In the early days of streaming media, the mid-to-late 1990s, watching videos and listening to music online wasn’t always fun. It was a little like driving in stop-and-go traffic during a heavy rain. If you had a slow computer or a dial-up Internet connection, you could spend more time staring at the word “buffering” on a status bar than watching videos or lis¬tening to songs. On top of that, everything was choppy, pixilated and hard to see.
Streaming video has come a long way since then. In 2006, people watched more than a million streaming videos a day on YouTube [source: Reuters]. The same year, television network ABC started streaming its most popular TV shows over the Web. People who missed an episode of their favorite shows could catch up on the entire thing online legally and for free.
Monvid is a decentralized P2P and proxied streaming platform which is going to take over the current traditional streaming world. Monvid is based on Blockchain technology and is a decentralized application which relays on streaming nodes provided by the community. Everyone can join this community and share their resources with the platform. Due to the blockchain technology and the fact that it is decentralized enable Monvid to provide its users with services that are better than what they are already getting.
Monvid’s platform is going to be developed to function in two different ways;
• Peer-to-Peer Video Sharing: This functionality will allow content owners and video creator to share their videos for everyone to see for free without any fees and this video can then be rewarded by the community members. Whenever a user watches a creator video and would like to support their work, they can reward the creator with some MVID. The owners usually will get these rewards at no additional or hidden cost. This type of streaming is transparent, flexible and private.
• Proxy Video Streaming: Monvid platform allows users to be able to bypass any restrictions that would have hindered it from streaming videos on the normal centralized platform. Due to its decentralized nature, the user can create a bridge between the platform and themselves using their computer from wherever they are.
Monvid features include; Privacy, cost efficiency, no advertisements, ownership of content by the producers and encrypted data transfer.
Token Name: MVID
Token Pricing: $0.05 to $0.10
Discounts: 30%
Main-Sale ICO starts from 1st June and ends 31st August
Soft Cap: $500,000
Hard Cap: $5,000,000
Max-Total Supply: 200M MVID
All unsold tokens will be burned.


70% – Token Sale
5% – Bounty
10% – Team
15% – Reserve


Marketing: 35%
Legal Expenses: 10%
Software Developments: 30%
Hardware & Assets & Infrastructure: 15%
Administrative Expenses: 5%
Sales & Partnerships: 5%
2017 Q1 – The idea & first marketing research Monvid: Early 2017, Antonio and Adrian, two idea maker of this project started to build a team for developing this decentralized video streaming platform.

2017 Q3 – Gathering more information about crowdfunding: After building up the team, we were ready to learn more about the big technology the Blockchain and also getting help from CrowdFunding to get more investors for our project.
2018 Q1 – Token Sale Preparation ICO: After researching the market and learn more about the Initial Coin Offering on Ethereum Network, we are preparing for a Token-Sale to get it used for the monvid platform.
2018 Q2 – Token Pre-Sale & Start of the Token Sale: In the second quarter of the year, we will start the token pre-sale and be preparing for the main sale.
2018 Q3 – Token Sale Finishing & getting listed on Exchanges: We are already in discussing with a lot of top exchanges around to get our Token to be traded on the public. These are Bittrex, Binance, Tidex, HitBTC, KuCoin, but not final decisions. However we try to get the best for our investors.
2018 Q3 – Alpha releasing of the Monvid Platform: Right after finishing the ICO, our team will release the first alpha version of the monvid platform and starting attracting more customers to this platform.
2019 Q1 – Releasing the Final version of the Monvid Platform: We are going to release the final version of the monvid platform for the public use in the market.
Antonio Jacobs
Adrian Werner
Steven Morris
Gabriel Sontoro
Carlos Fuentes
Samir Martin
Diego Cruz
Alessandro Rossi
Ricardo Gonti
Pablo Lopez

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