchants have the chance of choice on the most proficient technique to process computerized currency portions. In a brief instant change over to cash, or keep a level of the portion in computerized currency.

Use any wallet to interface. Clients needn’t waste time with extraordinary programming.

Merchants have the chance of choice on the most proficient technique to process advanced cash portions. Immediately change over to cash, or keep a level of the portion in advanced cash.

FOR Vendors

Adaptability from portion gateway charges, Mastercard processor costs, Visa underwriter costs

Adaptability from Visa deception

Adaptability to recognize various computerized types of cash and obtain rewards

Choice of how to change over computerized cash got. Set a rate to keep or change over everything to cash

Choice of additional charges. Control what additional charges are imperative for your business to be engaged and viable

Compensated by 1% crypto-back for all trades took care of.

Remunerated with the adaptability of choice to pass speculation subsidizes on to the customer.

MF Chain ICO Dates

Private Offer: April 4th — April 25th

Presale: April 25th — May 15th

ICO: May 15th — June 15th

ICO Caps and Timetable Soft Cap: 4,500 ETH (with built-in smart contract refund feature if not obtained)

Hard Cap: 33,000 ETH

The total number of MFX tokens is capped at 521,000,000.

1 Ether = 8,500 MFX tokens.

ICO Token Price: 1 Ether = 8,500 MFX Tokens -33,000 EtherTotal ICO Hard Cap

Minimum Contribution — 0.1 Ether

Maximum Contribution — 200 Ether

Presale Token Price: 1 Ether = 10,150 MFX Tokens

5000 ETH Hard Cap

Minimum Contribution — 5.0 Ether

Maximum Contribution — 200 Ether Public Tokens

MF Chain is building a multi-currency payment system, that is intended to permit simple dealer and client reception while grasping all blockchains inside its system. The outcome is a genuine decentralized and open source group where no coin can achieve pre-greatness over the other. A people group where nobody coin is better than another, fairly a place where trailblazers and group clients can use multiple blockchains to their pertinent and most valuable reason.


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