MONVID streaming platform


What is MONVID in general ?
Monvid is a decentralized P2P and proxied streaming platform which is going to take over the current traditional streaming world.

What services does monvid provide?
We offer decentralized P2P and proxied streaming services for individuals and enterprises.

How much does monvid services cost?
There are different pricing models available for both publishers and visitors. These pricing will be set after we fully launched the applications and platforms. We will make you sure, the pricing will be much less than the traditional video streaming out there now!

How does monvid platform work?
Monvid is based on Blockchain technology and is a decentralized application which relays on streaming nodes provided by the community. Everyone can join this community and share their resources with the platfo


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What is the different between monvid and other video streaming providers?
In one word, we’d say because it’s Decentralized. There are so many advantages including High Availability, Encrypted Data, Hard to be censored, and profit making for whole community instead of only the community owner.

Is monvid platform a P2P platform?
Yes. monvid is a decentralized Peer 2 Peer streaming platform


This platform will be developed to work in two different ways. Peer-to-Peer Video Sharing This functionality will allow content owners and video creators to share their videos so that everyone can view them for free at no cost and this video can then be appreciated by community members.

Whenever users watch a video of a creator and want to support their work, they can reward creators with multiple MVIDs. Owners will usually get this reward at no additional cost or hidden. This award may depend on the quality of the creator’s video and streaming quality that community members have. This streaming type is transparent, flexible, and personal.

Proxy Video Streaming

The Monvid Platform allows users to get past any restrictions that would prevent them from streaming video on a normal centralized platform. Due to its decentralized nature, users can create bridges between platforms and themselves using their computers from wherever they are.

In simpler terms, if the user is one country and the creator is another and the user wants to stream content creators, but because some restrictions can not be in regular streaming apps with Monvid, all such restrictions can be easily skipped and videos streamed. User is still secure because the platform only accepts stream packets.


Monvid is looking for funding between a $ 500,000 soft hat and a $ 5,000,000 hard hat. Token will conform to stable ERC-20 standards and can be stored in the most common digital wallet. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments.

There are newer ERC versions like ERC-223 and ERC-721 but monvid decided against using them due to some losses and risks with the newer version.

ERC-223 is the proposal now, not the standard. Therefore, no high profile ICO tokens are deployed with this standard. Also not implemented in any production token.
The exchange may need to make some modifications to support the token. There are several exchange options that may not have been prepared for it.


With the creation of MVID Tokens we are taking steps to fulfill our mission but also to lead International Film Business further in using and accepting virtual currency.

Monvid users will be able to take advantage of discounted payments for content using the MVID Token. Another prominent virtual currency alternative can also be used as payment on the Platform.


There is a maximum number of tokens each can be generated during Token-Sale which is a 200M Token. Only 70% of this 200M Token will be sold and the rest for teams, reserved tokens and also a reward program for Token-Sale monvid marketing. All unsold tokens will be burned and no new tokens will be generated after the token sale.

Here are some listed websites and articles about monvid and its projects. You can refer to these published articles if there is any question or ask us for more.


White Paper


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