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Hello to all and welcome to my ICO review . For those of you who don’t know me yet, let me introduce myself. My name is Funke and I’m an experienced writer who enjoys what he does very much. I’m here to give you all the information you might need or want about the newest blockchain-based financial ecosystem. It definitely worth your time and therefore, mine, too. I plan to make them “easy read, to the point” because what’s important to me is that we all comprehend and absorb the information and actually want to be here learning together about something new.

Today, let us all learn and experience together all about MoneyToken. If you don’t know anything about them, don’t run away, that’s why I’m here, to change that within the next few minutes. Before I begin, I just want to quickly mention that I will be including LINKS so that YOU can do your own research or whatever you feel you need. I feel it’s best to have all of the information in one place, in an organised manner, rather than dotted about the page making what you want hard to find or confusing. All these links will be put at the BOTTOM of this page to keep things easy.

I am going to get straight to the point of who they are since this is such an important factor, as I like to put it, “The Brains behind MoneyToken”. If the team behind the product or service in question haven’t the resources or knowledge, then we know the product or service delivered will possibly not have the quality it should have. We need to know two very important things when we look at a new starting up company:
Who are the people/team behind this?

What experience and knowledge do they possess?

Okay, so, because I’ve already done all the research needed beforehand and thoroughly MoneyToken I can very happily confirm that this company has a fabulous team onboard. Here they are:

This sort of quality is inspiring. They have made sure to supply us with all the information we could possibly need, on them personally as a team, aswell as them as a company. They are acting transparently and therefore receiving the trust they deserve from investors and potential users, like you and I.

On their website, can visit the “Team” section and simply by clicking on each team member’s image or name you will be redirected to their professional profiles. Here you may consult and analyse each individual’s expertise as much as you like. It’s all been put there for us to see that they have what it takes to achieve their goals with ease.
A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks (the most recent transactions) are recorded and added to it in chronological order, it allows market participants to keep track of digital currency transactions without central recordkeeping. Each node (a computer connected to the network) gets a copy of the blockchain, which is downloaded automatically.
Moneytoken is new Platform built using the blockchain technology, this new innovation in the crypto currency aim to become the first provider for loans based on crypto currency as a security deposit ” collateral” for this loans.

Allowing individuals and business owners to solve the problems of the lack of liquid funds to grow their business in the crypto sphere and at the same time using their Crypto assets as a collateral for this loans.


At this stage of market development, they see that the cryptocurrency assets have acquired the characteristics of various financial instruments. We can divide cryptocurrency with their quality and algorithm, into investment assets and means of payment.

Investment assets are volatile and attractive for the long term, made to make a difference between exchange rates or earn other types of income, such as from stock proof algorithms, interest rates, and so forth.

Cryptocurrency payments are made to support exchange rate stability – they are usually embedded with their own set of mechanisms, unique algorithms to regulate mining constraints or the release of new coins.


Since the creation of cryptocurrency, rather using them in their daily life to purchase goods and as a payment methode, the crypto community has used this technology as assets, investment, and a store of value.
The platforms that try to provide loans for indviduals and company Backed up by crypto curreny as a colleteral, fail to do this , due to the high volatility of this digitals assets, which create problems between the lender and the borrower.
Even if a crypto currency has a capitalization of millions or even trillions dollars, this digital actif is not recognized by financial institutes as a collateral for loans or as a payment method, wich stop this crypto currency to be used as a colletreal for loans from this institues, becuase there is no any guartendted for this banks and lenders that the price of this cryptocurrency remain stable.
The majority of financial institute and banks refuse to give loans for miners to purchase more mining equipment, or for traders to increase their fiats fund to profit from the opportunity that crypto markets gives when they give their crypto currency as collateral for this loans.


Moneytoken will offer a lending platform that will use Fluctuating crypto currency as a collateral for loans provided in fiat currency or stablecoin , for example the borrower want to get a loan in USD, he can use his bitcoins or ethereum as a collateral for this loan.
With This platform, the borrower will not need to verify his assets or the price of crypto currency used as a collateral for his loan,because everything is recorded on the Blockchain.
On this digital platform, it is the user of the platform who determine the condition and the rules of the loan .
The Users has the option to pay the collateral of his Loan in servals cryptocurrency at the same time, the minimize the risks due to the high volatility of crypto currency.
The Transparency of the moneytoken platform when the user pay the collateral and get the loan , because everything is recorded on the blockchain.
For the management of This loan platform, Money token will use an artificial intelligence called amanda, amenda will provide automated loan operations, also it will analyse the client from his first steps on the platform, to offer him the best loan options according to his preference, it will help also tracking the collateral, in few words, this platform will act as a real bank manager.
Leveraging the power of intelligent agreements

This is a one of its sort block based credit ecosystem where the wroth of every crypto asset can be used as security. However, the cost and credit terms & conditions in this model are clear and publically avail at any moment—plus, they will be governed by smart agreements. Due to the existence of a block and smart agreements, the lending model does not require any intermediary apart from the connection that ensures a deal’s completion. As an outcome of the lack of intermediaries, each the financial institutes—lenders and banks —contribution in the digital currency economy can inferior the loan gaining costs and enhance the overall clearness of the procedure.
A revolutionary lending model
This revolutionary system uses whole the fluctuating virtual assets in the shape of security. When crypto security is approved, a loan can be provided as a currency or stable coin. Here’re the spots that create this lending model A revolutionary.

• Mechanical loan verification can be completed within a matter of moments or even seconds.
• There is no need for individual loan scoring models for identifying assets.
• Clients can control all the loan situations within the system’s pre-defined periods.
• High clearness is maintained during a security evaluation.

IMT Token Sale

Money Token’s native token IMT is used to fuel the deals or exchanges occurrence within the system.
The Retail IMT price will be x10 higher from the final price on the Token Sale, since it isn’t limited and will increase in the future and will never be omitted lower than the Token Sale price. The funds received from the Retail sale will be transferred to the Safety fund to secure the lenders` interests. Safety fund mechanism is explained in detail in our Whitepaper. We will return funds if the soft cap will not be reached. All unsold tokens will be burned.
Here’re a few token details associated with this ICO plan.
ICO details

• Token Symbol: IMT
• Price: $0.005
• Max emission: 22.49 B
• Private sale : 7 Feb to 21 Mar (Hard cap: $1,500,000)
• Presale: 22nd March to 12th April (Soft cap: $1.5 M, Hard cap: $5,000,000
• Token Sale: 2nd May to 6th June (Soft cap: $3 M, Hard cap: $35,000,000 M)
• Bonus: Yes



I hope you have enjoyed today’s review and my company along the way. Thanks for taking the time and will hopefully see you all in the next one.

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