Almost everyone now has an interest in social media. And they think that social media is a necessity. This time, I will talk about a new generation social network very interesting and very profitable for its users.The social network is  Monoreto  . Let’s see what the monoreto offers.

We create a social network with the monetization of tastes

What is Monoreto?

Monoreto is a social network that wants to reward the posters of users for their original content. It’s a social network where users pay to like the messages they really like and help stimulate original content creators and reward them in the process. Users who pay to give likes also move in the feed.
Each similar one costs at least 5 cents in chips. By giving likes, you promote your account in the newsfeed (as well as receiving likes), get some of the benefits of the platform and other benefits. Zero transaction costs and all the mechanisms to motivate the taste mean a lot of use cases (direct profit without advertising, crowdfunding, charity, online quizzes with cash prizes, etc.).
A large number of mechanisms to motivate give and spend chips are the main innovation of Monoreto:
  • When you put on likes, you also promote your own account in the newsfeed (with accounts that get a lot of likes)
  • If you put a lot of tastes, you can get a portion of Monoreto’s weekly profit
  • If you can transfer chips with a “like”, it is much easier to raise funds for companies. Monoreto is a Kickstarter with zero transaction cost. When you see a great project and you press the button, you can take advantage of it (ie being among the first to receive the product, to visit the events of this project as a VIP or other )
  • The same goes for charity. People want to help each other. But if it’s not too long and difficult. In Monoreto we can help people and even save a life
  • By loving the photos, you participate in the forecast competitions. Like photos with a certain hashtag or a certain category, and if they get the majority of the votes (I like) you win and get prizes
  • Monoreto allows to hold online quizzes as in HQ Trivia. The main distinction, in Monoreto, there is no need for commercials. So, the pot of a winner in online quizzes of Monoreto can be made from the contributions of small users (1-5 cents or more)
In this way, Monoreto goes further than existing platforms with the monetization of tastes. The team creates a social network that will make the fund transfer process as easy and cost effective as possible. This is why the number of use cases of Monoreto is limited only by our imagination.

Problem and solution

The majority of social networks have a type of one-way user interaction:

  • If a user likes something, it’s free support for the author who has no feedback.
  • If the author is famous, the desire to further promote the author is reduced because of the volume of tastes already received.
  • When 1 like = 5 cents in chips, this problem becomes more important since the real money that the user will have to separate is deducted.
To solve this problem, a team of experienced Monoreto specialists decided to base their product on a simple and understandable mechanism to promote tastes. The main point is that content creators and users get benefits. The more preferences the user gives, the higher the score on the user graph becomes. A low cost for tastes allows people to do what they “love” and also gives them something to compensate for the fact that they are transferring money to do so.

Another serious problem faced by users of social media content is the high number of commercials. The young public tries to search for information itself and is thus annoyed by excessive advertising.

To solve this problem, the Monoreto network will help talented writers to break free from advertising addiction. If the popularity of the content is high enough, the authors will get a large number of monetary mentions. This will foster relationships between content creators and subscribers and increase audience loyalty by reducing annoying  advertising   .

When monetization of tastes becomes possible, this problem will become more serious because:

  • The rights holder may not derive income from his own product.
  • It is possible that a user who wants to support a creative person he likes to end up dealing with a scammer, is disappointed, and refrain from supporting others in the future.
In order to solve this problem, the  
Monoreto team will develop an automated mechanism to check the uniqueness of the content when it is uploaded to the social network.

Monoreto benefits for the user

• Gives each user the opportunity to win to publish photos and videos  
• Increases the importance and value of likes and improves the overall quality of content  
• Reduces the need for blogger ads as a method of monetization  
• Makes false tastes and unprofitable bots

Main Distinction Monoreto With Other Social Network

Screenshot (77) .png
Traditional social networks do not pay their users for the generated content.

Screenshot (78) .png
user receives MON-tokens for each as obtained!

Progressive solutions

  • Manage your account and win
  • Love and become popular
  • To collect funds
  • Participate in charity
  • Advertise your business effectively

Use case

  • Blog and win  
    The price of a token like in MON is tied to the equivalent in US dollars – 5 cents.
  • Love  and become popular  Like more and enter the Top Monoreto.
  • Gather funds for your start-up  
    As monetization can raise funds and invest.

Monetization of daily use by regular users

Monoreto will make communication even easier and more convenient. Every Monoreto user will benefit from modern social networking tools:
  • Improved calendar of publications with photos and videos.
  • Comments on posts to keep in touch with subscribers • Stories feature, which allows you to create 10-second photos and videos with overlapping text, emojis and handwritten notes.
  • Live broadcasts that provide an opportunity to talk about important things with followers at any time.

Why monoreto different with another social network?

Every Monoreto user will have the opportunity to earn money to manage their personal account. Publishing quality photo and video content will allow users to earn cash rewards, as well as the likes of their subscribers and others. Users will also be able to evaluate other content using I like if it will promote their accounts in the newsfeed. This will allow messages to get more likes from the same users. Unlike most other social networks, Monoreto will see winners not only among those who are gaining popularity, but also among those who are genuinely ready to support quality content writers.

