MoneyToken is a unique project in cryptomir that promises to make a revolution in the financial sect

With the Money Token platform, there is no reason to sell all of your crypto assets when you need money or stable cash. Money Tokens offer almost blocked loans, MTC, Stable coins, and decentralized crypto exchange. The difficulty has been evident for some time, crypto investment now prevents digital money owners from gaining subsequent development in asset value, owners who, buying a low need to have their expenses for profit from noble sales.

This is where the Money Token ecosystem goes into the field. The Money Token system lets you borrow liquid payments quickly, based on the present value of your virtual money holdings. You withdraw the loan, secured by more unstable assets such as ETH and BTC and in return you get the agreed value of the loan in stable money.

And after paying off the loan, you get your full back guarantee, even if the asset has increased in value several times. That is why, you are able to obtain liquid payments for immediate needs, and keep your virtual money the same place all the time.

MoneyToken is a unique project in cryptomir that promises to make a revolution in the financial sector, opening up new opportunities for everyone. In fact, most people around the world buy the crypto currency as the main investment. But, is it created for this? The main purpose of any crypto currency is the purchase of real goods over the internet without commissions and anonymously. MoneyToken provides a unique opportunity in this regard, so I decided to tell you more about this project.

Our contents

At this stage of market development, we see that the cryptocurrency of assets has gained the characteristics of various financial instruments. We can divide cryptocurrency with their quality and algorithm; into investment assets and means of payment.

  • Investment assets are volatile and attractive for the long term, made to make a difference between the rate of exchange or get other types of income, such as from stock proof algorithms, interest rates, and so forth.
  • Cryptocurrency payments are made to support exchange rate stability – they are usually embedded with their own settings mechanism, a unique algorithm for managing the difficulty of mining or releasing new coins.

The problem is that, even if the new functional cryptocurrency has a capitalization of several million, it may not be recognized by a pre-existing financial financial system as an asset. Even if at the governmental level, cryptocurrency has a certain status, the banking system and its loan services are closed to cryptocurrency businesses or holders of such assets.

Who is the platform for?

  • Miners

Avoid cash flow problems or invest in more equipment, without losing your already mined cryptocurrency

  • Traders and investors

Hold on to your cryptocurrency investment portfolio and use leverage to make further investments or improve your liquidity

  • ICO

Quick access to cash, without all the red tape, for short-term business needs

  • Exchange

Meet the need for extra cash while hedging exchange risks and utilizing your crypto assets

How MoneyToken Works

Monay Tokey now consists of three parts:

  1. MoneyToken landings. Thanks to this platform, every user has the opportunity to receive paper money for crypto currency without losing it. For example, you want to buy a new car, but there is no desire to take your bitcoin and lose your investment capability. In this case, the MoneyToken project provides an opportunity to receive loans, by pledging its Bitcoin. At the same time, their costs may increase and the user will not lose anything, but, on the contrary, will be able to earn additional money.
  2. The second part is the MTC token. In fact, MoneyToken has developed its own token, thanks to it allowing it quickly and effortlessly to exchange money and perform various operations on financial markets.
  3. Redeem. The last part of the platform is a practical and practical exchange. With that, you can trade the crypto currency with a simple and effective tool. Now, despite the many exchanges, it is not easy to find intelligent people in the breadth of the network.
MoneyToken solved issue?


