MONVID – Providing Video Streaming Service Platform That’s Easy To Use And Free Advertisement

The monvid platform is a decentralized community network which uses the blockchain technology to cut-pass restrictions, filters, and censorship to deliver a video streaming service platform that is easy to use and advert free. The founders wanted to give people the experience of watching their favorite videos without any restrictions irrespective of where they are. Their vision was to use the blockchain technology.When we are talking about the Blockchain, you will think about Bitcoin or Ethereum, but these are not the only products this powerful technology can deliver to our life.

The Monvid Platform is one of the first platforms which is connecting the video streaming with the blockchain to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the future of streaming! But how is it possible to connect these two worlds with each other and how does it help us as a consumer? Maybe this is not that important for you in your country, because of your government or your internet provider is not controlling your internet usage and not blocking you for watching every channel, every film, series or shows on your television or on your computer, but there are a lot of other people in other countries where have limited internet access and cannot watch everything! Or maybe the cost of watching such videos or channels are too high and they can not afford it. The Monvid Platform is the platform for the future and wants to solve such issues around the world. With this application, we want to prove that every single person in the world is the same and there is no difference between any of us.

Monvid is a video streaming platform which is based on Blockchain technology. Use cases of Blockchain are pretty interesting and it has been making things useful. Video streaming is something that every person is fond of. I mean who doesn’t love watching cool videos or movies? I guess everyone is fond of watching videos but the choice could be different. Monvid solves a great problem, as there are restrictions and censorships in different countries which doesn’t allow users to watch some specific content. Monvid provides ‘Blockchain’ technology, which helps you bypass all the restrictions and censorships to watch content in any part of the world. The content creator can upload the videos for everyone to watch for free and the viewer has the option to reward the creator with some MVID (Monvid Tokens). This makes the streaming highly transparent, secure, flexible and private. Monvid also provides a function in which a user from a different country can watch content from another country without any restriction.

Monvid solves a major problem in video streaming market. It comes with Blockchain technology that makes it decentralized and secured. It will change the monetization experience as the videos will be advertisement free. One can watch videos without advertisers. If a user like some content, then he can reward the video creator with some MVID. Moreover, an estimated 2 billion working-age adults do not have a credit card or bank account and many video streaming platforms accept payment through credit card, PayPal or gift cards. The user ends up buying or downloading pirated movies, but Monvid provides them a platform where they can top up their digital wallets and pay through cryptocurrency. All of these things; Decentralization, Privacy, Cost efficiency, Ownership of content, Crypto Payment and No advertisement facility makes Monvid different and unique from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime or Sky.

Monvid is a blockchain based platform which means to store packets of the substance of the blockchain which is strongly encoded and can’t be controlled by any office or government. The application will be decentralized and the substance will be put away on in excess of one server, so as opposed to being served by one local server, the client gets served by the closest server near them, in this way empowering them to sidestep all restrictions and censorships.

The web speed isn’t the same in all nations. On the off chance that we take a gander at an immature nation we can see there are issues with the web speed and not every person in that nation can get to stages like YouTube or Netflix effortlessly from inside the nation on the grounds that the principal server of those stages is outside of the nation and this is making a gigantic distinction in the inactivity. Monvid is building an internal CDN service on blockchain to cater this problem. Where people from different countries can host movies and videos to give content to underdeveloped countries. This is amazing as it also provides opportunities to earn some extra bucks for the host.

What Makes Monvid Different

Due to the blockchain technology and the fact that it is decentralized enable Monvid to provide its users with services that are better than what they are already getting.



Below are some of the services that make Monvid different.

• Privacy — the blockchain technology which Monvid is based on will ensure that every content creator and user’s personal information is safe and secured. Its decentralized nature ensures that there are no any central servers or companies that control anything on the platform, which means information is stored only on the blockchain and are usually encrypted.

• Cost efficiency — Monvid distributed and decentralized network allows content creators to share their resources with the community members free and the users stream these content for a lot less than what is been charged. Unlike the centralized platform that is around now where users have to pay a subscription fee and usually don’t have any say in how much they pay. With Monvid, content creators control the costs of their videos themselves and the community members’ reward and rate them based on the quality.

• No Advertisements — Monvid aim to give its viewers the abilities to stream videos online on the platform without any advertisements cutting in or disrupting the whole experience.

• Ownership of content by the producers — on the Monvid platform, the content creator has sole ownership of their content. They have the power to control it and cost it the way they want, unlike the traditional online video streaming platform where the content creator does not have any power over their content after it has been uploaded in the platform.

• Encrypted data transfer — data transfer on the Monvid platform are encrypted and untraceable providing extra security to users and content creators.


Monvid’ ICO is going on and it will end on 31st August. Its pre-sale ended a couple of days ago and it did amazingly well by selling 22M tokens. Investors are intrigued in investing one of its kind project which will change the video monetization and streaming experience. It’s a big market as everyone is fond of watching videos. A total of 200M tokens will be generated and out of 200M, only 70% will be available for sale and rest are reserved for the team, bounty programs, marketing and the development of the project. Unsold tokens will be burned. It’s ERC20 based token which is the most used token in every ICO. MVID is priced to $0.05 — $0.10 for the ICO, and will be listed on exchanges with the latest price of it which would be $0.10 per Token. The Monvid ICO is already doing good in ICO as 47% of the tokens are sold and still, there are 85 days for ICO to end. This is a unique concept and there is no doubt in it that people are following this trend on social platforms and investors are participating in its ICO.

According to the website, the distribution of the token and fund for the Monvid project is as follows; 70% of the token will be sold, 15% of the token will be reserved, 10% of it will be for the team and the remaining will be given out as bounty. The distribution of the funds will be as follows; 35% of the funds will go into marketing, 30% will be for development of the software, 15% for the hardware, assets, and infrastructure, 10% will be for legal expenses, 5% for sales and partnerships and the remaining for all administrative expenses.

The next generation of streaming videos from wherever you are at a low cost is here, with Monvid you get the best videos from a platform that aims to make the experience not only better but also easier on your wallet as well. it is promising the world a decentralized and proxied video streaming without all the hassle and problems faced by the users and content producers of the regular ones.

Roadmap to the Success

Q1 – 2017 The idea & first marketing research monvid Early 2017, Antonio and Adrian, two idea maker of this project started to build a team for developing this decentralized video streaming platform.

Q3 – 2017 Gathering more information about CrowdFunding After building up the team, we were ready to learn more about the big technology the Blockchain and also getting help from CrowdFunding to get more investors for our project.

Q1 – 2018 Token Sale Preparation ICO After researching the market and learn more about the Initial Coin Offering on Ethereum Network, we are preparing for a Token-Sale to get it used for the monvid platform.

Q2 – 2018 Token Pre-Sale & Start of the Token-Sale In the second quarter of the year, we will start the token pre-sale and be preparing for the main sale.

Q3 – 2018 Token Sale finishing and getting listed on Exchanges We are already in discussing with a lot of top exchanges around to get our Token to be traded on the public. These are Bittrex, Binance, Tidex, HitBTC, KuCoin, but not final decisions. However we try to get the best for our investors.

Q3 – 2018 Alpha releasing of the monvid Platform Right after finishing the ICO, our team will release the first alpha version of the monvid platform and starting attracting more customers to this platform.

Q1 – 2019 Releasing the final version of the monvid Platform We are going to release the final version of the monvid platform for the public use in the market .


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