Monvid – The new decentralized video streaming platform based on Blockchain for the next generation.

Good day crypto world, my name is Kenzio. Right now with blockchain breaktrough. so many ICO growing around the world.
“To invest or not to invest” Nowadays, this is the main question, which you are asking yourself every single moment in your valued life! Investing in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin can be a good investment in the long term, however, as the prices of these coins are high at the moment, if you have a little saving for finances, it can not be a good choice, as you can not get a high amount of these coins for small investments. The other option you might have is investing in startups and existing companies who are raising funds for their projects.

A good and safe ICO/ITO or “Initial Coins/Tokens Offering” is the best investment choice one can have currently with, as these new Tokens or Coins have a lower price during ICO, and you have more chance to get more amount of Tokens for less investment. But, you should be careful as there are a lot of scams and fake companies which are raising funds. So here are some facts we can sum up, to show you which ICO you can trust to invest and which is a no to go with!

🔸Good and Clear Project/Plan: You should spend your money on a project, which has a good and clear future. If you do not understand the project, so then ask the team to explain you more and then make investments. An ICO without any project behind that without any plan is a NO GO, so do not invest in any ICO which are promising you giving you any monthly profit without any project or assets.

🔸The team behind the Project: Learn more about the team behind the project, and learn who is the head of team or company. Check their Photos, their social media and anything else, to be sure they are real persons. In the past, there were a lot of scam ICOs, which listed some pictures on their websites and linked them to be part of their team, but in reality, they were only some fake persons. A good sign can be a group photo from the team, a unique picture from each team members, which shows the company logo on that, and so on. So actually be sure, those team members are real persons and not some pictures from the internet, and then decide to invest.

🔸Smart Contact: In order to invest in an ICO, it is a good idea to check the Smart Contract first, and know how it is working. Is the smart contract providing any Refund in case the soft cap is not reached? Is the Smart Contract generating the Tokens/Coins right after you send your investments? Is the Smart Contract published? or private? So at all, you should study the smart contract before spending your money for an ICO.
At all, if you research on your own and follow some simple steps in your research, you can have a good investment for your future. If you are seeing a hype on an ICO or even if you do not see that hype on another ICO, it has nothing to do with the safe and secure investments. Sometimes, an ICO with a big hype can fail, and sometimes, an ICO with even no hype can be successful. So it is better to learn more about the projects, team members before investing.

The Monvid Platform is one of the first platforms which is connecting the video streaming with the blockchain to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the future of streaming! But how is it possible to connect these two worlds with each other and how does it help us as a consumer? Maybe this is not that important for you in your country, because of your government or your internet provider is not controlling your internet usage and not blocking you for watching every channel, every film, series or shows on your television or on your computer, but there are a lot of other people in other countries where have limited internet access and cannot watch everything! Or maybe the cost of watching such videos or channels are too high and they can not afford it. The Monvid Platform is the platform for the future and wants to solve such issues around the world. With this application, we want to prove that every single person in the world is the same and there is no difference between any of us.

👉The platform is going to be developed to function in two different ways.

🔸Peer-to-Peer Video Sharing — This functionality will allow content owners and video creator to share their videos for everyone to see for free without any fees and this video can then be rewarded by the community members. Whenever a user watches a creator video and would like to support their work, they can reward the creator with some MVID. The owners usually will get these rewards at no additional or hidden cost. These rewards may depend on the quality of the creator’s videos and the streaming quality that the community members got. This type of streaming is transparent, flexible and private.

🔸Proxy Video Streaming — Monvid platform allows users to be able to bypass any restrictions that would have hindered it from streaming videos on the normal centralized platform. Due to its decentralized nature, the user can create a bridge between the platform and themselves using their computer from wherever they are. In simpler terms, if a user is one country and the creator is another country and the user wants to stream the creators content but due to some restrictions cannot in the regular streaming app with Monvid all those restrictions can be easily bypassed and the video streamed. The user is still safe as the platform only accept stream packets.

👉Special features of Monvid
The Monvid decentralized application will be built with some special features which make the user experience better than what they are provided with already and these features are;

• Its decentralized nature — due to this nature, the services are flexible, more transparent, evenly distributed and also tough and resistant than current models.

• Cost efficient — there is no subscription to the platform and users just pay as they go. Users are also rewarded depending on their storage and network usage.

• Censorship and unblocking — with Monvid users can stream video from wherever they are even if the country blocked it on other platforms and it can’t be monitored or censored easily which means your information is safe and secured.

• Unlimited distributed nodes — Monvid will allow everyone to stream videos on the platform and even get paid. This feature will help improve the quality and speed of streaming videos.

👉Fundraising for the Project

The creators of Monvid want to raise money for the actualization of this huge project through ICO (initial coin offering) and the pre-sale of the initial coin offering is already finished and the soft-cap of $500.000 is already reached. The main sale of ICO is started on the 1st of June 2018. The MVID which is the token to be sold through the ICO is priced at $0.05 — $0.10 and during the sale bonuses of up to 30% can be yours at the beginning of the sale which will be ending on the 31st of August.

According to the website, the distribution of the token and fund for the Monvid project is as follows; 70% of the token will be sold, 15% of the token will be reserved, 10% of it will be for the team and the remaining will be given out as bounty. The distribution of the funds will be as follows; 35% of the funds will go into marketing, 30% will be for development of the software, 15% for the hardware, assets, and infrastructure, 10% will be for legal expenses, 5% for sales and partnerships and the remaining for all administrative expenses.


Right now, MAIN-SALE ICO is Live with 10% bonus, and it’s gonna ended on 31st of August! Mvid token is already raised 120,116,627 Tokens Sold / 140,000,000 Tokens Total. So what are you waiting for? Join Monvid right now!


The next generation of streaming videos from wherever you are at a low cost is here, with Monvid you get the best videos from a platform that aims to make the experience not only better but also easier on your wallet as well. it is promising the world a decentralized and proxied video streaming without all the hassle and problems faced by the users and content producers of the regular ones.


*This is just short article about Monvid, you can read their whitepaper on or join their telegram on for more details information

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