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Hello dear friends! Today we will talk about an interesting project Moolyacoin. This project has a great idea by combining startups and companies, thus forming a global network. Let’s get started!

In order to implement the business, need an idea. But that’s not all. A startup is a young company at the stage of formation. The underlying creative idea needs a reproducible and effective business model for project implementation. Despite the prevalence of the trend, new entrepreneurs sooner or later face similar “pitfalls”: mistakes are repeated, budgets merge, companies go bankrupt. The reasons may be different: weak marketing analysis, inaccurate calculations, etc. Moolyacoin will help start-up companies.

Moolyacoin is a new blockchain project, which is a platform to help different startups, companies, on the initial path. The development team aims to bring together institutions, startups, companies, service providers and investors in a global startup community.

The moolya platform is capable of scalability. The entire product is broken down into clearly separated functional modules that can dynamically grow and decrease based on user traffic.

Benefits of the project

  • Strengthening the network effect by combining different startups and companies.
  • The project will offer quality support for its users, and will solve the existing problems.
  • Moolyacoin will allow entrepreneurs to get quick and quality advice.
  • The power effect of the network will help to get rid of many problems for entrepreneurs.
  • Offline ecosystem can succeed in digitizing, which is offered by developers.
  • Technology is an excellent lever that can transform the economic growth of ecosystems.
  • Democratization of many global offline start-up ecosystems by reproducing them online.
  • Solution of accounting issues.



The project was conceived around 2013-14 with the idea of founder Rakesh Nike, who wanted to bring together all stakeholders of the ecosystem on a digital platform to open up a sea of opportunities. The thought was caused by his agony, which he experienced during his startup in India. The idea is to use unique digital marketing strategies, fruitful cooperation, using digital and social media channels, encouraging the development of additional products, as some examples of building a strong market presence through network effect.



The project has a large and experienced team that works on the conceived goals.

The users on can help registered startups with help like branding, sales, marketing, technology, talent, statutory, compliance requirements, fund requirements, curated service providers, verified users for reliability. Startups can get help on pitching, brand management, marketing, capital raising tips, discovering co-founders, talent management, collaboration and achieving synergy with various sub-chapters and events.


The Moolyacoin project will use a token called MOOLYA. Features of token:

  1. The token has the ERC20 standard. What will make it convenient to store, they can be easily integrated into large wallets and exchanges.
  2. This token can be used for transactions on this platform.



In conclusion, it should be noted that the idea of this project is very serious and interesting. Today, many start-up companies stop at the initial stage of its development. This project will help such companies and unite them into one global network. I want to wish the project team success in achieving their goal!

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