MOOLYACOIN Coin for the Global Digital Startup Ecosystem

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Every day in the world, thousands of people open their business, but many of them face some difficulties and problems. Today I will tell you about the MoolyaCoin project, which will help solve many problems and create your business on a solid basis from the first day. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of this project.
Moolya is the world҃s 1st global comprehensive digital platform for the users of:

  • Institutions
  • Ideators
  • Startups
  • Investors
  • Companies
  • Service providers
  • Other enablers like Anchors, Advisors, Mentors, Gurus, Captains and Partners

All of the above global users converge, explore, collaborate, conduct, transact, service, synergise and prosper on moolya. With time tested concepts of clusters, chapters and subchapters, we emulate the offline model of an ecosystem and model it up to present it as digital rendering of an ecosystem of ecosystems on moolya.
Using a patent pending process, Team-m has built a SaaS platform to enable boursing and trading process operations and conduction of an ecosystem that will let startups and users find infinite possibilities and get their moolah. moolya as the Worlds Global Comprehensive Digital Startup ecosystem is ideated by the founders out of their learnings as startup entrepreneurs in India and the travails and pangs they faced in the process. It is our effort on moolya to help you concentrate on your intrinsic aspect as you ideate about your startups value delivery.

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On moolya digital ecosystem, we converge the global startup community players like institutions, ideators, startups, companies, service providers and investors with established concepts of clusters, chapters, subchapters, teams, networks, offices, branches, incubators and partners moolya is digitally architected with such time-tested concepts by clustering the popular startup countries of USA, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, UAE, China, Australia and many others as digitally hubs. Business capital of such clustered countries are represented as chapters on moolya to further the fraternity and association of ecosystem. All moolya chapters associated with business capitals of clusters are run and operated by Team-m.
Sub-chapter are sub-groups and formal association of persons who are gathered together to increase their cohesiveness because of location stickiness, purpose, interests, common cause, community, similarity of work, institutions, network operations, club, guild, order or association. Sub-chapters are run by enablers like principals, anchors, advisors, mentors, gurus and captains of the industry.

So, here are the main tasks with which the project will cope easily, thereby helping many people avoid these problems in opening and running a business.
1.Brings all players on a digitally connected marketplace and offers a platform for ecosystem conduction

  1. Self discovery as and when you need it
  2. Networked ecosystems of ecosystems
  3. Leverages the network externality effect
  4. Reduces reinventing and efforts resulting in quality of work
  5. Rationalisation and digitisation of service and process
  6. Access to easy capital and crowding methods
  7. Democratisation of networking, mentoring and advisory on a digital platform
  8. Resolves record keeping issues
  9. Digital conversations concept
  10. Application of data analytics to the process and interactions

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The Moolya project launched through the creation of a cryptocurrency named moolyacoin (symbol: MOOLYA). The moolyacoin token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and conforms to the ERC-20 standard. Moolyacoin is a token of a patent pending innovative SaaS platform, which is aims to become the preferred method to conduct business and access the ecosystem of services on moolya platform using the Ethereum blockchain protocol.

Pre-ICO– 10th July 2018 – 10th Aug 2018
Private-Sale- 1st Sep 2018 – 30th Sep 2018
Public-Sale: 15th Oct 2018 – 15th Jan 2019

The total supply of MoolyaCoin is – 1,000,000,000 MOOLYA.
The token distribution will be made in the following manners:
Pre-ICO – 8%,
private token sale – 20%,
public sale – 20%,
advisory – 14%,
founders and employees – 14% ,
company reserve – 24%.

The project also conducts an ICO campaign, everyone can join at any stage. More details about the project can be found on the official website ,
as well as in white paper



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