The problem has been clear for some time – spending current crypto assets prevents cryptocurrency holders from gaining future growth in asset values; holders who buy low requirements to sustain their investment to profit from high sales.
This is where MoneyToken steps in. The MoneyToken platform allows you to borrow liquid funds instantly, based on the current value of ownership of your cryptocurrency assets. You take out a loan, secured by a more volatile asset such as Bitcoin or Ethereum – and in return you receive an agreed loan amount in a stable currency.
And after paying back the loan, you receive all your collateral back; even if the collateral has increased in value several times.
In this way, you can obtain liquid funds for immediate needs, and keep your crypto position, all at the same time.
Loan Model Loan model
MoneyToken uses fluctuating crypto-assets as collateral for loans provided in fiat or stablecoin currency.
The list of advantages of this model is compared to traditional banking or pawnshop schemes:
  • Auto loan confirmation in seconds or minutes. * There is no requirement for credit assessment or asset verification.
  • Customers manage their own lending conditions within the boundaries of the platform requirements.
  • An option to store collateral in some cryptocurrency assets to stabilize general fluctuations of collateral and lower upward pressure on interest rates.
  • Transparency of operations during the transfer and storage of a security deposit.
  • Transparency of collateral evaluation and fluctuations in value from time to time for both parties
Interest rates for this type of loan can be settled using the value of collateral or paid o in crypto or fiat currency, in which case the security deposit will be refunded immediately upon completion.
Ecosystem Solutions Money Token:
The Money Token ecosystem solves essentially, the problem of lending liquid payments in the virtual market. This is implemented through ETH ERC: 20 paradigm for investment liquidity. In addition, the token owner can enjoy this instrument and features for well-defined financial transactions in loan funding.
This loan funding comes with countless assets when each user pays back his loan; consumer guarantees are repaid with all of its multiple increases on a general scale. The Tok Tok block algorithmic toolkit tools make this procedure mechanically to the consumer and make it functional, transparent, scalable and even sustainable because every advantage of the platform. Therefore, with Money Token does not need to market your ETH or BTC sell because the Money Token platform offers you stable money and cash economy. This is on an ongoing basis for all cash requirements experienced by consumers or virtual traders.
Application of Money Token Ecosystem
The Money Token system uses one of the ideal applications to meet the users’ regular demands. The AMANDA application on the platform developed the AI ​​system that performs all automatic loan procedures for the consumer who gets. It uses a larger order & condition to meet all the requirements consumers can request. Therefore, AMANDA is an assistant to showcase the complete sloe features of the Money Token ecosystem for users. It provides validation and potential system procedures.
ICO and User Token Money
The Money Token ecosystem is the only one for a number of regular users. Nonetheless, users can be enrolled in cadres and diff cadets to benefit their optimization. This is the middle of the prospects and functions that drive the Money Token ecosystem. The token platform miners are in the order of getting the joy of an ideal form of money flow because they can retain a mined token full of loss issues.
Dealers and virtual money investors can enjoy the ideal investment placement for virtual mined tokens and can also spend it back without problems arising from other systems. The next phase is the use of Initial Coin Offerings to get cash for all types of transactions and short-term business.
This addition creates the necessary necessary exchange on the fiat Block financial market paradigm. Therefore, Token cash is accessible at all times smoothly from token trade and leverage. This results in a balance card process, quick and flexible cash lending in options for the users and the prospect of paying the completed loan simply. These opportunities validate any cash paradigm from the Money Token ecosystem.
Token Function
Special provisions for platform users when depositing IMT to accept Membership of Borrower. Up to 60% of Platform fee for Membership of Borrower. When using a discount from a user’s balance, the equivalent of 50% of the discount in USD is charged in the IMT token. Opportunity to become a creditor when saving IMT for Lender Membership. Participation in decentralized elections
What currency can be used for free?
Name: MoneyToken
Symbol: IMT
Token selling price: $ 0.005
Retail Price: $ 0.05
Max. emission: 20,044 bln
Private Sale: Feb 07 – 21 Mar Soft Cap: -. Hard cap: $ 1.5MM
Pre-Sales: March 22 – May 1st Soft seal: $ 1.5MB. Hard coverage: $ 5MM
Token Sale: May 02 – Jun 06 Soft seal: $ 3MM Hard cap: $ 35MM
Retail Sales: Jun 07. Soft seal: -. Hard cap: -.
The Retail Price of IMT will be higher by x10 of the final price on the Token Sale, as it is unlimited and will increase in the future and will never be eliminated any lower than the Token Sale price.
Funds received from Retail sales will be transferred to the Safety fund to secure the interests of the lender. The fund’s security mechanism is explained in detail on our white paper. We will refund the money if the soft hat will not be achieved. All unsold tokens will be burned
Private Sales: 1 – 6 weeks – 40%
First day – 30%
Week 1 – 4 – 25%
Sales Token
0-10MM – 20%
10-20MM – 15%
20-25 mm – 10%
25-30 mm – 5%
30-35 mm – 0%
February 2017
Development of concepts
Team building
June 2017
Platform development is in progress
November 2017
International Patent Application to protect, IP from tie platform
December 2017
official platform announcement
February 2018
Private Sales round
March 2018
Round of preSale
Q1 2018 – Presentation of 1st MoneyToken platform release
Stablecoin as the loan currency
Bitcoin and Ether as collateral
Payment back to the Warranty Ratio selection
Payment of loan using collateral
Loan renewal option
Initial payment option
Amanda operates as a loan assistant
May 2018
Sales of Round Tokens
Q4 2018 – Presentation of 2nd platform MoneyToken release
Option to become a creditor, deposit IMT
Multi-currency collateral; collateral multisignature collateral feature
Exchange service
MoneyToken Payment Card
Referral program
MoneyToken lending API for external platforms: exchange, wallet, mass media
Q2 2019 – Presentation of 3 MoneyToken platform releases
Adding stable coins is more popular as a credit currency
Get a financial license and start integrating fiat currency as a credit currency
Adds a successful ITO token with a product that serves as a guarantee
Mobile MoneyToken Application
Amanda as SaaS (Software as a Service) for other financial services
Q4 2019 – Full Decentralization and Phase 4 of the platform release
MoneyToken decentralized release launch
Decentralized decision-making system
Swap Atom and multi-chain transactions, smart contract deals








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