MODULE – Japanese Blockchain 4.0

The Problem

1. Storage surplus

We have vast storage resources around the world that are being wasted. There are two billion smartphone users worldwide. The typical smartphone storage capacity is 32 GB, half of which is not used. That means there are 32 EB of surplus storage.

2. Storage demand

Global markets, businesses, and government demand storage to store and transfer colossal volume of data (continuous growth in content, the transition of entire industries to the network, the emergence of HD and VR, the collection and use of big data) in a secure, fast, and autonomous way.

3. Centralized and complex

Today’s blockchains are centralized and complex, and crypto mining requires vast computing resources and infrastructure.

The Solution

MODULE is a blockchain-based platform designed to utilize the free storage of smartphones, PCs, servers, etc. as an asset. Using the MODULE platform, one will be able to participate in mining even from a smartphone.

Module focused on mobile devices as a way to solve problems such as the power consumption concerns caused by cryptocurrencies and their centralization. By releasing the capacity of your device, you will be able to earn rewards, which will vary depending on the capacity of free storage, utilization time, space and transaction type. The platform also has great potential as a platform that can provide other distributed application services.

MODULE is suitable for storage of sensitive information because its distributed storage keeps data in fragments in many different places. It can be used to store information that should be kept secret from others. In particular, by storing information in a distributed store like MODULE, one can enhance information security through “secret sharing”. In other words, if sensitive information is divided into fragmentary pieces of information and stored in separate places, information cannot be reproduced with only one fragment, but if several pieces are gathered, the information can be reproduced. This Secret Sharing method will be used in blockchain, and to build secure cloud storage for the safe storage of sensitive information.

By combining blockchain technology and secret sharing, one can expect higher security and convenience. In this way, blockchain can be used in various fields such as finance, distribution, in the supply chain, official document management, etc.

MODULE platform provides:

1. Data transfer speed and availability

  • Transferring data from the assets nearest to the recipient
  • As the Module gains popularity, more and more mobile storage capacities will be available to you in your city, on your street, in your building

2. Data protection

  • Decentralized and verifiable storage
  • Strong forced end-to-end encryption
  • Data redundancy and self-healing
  • Proof of space, time and transaction for mining blocks

3. Optimum conditions for storing data

  • Best prices & guarantees thanks to a large number of competing storages
  • Visible and verifiable bids
  • Time-saving mobile smart contract system

4. Get rewarded in MODL tokens for hosting data


Ticker symbol: MODL

Type: Utility Token

1 MODL: 0.008 USD

Total emission: 15,000,000,000

Tokens for distribution: 2,250,000,000

Soft cap: 5M USD

Hard cap: 18M USD

Fund Allocation

Pre-sale is LIVE, raised over 3.9M USD. For further information, visit the MODULE website and download whitepaper.



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