MONEYTOKEN: Lending service that provides loans in stable currencies


With the occupation of MONEYTOKEN platform, future clients with the private loan programme should gains with helps as secMoneyToken is a platform destined for anyone involved in the crypto world. MoneyToken is a lending service that provides loans in stable currencies (fiat or stablecoin based), secured using asset-based cryptocurrencies — BTC, ETH, BCH,etc.

WHY MoneyToken ?

MoneyToken gives you the opportunity to borrow money from the platform and get your collateral back at the end of the loan term. Collateral may be Bitcoins, Ethereum or others altcoins. As a customer, you will not lose your crypto assets and be able to benefit from the potential increase in value of those crypto assets.uring less on risks to work with decision as expending use of efforts on releasing use of limit with the resource on targeting numbers of returns to manage with the appeals with strategy as returns with the beginning terms of work as initiating entrance to becomes part with the business on field of crypto currency finance of the dedication.

As you are for the most part mindful, the estimation of Bitcoin,Ethereum,Ripple and numerous others have bounced 10x, 100x, 1000x for the last fews years.

With the MONEYTOKEN platform, future customers with the private advance program should picks up with helps as securing less on dangers to work with choice as consuming utilization of endeavors on discharging utilization of point of confinement with the asset on focusing on quantities of profits to make do with the interests with procedure as comes back with the starting terms of work as starting access to turns out to be part with the business on field of cryptographic money fund of the commitment.

Customers of bank and borrower to assemble with the building of security connection between them as questioning use with passages to chip away at figure out how to allude with one on mutuals to gathers on degree as finishing numbers with the scores on an incentive with the rate of profits to complete inside the circle of range on separate with the courses of events as might to expects of additional on measure to oversee deals with examination as accomplishing inside the interim succession of movements of passageway with the commitment of goals nonattendance with the field of work with the business on fund.


With MoneyToken, you approach assets to manage circumstances, for example, :

Pay for advertising;

Pay for advancement;

Put credit subsidizes in alt-coins;

Pay for mining gear

Pay for crisis circumstances


1-Agree on the sum, length, sort and measure of insurance

2-Deposit your crypto-resource guarantee in a safe stockpiling address

3-You get your credit subsidizes in the concurred accessible cash

4-At the finish of the advance term you pay back the measure of the credit in addition to the intrigue

5-On fruitful reimbursement, you get back your crypto-resources in full

It’s as straightforward as those means recorded previously.


Amanda — the AI operator who sit behind the stage and direct robotized credit handling, counts and notices. You will have the capacity to cooperate with Amanda, and she can connect with guests, answer addresses and show the usefulness of the stage.


So much has been finished by the group up until this point.

They discharged the whitepaper, since the fifth February, accessible here :

Up until this point, through their private deal, presale and token deal, they raised in excess of 8 millions dollars.

Heaps of people from the crypto group are backing the task on informal organizations, for example, Facebook, Twitter,

Medium, Reddit,BitcoinTalk,Steemit, and so on…

Mate Tokay and Roger Ver have as of late joined the undertaking as counselors. They run, an organization that

gives Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash administrations, for example, buying and offering these cryptographic forms of money, and picking a

wallet for both. The related site expects to be a Bitcoin-related web-based interface

The MoneyToken group as of now completed 1.4M in credits with their stage.

The token deal is open until the sixth June 2018. It’s as yet conceivable to get a reward.

About Tokens

Pre-deal will begin on March 22, 2018, and will terminate on May 1, 2018. Delicate top: $ 1.5MB and Hardcap: $ 5MM

For General Sale will start on May second, 2018 and will terminate on June 6, 2018 Softcap: $ 3MM and Hardcap: $ 35MM

Token Symbol: IMT

ICO Price: 1 IMT = $ 0.005 USD

Ecer Price: $ 0.05 USD

MAximal Emissions: 20,044

Platform: Ethereum ERC20

Installment: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH

KYC: yes

Nation of Origin: United Kingdom

For more information, please click on the link below:
Official Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Telegram –
Whitepaper –

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