Platform development plan

A bonus for the first 500,000 users of Monoreto up to 23% of the total MON chips pool is planned as part of the initial launch of the social network to boost the development of the platform. Our team will continue to improve the mechanisms used for direct advertising and the intelligent flow where direct marketing is developed. This part of the platform is geared towards working with major advertising service providers. Once the initial market is created, ongoing marketing efforts will aim to consistently increase the number of participants in the ecosystem.
Fundraising campaign and fundraising campaign plan for token distribution Monoreto’s development team is currently working on the platform and is preparing a fundraising campaign. The MNR application token will be released under ERC-20 with limited circulation to hold the fundraising campaign. The distribution of the chips will be done by a smart contract. Funds raised will be used to launch the platform and further develop it, to fund advertising and marketing, and to regulate the operation of the platform.
The MNR ERC-20 token (pre-ICO) distribution campaign is expected to begin on May 10, 2018 and continue until June 10, 2018. MNR tokens available during the pre-ICO period will be distributed no later than 1 month after the crowdfunding campaign begins or until the pre-ICO rigid hood is reached. The launch date of the campaign will be published on the website, on social networks and on other channels.
Pre-OIC Consistency: $ 200,000 Pre-ICO Costs: $ 800,000 During the pre-OIC, the distribution of 6% of the chips with a 50% reduction of the ICO price without the ICO reductions ( 2.5 cents) is planned. If the pre-ICO Soft Cap is not reached, all funds raised will be returned. If the cap is reached, an OIC will be held from August 15, 2018 to September 30, 2018. ICO Soft Cap: $ 1,000,000 ICO Hard Cap: $ 15,000,000 57% of the chips should be distributed during the ICO with discounts depending on when the chips are purchased. If the OIC soft ceiling is not reached, all funds raised during the OIC will be returned.
Token ticket MNR
Start and end dates of pre-ICO May 10, 2018 – June 10, 2018
ICO start and end dates August 15, 2018 – September 30, 2018
Supply token No more than the hard plug

Our MNR token

MNR is an ERC20 compatible application token with limited broadcast. Every I like promotes your account in the news feed with the most popular ones. In addition, you can pay by the MNR for advertising on the platform. The possibility of converting the MNR into MON internal chips in equal proportions after launching the platform is under consideration.

Distribution of chips and funds raised:

Distribution of chips: 
• 23% to the initial users of the platform  
• 11% remains the share of the company  
• 3% used for bonuses
The mechanism of smart contracts makes it possible to maintain the proportions indicated, including in the case where less money is collected during the crowdsale than expected. As a result, there will be no increase on the part of the team if this happens.
Distribution of the funds collected after the Token sale: 
• 50% for the development of the Monoreto platform  
• 25% for marketing and advertising applications  
• 15% for the future development of the Monoreto platform  
• 10% for legal expenses  
• 63% for participants

Token information

Token | MNR  
Type of  Ethereum  ERC20  
PreICO price | 1 MNR = 0.025 USD  
Price in ICO | 1 MNR = 0.05 USD

Investment Information

Min. investment | 0.1 ETH  
Acceptance | ETH  
Distributed in ICO | 63%  
Soft Cap | USD 200,000  
Rigid Cap | 800,000 USD


Pre-ICO bonus – 50% (10.05 -10.06)  
ICO bonus – up to 20% (15.08 – 30.09):  
15.08 – 20%  
16.08 – 17.08 – 15%  
18.08 – 28.08 – 10%  
29.08 – 10.09 – 5%  
11.09 – 30.09 –  0%  
tokens  for sale | 500 million

Bonus system for MNR chip distribution

Bonus at the time of purchase
Screenshot (80) .png


Q2 2017  
Market research needs. 
Launch platform search in the international market. 
Creation of the design of the project platform.

Q3 2017  
Development of the marketing innovation mechanism within the Monoreto platform. 
Solve the issues of technical realization of the platform and its scaling.

Q4 2017  
Preparation for the use of blockchain technology in the project. 
The beginning of the work on Whitepaper. 
Engagement of consultants. 
Presentation of the project to potential users. 
Development of the ITO campaign for fundraising. 
Overview of the technological solutions of the platform and its positioning. 
Media plan development and marketing research.

Q1 2018  
Start marketing campaigns on the sale of tokens. 
Organization of the community of Monoreto. 
Presentation of the project and integration in the media.

Q2-Q3 2018  
Presentation of the functional core of the platform. 
Start of fundraising to bring the product to the global market. 
Presentation of the project to the token holders at the international level. 
Completing Token Distribution  
Beta Version of the Product

T4 2018  
Monoreto Investment. 
Launch of the escrow system. 
Smart contracts within the platform.

Q1-Q3 2019  
Unlock 20% tokens for early users of the platform development fund. 
Design effective smart flow tools to promote users. 
Develop a mobile application. 
Translation to other languages


–  Kirill Granev  : CEO,  CO
– FOUNDER –  Artem Vishenin  : Co-founder  
–  Mikhail Sochivets  : CTO  
–  Mikhail Bondarenko  : Marketing and Public Relations Director 
–  Valentin Nagovitsyn  : Artistic Director  
–  Konstantin Modestov  : Software Architect  
–  Dmitriy Torshin  : Blockchain Developer  
–  Andrey Vinnikov  : Lead Developer  
–  Alexandra Solodyankina  : Lead Developer  
–  Anton Chervenko  : Big Data Scientist


  • Alexey Tikunov  : First investor, co-founder  
    –  Anton Shilov  : Legal Advisor  
    –  Denis Stupin  : Councilor Blockchain  
    –  Svetlana Kadomtceva  : Scientific Advisor  
    –  Sergey Dektyarev  : Negotiation Advisor

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