Moozicore – The first music streaming service in the blockchain world.

We all love to leave home and spend comfortable nights with our best friends or with family. To do this, we go to our favorite institutions, can be various types of bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, or something else. Often in these institutions play some background music that aims to create an atmosphere that is additionally fun for the institution.

So how to be, how to please every visitor to the institution playing favorite music? And believe me the solution to this problem already exists. Instead, there is a project that solves this problem and it’s called – MOOZICORE.

About the project

MOOZICORE – is a decentralized revolutionary offer of background music services for all businesses, where the quality of background music and its importance to clients is very important. As such, Moozicore aims to change the background music of each institution that will work together by becoming an interactive playlist source that will be the customer’s own. Great, right?


Now, that’s not all there is. This platform has clearly benefited its current competitors, because MOOZICORE is an application that is fully licensed and legitimate, with many features and services.

Design features

Moozicore can be installed not only in cultural entertainment venues, but also in entertainment venues such as sports bars, fitness clubs and so on. Therefore, every educational institution will be able to create your own best song playlist for visitors. While Moozicore will give them access to a library that has more than 20 million songs. Thanks to this you will be able to create your own music artist library, and sort them by genre and music style. Apart from all this, you will have a good chance of downloading your favorite songs through Apple music and Spotify, which will expand your capabilities before this service.



However, as practice shows, not all positive music is felt by society, for some it seems too slow and boring, and someone wants to change the record of howling Solo. Such comments can result in a negative impact on the overall impression of the institution and revisiting customers cannot take place.



Moozicore offers all users to get pleasure from your favorite music wherever you are. All you need is to download the application (Moozicore) and play favorite tracks on TV or through favorite social media Restaurants, cafes, bars, gyms. At the same time, users will have the opportunity to choose other participants’ favorite tracks, and receive various kinds of prizes for their active activities.


All you have to do is go to the application, select your favorite song and use the token to broadcast to the masses. Other participants of this event have the opportunity to add songs to your playlist, vote for it or share with your friends through social networks. Everything goes fast, easy and without question.

ICO details

As you already understand, this platform is based on blockchain technology and offers users the opportunity to buy their coins directly from the Moozicore App, through MZI & MZG or through other payment systems such as: Apple pays, Paypal and every other credit card. That is, contact with Moozicore will be very easy and comfortable.

If we analyze the characteristics of the token in more detail, the token has its own name MooziCoin gold (MZG). It was developed on the Ethereum (ERC-20) blockchain and corresponds to the following level 1 ETH = 70 000 MZG or 1 MZG = 0.00036 ETH. A total of 1 billion Tokens will be issued, which can be purchased using ETH.

Distribution Tokens are as follows:



4Q 2016 – Moozicore’s plan was made
1Q 2017 – Statistical measurements
2Q 2017 – Trademark time period
3Q 2017 – M “in the best startup logo in 2017, Group growth

1Q 2018 – Moozicore the preSale token with a tiring stamp is coming!
2Q 2018 – Final stage progress (HTML, iOS, Android)
3Q 2018 – The beta testing phase starts, Moozicore shipping website
4Q 2018 – Public Sales of Moozicore Tokens
1Q 2019 – Administration allows completion, Moozicore sent in the US
3Q 2019 – Moozicore shipments in Japan
1Q 2020 – Moozicore shipping in China


It should be noted that before implementing the project, the founding team carefully analyzed the market and conducted a number of studies on whether it was needed for end users, for whom it was all done or not. And you will not believe, but the presence of high-quality music and favorites in various institutions has a positive effect on the General mood and atmosphere of all visitors of all genders and very young ages with parents

More information and join social media MOOZICORE, please follow the following resources:


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ETH address ; 0x838d9F4750DFC63f9A75bdA335840C0A84aD3afc


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