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Hello, all. Welcome back to my blog! On this occasion I will discuss an ICO project called monvid. I will mambahas how monvid is building a streamlined decentralized streaming platform. I will also discuss the ICO details that you can follow.

In everyday you certainly often find the boredom to overcome the boredom and saturation usually we fill the boredom to watch videos, movies or watching television. As we know to enjoy video or television movie media now has some kind of content restrictions and content that oblige you to pay before enjoying the video or the film. This is one of the most annoying issues of content restrictions like this that prompted the founders of monvid to create platforms.

What is a Monvid platform?

The monvid platform is a decentralized community network that uses blockchain technology for cut-pass, filter and sensor restrictions to provide streaming video streaming platforms that are easy to use and ad-free. Founders want to give people a favorite viewing experience without any restrictions. Their vision is to use blockchain technology.

Our mission is to launch this monvid Platform with decentralized and proxy video and TV streaming to bypass all restrictions and censorships worldwide.

The Monvid platform will be developed for two different functions:

  • Peer-to-peer video sharing

This functionality will allow video owners and creators to share their videos for everyone to see for free at no cost and this video can be appreciated by the community.

  • Proxy video streaming

The Monvid Platform allows users to be able to bypass the restrictions that will inhibit from streaming video on a normal centered platform.

Due to its decentralized nature, users can create a bridge between the platform and themselves by using their computer from wherever they are.

What makes Monvid different from competitors?

  • Privacy – with Monvid’s blockchain technology ensures that every content creator and user information is safe and secure.
  • Cost efficiency – Monvid is different from competitors who require a fee to subscribe. Monvid is distributed on decentralized networks allowing content creators to share their resources with members freely.
  • No ads – Monvid aims to provide users with the ability to stream video without advertising it will be great fun.
  • Content ownership by producers – on Monvid’s platforms, content creators have a sole proprietorship on every content they create. They have the power to control in their own way.
  • Transfer of encrypted data – data transfer on the encrypted and untraceable Monvid platform provides extra security for each user and content owner.

Details of TGE (Token Generation Event

  • Token Name: MVID
  • Pre-sale is done and softcap is reached.
  • ICO Main-sale begins June 1, 2018, ICO Main-sale expires August 31, 2018
  • ICO will be closed if the 22M token is sold out
  • Sales main is set from $ 0.05 to $ 0.10.
  • Softcap has already achieved $ 500,000 and Hardcap to be achieved $ 5,000,000 for the entire pre and main sales.
  • Bonus will vary starting with 30% on the first day of sale
  • 70% of the 200M MVID token will be sold
  • Token will conform to ERC-20 standard

All funds that have been collected will be used for large projects Monvid

  • Marketing – To make introduction and marketing of Monvid platform to Global community.
  • Software developments – 30% of the funds raised will be used for Monvid software development.
  • Hardware, assests and infrastructure -15% of funds used for hardware and infrastructure to build Monvid network
  • Legal expenses – funds will be used for legal fees legalize Monvid paltform
  • Adname Fee
  • Sales & Partnershios

Why is this project worth supporting?

  • This project is the answer of what we meet today. Where many video streaming media or movies that require to pay subscription fees that of course it is very burdensome viewers. This project provides content freedom ensuring viewers enjoy content at no cost and very annoying ads.
  • In the future I am very confident this project will become a leader in video and movie streaming business. With a mission to cut all the restrictions and cencorships around the world. Surely it will greatly interest the viewers to use the Monvid Platform.
  • The Monvid team are incredible people and have a lot of experience in this blockchain and business world. The Monvid team will work hard for the success of this project in the future.
  • Cryptocurrency in the streaming video market is a very interesting idea. The idea of ​​using blockchain technology as a brilliant online streaming media platform is very different from its competitors. Monvid Video streaming platform with blockchain technology will be a big thing in the future.

Bonus Tokens

monu bonus.jpg

Token and Fund distribution

monu distribution.jpg

  • Marketing: 35%
  • Marketing Software Developments: 30%
  • Hardware & Assest & Infrastructure: 15%
  • Legal Expenses: 10%
  • Administrative Expenses: 5%
  • Sales & Partnershios: 5%


roadmap 1.jpg
roadmap 2.jpg

After reading my reviews maybe you still have questions for this project. For more information you can contact the Monvid team click the link below:


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