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According to some studies ambiance affect businesses especially music, according to one article by CNN people chew faster when they listening to high volume and fast tempo music which result for customer leave earlier, more vacant seat for diners, and which possible result to a bigger sale. A published study done by Journal of Culinary Science & Technology shows that when classical music is played the food taste better even the same food is given to the customer when there is no music or different music. A research published by Socan that music builds a business, nearly half of the study shown that the importance of music increase between two years, three-quarter of the business survey believe that if they stop playing music in their establishment customer will complain.

Knowing the importance of music in the establishment I found a project that enhances the benefit of music in an establishment introducing Moozicore “changing the background music experience. With Moozicore music will be interactive with the customers, Moozicore made a mobile app to pick a song, vote on upcoming music, add song and interact with other customers. Moozicore app can be used also to share music on social media with added photo and can be tag to friends. The app can also interact also to the television of establishment to make the music more immersive.

The business model of Moozicore:
• Moozicore will implement monthly subscription fee to be paid by establishment owners to access to a web panel to choose from millions of “licensed” songs so they can create a playlist for their establishment.
• Customers of the establishments need to pay micro transaction using MooziCoins (MZI) for voting or request for the next song or to add a song to the establishment playlist.
• Advertisement from a TV monitor with background music for better engagement of the ads.

The core values of Moozicore revolves around giving customers control over what they listen to. This in a way progress and evolve public venues like bars, restaurants, gyms, shopping malls etc into a social and musical entertainment experience adapted to each customer.

The Moozicore experience is a unique one unlike any public music streaming service ever before, it allows customers to play a part in determining the venue’s playlist.

Moozicore leverages the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies on a decentralized platform and integrating them with web and smartphone-based applications.

Moozicore through this has been designed to allow customers to; add songs to a venue’s playlist, upvote songs on the playlist to pick which song gets played next, influence when other songs get played, and also share songs with friends on social media.

Moozicore is fully licensed for playing music in public places which ensures that businesses comply with the legal requirements of streaming and playing music publicly.

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