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The history of the emergence of computer games is quite interesting and saturated. It started 50 years ago. Attempts to make simple games on digital devices were made before the start of the Second World War. The first game did not appear as entertainment, but for scientific purposes, because the first computers were very large, expensive and mostly appeared in educational and scientific institutions. Computer games go to the masses with the advent of the first consoles and PCs, when they became more accessible to most people.

The technological revolution is coming up. We expect the beginning of the revolution to be set by blockchain – same technology which shook the currency market some years go. All the advantages helped to heat the Bitcoin value up to $4000 for one “coin” are going to be implemented in the game world. Let us tell you what is to be changed by blockchain.

Game industry continues to grow in size and in capital. However, some companies are exploring the possibility of building games around the blockchain, which will allow them to take advantage of cryptocurrencies and tokens. Whether it’s a card game, MMO or RPG – all of them can use virtual currencies.

MonsterBit – is an analogue of famous cryptogame with interesting additions for both players. We did not reinvent the wheel. We took the successful project and made made it stronger from the point of view of functionality and more vibrant from the point of view of design. To the normal reproduction and a unique DNA, we have added the maturity of heroes at the expense of feeding them. Also, there were implemented many interesting features, which we are going to reveal further.
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MonsterBit Advantages:

Design. This game will surprise users with lots of bright colors and characters.

Grow up. Unlike the original, monsters will grow. You make it small, but grow it, with the help of money or during matches. On the stock market you can sell monsters of all ages.

Reproduction. Cryptomonstrika has the ability to reproduce by mating.

Additional. After the implementation of the main base, we plan to make two unique additions.

Battle monsters and blasters. Possible battles for new food, weapons or monsters. However, this feature is only available for adult monsters.

Advertising monsters. Advertisers will be able to advertise their products with the help of monsters.

These toys. Players will also have an online store with real toys, plush and plastic.

Monetization of the game. Available for sale, purchase of monsters and more.

Monster fight and blasters
Adult monsters can organize a blasters battle for food, for blasters themselves and for monsters of different sizes and generation. That is, everything that is in the system can be picked up in battle.

What will we get?

The token holder receives: Token MB allows you to buy SYSTEM monsters which generate the system You can buy or sell the token at the inner market We hope to enter the external market.
SYSTEM monsters. They do not grow and do not breed. They generate the entire system. Initially, they can be bought only for tokens. In the future you can sell them in the monster shop. Token holders automatically become sellers of all the valued goods in the game. The System monsters will be generating, selling and providing you the profit. 1 token = 1 System monster. The point is in quality, but not quantity.

Commissions – They generate commission on purchases and sales of monsters to the users. Monsters gain part of these commissions
Gen0 – They generate Monsters GEN 0 and also sell it for ETH
Sell food – They generate all the food for monsters and sell it. I.e. the tokenholders will sell food for ETH to the users.
Sell weapon – They generate blusters and its refill and sell them for ETH to the users.
Detail Token
Simbol Token – MB
Token standar – ERC 20
Jumlah total token yang diterbitkan – 7,5 juta

1 putaran:
Token biaya – 0,0002-0,0004 ETH
Dijual – 1 juta token

Ronde 2:
Biaya – 0,0005 ETH
Dijual – 2 juta token

Ronde 3:
Biaya – $ 1-2
Dijual – 3 juta token

Token Distribution



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