MoneyToken ICO

What Is MoneyToken?

MoneyToken is a blockchain-based financial ecosystem that in many ways works as a bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies. It serves as a decentralized exchange service that will provide loans that are backed by cryptocurrencies. The company is also selling its own cryptocurrency, which is currently in the pre-sale round.

Who Is Behind MoneyToken?

MoneyToken was co-founded by Alex Rass and Jerome MacGillivray. Rass has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Computer Software Engineering, both from the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology. He has over 15 years of experience in developing both software and marketing plans for IT products. Since 2006, he has served as the CEO of Informed Technology Business Solutions LLC.

MacGillivray, meanwhile, is currently the CEO of Ratio Software Engineering, a Ukraine-based company that specializes in research and development. The MoneyToken website also lists several accomplished employees within the fields of finance, business development, and software engineering. The company also has several marquee advisers listed on its website, including Roger Ver and Mate Tokay of Bitcoin.

What problem does Money Token Ecosystem solve?

The issue has been clear for some time – spending virtual assets now removes the capability of holders to advantage from any future development in value; owners who purchase low need to hold on to their to advantage from selling high. This is where Money Token platform enters the industry – the Money Token platform enables you to use liquid funds instantly, based on the present worth of your digital currency asset holdings.

• You take out a loan, collateralized with more unstable assets such as ETH or BTC
• In return, you collect an agreed credit amount in a stable Money.
• After loan refund, you’ll receive your entire security back even if security has lots of times increased in value.

With Money Token platform you are capable of collecting liquid funds and staying in your digital money position whole at the same moment.

Money Token – A Block based Financial system which consists of:
• Money Token lending system that gives loans in fiat money or stable coin, secured by security in ETH and BTC;
• MTC – Money Token’s stable coin;
• Money Token decentralized based Exchange service.

MoneyToken IMT Coin ICO Details

MoneyToken is currently in the pre-sale phase of selling its own cryptocurrency coin, the IMT. The pre-sale is running from March 22 to April 22. During that time, buyers are being offered a 25% bonus. The pre-sale includes a hard cap of $6.5 million.

When it comes to giving out loans, MoneyToken is utilizing an Artificial Intelligence Assistant named Amanda. Amanda will run the automated loan operations on the MoneyToken platform. Unlike traditional banks that have the human element playing a role in loans, MoneyToken is relying on artificial intelligence to do so.

Is MoneyToken Right For You?

If you frequently invest in cryptocurrencies or have a large number of crypto assets in your portfolio, MoneyToken may be right for you. The MoneyToken platform is one of the rare financial platforms that makes it easy to bring together cryptocurrencies with fiat money. One could argue that it’s a virtual necessity for any person who has seriously invested in cryptocurrencies.

Who is the platform for ?


Avoid cash flow problems or invest in more equipment, without losing the macro cryptocurrency already mined.

Traders and investors:

Maintain your investment portfolio of cryptocurrency and use leverage to make further investments or improve your ICO liquidity symbol.


Quick access to cash, without all red tape, for short-term businesses need a token symbol of money


Meet the need for extra cash while hedging exchange risks and utilizing your crypto assets

IMT Token Sale

Money Token’s native token IMT is used to fuel the deals or exchanges occurrence within the system.
Here’re a few token details associated with this ICO plan.

ICO details

• Token Symbol: IMT
• Price: $0.005
• Max emission: 22.49 B
• Private sale : 7 Feb to 21 Mar (Hard cap: $1,500,000)
• Presale: 22nd March to 12th April (Soft cap: $1.5 M, Hard cap: $5,000,000
• Token Sale: 2nd May to 6th June (Soft cap: $3 M, Hard cap: $35,000,000 M)
• Bonus: Yes


MoneyToken Conclusion

The potential benefits of MoneyToken are plentiful. While MoneyToken is not technically a lender, it has created a platform for people who need fiat money but whose only collateral is in the form of cryptocurrencies. It’s a way to put cryptocurrency investments to good use while waiting for the price to increase and the investment to pay off. MoneyToken does not solve all of the problems that relate to merging cryptocurrencies with fiat money, but it’s a good step in the right direction.

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