Monvid is known to be a decentralized platform that makes use of the blockchain technology to filter, cut-pass limitations, and control for the delivery of video streaming service platform that is advert free and very simple to utilize. The organizers needed to give individuals the experience of viewing their most loved videos with no limitations regardless of where they are. Their vision was to utilize the blockchain technology.
Monvid’s main goal is to launch the Monvid’s platform with a decentralized, and an online streaming to bypass all censorships and restrictions all over the world.
Monvid sees each of the problems and issues, one can have in numerous nations for viewing their TV-Programs, Videos, and movies in light of the fact that the region has a ton of censorships or the TV-providers refuse to support the nation for displaying the contents. This is the reason this project has begun.
The platform is going to be created to function effectively through Distributed Video Sharing: This usefulness will enable video makers and content owners to share their recordings for anyone’s viewing pleasure for free with no expenses, and this video would then be able to be rewarded by the community members. At whatever point a client watches a creator video and might want to help their work, they can compensate the maker with some MVID. The owners will, of course, get these rewards at no extra or concealed cost. These rewards may rely upon the nature of the maker’s recordings and the streaming quality that the community individuals got. This type of streaming is flexible, private, and transparent.
Below is a graphical example of how Youtube or other video streaming platforms are working:
This illustration means that the content creator will upload his content to Youtube and Youtube will convey this to it’s CDN servers for streaming with a High Definition quality, but, it’s really not for you to decide a you do not have the power to control it. It’s all about the Youtube policy to decide if they want to remove the video, censor or keep it. For it to interest you, they are most likely to earn a lot from your video because of the numerous advertisements they will execute on your contents.
Below are some of the services that make Monvid unique.
Privacy: The blockchain technology which Monvid depends on will guarantee that each content creator and client’s personal data is secure and safe. Its decentralized nature guarantees that there are no any organizations or central servers that control anything on the platform. This implies that there is storage of information on the blockchain, and they are normally encrypted.
Cost-effectiveness: The decentralized network of Monvid enables content creators to share their assets to the community individuals free, and the clients stream these content for significantly not as much as what is being charged. Not at all like the centralized platform that is around now where clients need to pay a membership fee and usually do not have any say in the amount they pay. With Monvid, content makers control the expenses of their recordings themselves and the community individuals’ reward and rate them in light of the quality.
When it comes to the making of the MVID Token, we are not only working towards the fulfillment of our main goal but also to leading the International Film Business encourage into utilizing and tolerating virtual monetary standards.
Clients of Monvid will have the ability to exploit a discounted content payment by the use of MVID Tokens. However, different leading cryptocurrencies can likewise be utilized as payment on the Platform.
monvid token distri.jpg
There is an extreme number of Tokens each can be generated amid the Token-Sale which is 200M Tokens. Out of the 200M Tokens, 70% of it will be for the Sale and the rest will go to the team, held tokens and also the bounty programs for Monvid’s Token-Sale marketing. Every unsold token will be burnt and no new tokens will be ever generated after the token-sale.
The Monvid network needs to raise funds for the completion of this great project through Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the ICO pre-sale began on the 15th of April 2018.
The ICO Price of MVID token is valued at 0.00005 ETH which is equivalent to about $0.03 with the present rate of Ethereum.
There will be up to 100% fixed bonuses during the Token-Sale, and there will also be up to 20% bonuses for greater investments. You can know more about this on Monvid’s website.
Below is the table that shows the applied bonus tokens on successful investments:
Conclusively, Monvid believes the fact that cryptocurrency in the video streaming market will be a very huge success, and this is the more reason this project is one of the most promising projects when it comes to the current and future of the world or cryptocurrency. To this end, Monvid’s team has the most experienced team experts who have a lot of knowledge in executing such application, and this, of course, is the apparently the most essential thing Monvid relies on.
For more info about this platform, and also to join the network, endeavor to visit:

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