Money Token – A Blockchain based Financial Ecosystem

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Introduce Money Token

Since the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the behaviour of users, owners and miners has proved to be very different than what was expected. Rather than turning into true ‘virtual coinage systems’ used to buy goods and services on a day-to-day basis (from your morning latte to houses and cars), Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have turned into long-term investments; from something you keep in your wallet into something you store in your safe. MoneyToken will provides crypto-backed loans, stablecoin MTC and a decentralized exchange service for everyone.


MoneyToken Concept

MoneyToken is a Blockchain based Financial Ecosystem which consists of:

  • MoneyToken lending platform that provides loans in fiat currencies or stablecoins, secured by collateral in BTC and ETH
  • MTC — MoneyToken own stablecoin
  • MoneyToken decentralized Exchange service



The MoneyToken platform allows you to borrow liquid funds instantly, based on the current value of your cryptocurrency asset holdings. You take out a loan, collateralized with more volatile assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum – and in return you receive an agreed loan amount in a stable currency.


Who Is The Platform For?

  • Miners
    Avoid cash flow issues or invest in more equipment, without losing your existing mined cryptocurrency.
  • Traders And Investors
    Hold on to your cryptocurrency investment portfolio and use leverage to make further investments or increase your liquidity.
  • ICOs
    Quickly access cash, without all the red tape, for short term business needs
  • Exchanges
    Meet extra cash needs while hedging exchange risks and leveraging your crypto assets.


Technical Description Of The Platform

  • MoneyToken will use Ethereum-based smart contracts to secure the terms of the agreement.
  • Collateral funds will be deposited in protected multi-signature wallets requiring 3/4 signatures to access. One signature is owned by the borrower at all times, one owned by the lender, 3rd and 4th are owned by the MoneyToken arbitration service.
  • Multichain transactions and contracts will be available in the future, making MoneyToken a fully decentralized platform.


MoneyToken Exchange

At the MoneyToken exchange service, users will be able to purchase and exchange cryptocurrency assets, as well as fiat funds. MoneyToken exchange will be used for automation collateral liquidation in cases of collateral currencies price drop.


Initial Money Token (IMT)

The solution that we have developed to minimize the risks, both for the platform itself and its users – a token with a
specific functionality.

a. Token Functions

  1. Privileged terms for platform users when depositing IMT to receive Borrower Membership.
  2. Up to 60% discount on the platform fees for Borrower Membership.
  3. When using the discount from the user’s balance, the equivalent of 50% of the discount in USD is charged in IMT tokens.
  4. The opportunity to become a lender when depositing IMT for Lender Membership.

b. IMT’s properties

  1. The supply of IMT is limited
  2. Additional mining is prohibited


Token Info

MT tokens can be purchased during the Token sale for $0,005. After the Token sale IMTs will be available for purchase in Retail Sale. The Retail price of IMT inside our platform will be $0.05, it is 10 times higher than the token sale price, it will be increasing over time and never lower than the token sale price. The funds received from the Retail sales of IMT will be transferred to the MoneyToken safety fund to protect lenders interests
Token – IMT
Platform – Ethereum
Type – ERC20
Price in ICO – 0.01 USD
Private sale – 40%
Presale – 25-30%
Token sale – Up to 20%
Tokens for sale – 10,120,000



With MoneyToken, there is no reason to sell your BTC when you need liquid funds.

If you have any questions regarding the MoneyToken platform, please contact us via our @moneytoken Telegram chat or appoint a meeting with one of our team members here:

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