The world has seen the enormous adoption of Blockchain technology in recent times. In 2018, we saw the introduction of so many ideas and platforms which were developed under the Blockchain technology as the Blockchain technology offers a secure and transparent means of doing things. I noticed virtually every sector of the economy has been affected even the music industry. Recently I was going through the internet and I stumbled upon an extra ordinary idea which will forever change the music industry. The music industry is one of the fastest growing industries as we continue to see in expand year after year.

Recently a team of experts with so much passion for technology came together, putting their years of experience together and they came up with an idea never seen or heard of in the world before. This idea they call MOOZICORE. Moozicore is offering service which transforms background music into an interactive customer-sourced playlists. It is a revolutionary background music service for different forms of businesses that requires good music for their customers. Moozicore as a unique idea will be fully licensed and legal for all kinds of businesses. Moozicore offers a solution to business owners of different kinds to have control over their playlists and also give better experience to customers who patronize them giving the customers the opportunity to engage with the music directly from their smartphones. Moozicore will be creating a business platform with which business owners can get full access to Moozicore web panel which allows them to create personal vibe from a library which is licensed with more than 20 million tracks. That’s not all, individuals also have the ability to customize their music library by choosing from the Moozicore genre-specific catalogs, pre-built playlists, also create their own with the use of special tools or import playlists which they have from Spotify or Apple Music.

Moozicore has a unique goal which is evolving all places like restaurants, gyms, bars including all other entertainment venues by the creation of personalized, social music experience for all customers. With Moozicore, every customer can access dynamic user experience to engage public music, TV display, social media and all kinds of promotions at their fingertips using their smartphones. Moozicore has a mobile App which customers can use to pick songs, vote on upcoming music, interact with other people who go to bars, share on social media and also review bar special offers. Moozicore App uses beacon solutions for IOS and Android platform which is provided by leading IoT technology system provider to provider to create a more engaging experience for customers and enhance restaurant marketing. With beacons, Moozicore targets every customer with the app who is close to the vicinity of a participating location. Next beacon anthem sends the customers a push notification greeting them by name, notifying the customers that they are in a venue which is supported with Moozicore platform and finally their favorite songs are added to the queue.


The unique Moozicore business model is based on three sources of revenue which are;

Micro transactions: MooziCoins (MZI and MZG) are used by customers to pay to vote for upcoming songs, add songs to venue’s playlists and also request songs which they desire to be played next.

SaaS: owners are given access to a web panel for a monthly subscription fee and with this they are allowed to create playlists from millions of songs from Moozicore’s fully licensed library giving customers opportunity to engage with the music directly from their smartphones.

Ads: background music service is integrated with TV screens in venues to better engage customers and also permit in-location advertisement for brands.


Moozicore has a unique mobile App and with it customers can control music in venues they find themselves using coins by;

• Voting: customers get to vote on upcoming music to influence when it will be played.

• Sharing songs: plays on social media with photos and tagged friends.

• Adding songs: customers can get to add songs of interest to current venue’s playlist at the end of the queue.

• Picking songs: customers get to pick songs from venue’s pre-approved library to be played next.

The coins which customers can use to perform the above listed can be bought directly from the Moozicore App on their smartphones using MZI and MZG tokens or via paypal, Apple Pay (IOS devices) and with any major credit cards. The good thing is the coins will never expire and customers can use it at any location with the Moozicore as a source of music.


There will be a pre-sale for Moozicore and everyone can participate through this link;


Token name: MooziCoin (MZI)

Payment: Ethereum (ETH)

Base Rate: 1 ETH = 70, 000 MZI

Protocol: ERC-20

Start date: January 2ND, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. GMT +1

End date: January 29th, 2018 at 23:59 p.m. GMT +1

Total MZI supply: 250, 000, 000

Minimum purchase amount: 0.05ETH

Maximum purchase amount: No limit

Softcap: 300 ETH

Hardcap: 166, 000, 000 MZI (Max 1953 ETH)

Bonuses will be offered during this period as shown below;

Week 1 (2nd January to 8th January): 100, 000 MZI for 1 ETH

Week 2 (9th January to 15th January): 95, 000 MZI for 1 ETH

Week 3 (16th January to 22nd January): 90, 000 MZI for 1 ETH

Week 4 (23rd January to 29th January): 85, 000 MZI for 1 ETH

Once purchased, MZI will immediately be received. Reserve fund will be offered for sale after running out of contributors pool (sale and bonuses) and pre-sale will end immediately upon reaching the hardcap. All unsold MZI tokens will be locked till 31st March, 2018 and then go to the Users Growth pool.

37, 000, 000 MZI tokens will be reserved and used to promote users base growth and also create incentives for revenue owners to adopt and facilitate MZI sale to clients.

47, 000, 000 MZI tokens will be reserved for shareholders, advisors, partners and team expansion.


Sales contributors: 28%

Bonuses contributors: 12%

Reserve fund: 26.4%

User growth: 14.8%

Moozicore team: 18.8%


After the Moozicore presale, there will be a token sale and everyone can participate through this link;

Name: MooziCoin Gold (MZG)

Payment: Ethereum (ETH)

Base Rate: 1 MZG = 0.00036 ETH

Protocol: ERC-20

Start date: November 26th, 2018 10:00 a.m. CET

End date: May 31st, 2019 10:00 a.m. CET

Total MZG supply: 1, 000, 000, 000

Minimum purchase amount: 0.3 ETH

Maximum purchase amount: No limit

Softcap: 100, 000, 000 MZG

Hardcap: 498, 000, 000 MZG

Bonuses will be offered based on the timing as shown below;

Stage 1 (November 26th to December 17th, 2018): 1 MZG = 0.00018 ETH

Stage 2 (December 17th, 2018 to January 7th, 2018): 1 MZG = 0.00025 ETH

Stage 3 (January 7th, 2019 to May 31st 2019): 1 MZG = 0.00032 ETH

After successful KYC / AML application pass, MZG are received for the token sale. When hardcap is reached, sale will end immediately and all unsold MZG tokens will be locked till December 31st, 2019 and will go to Users Growth pool.

50, 000, 000 MZG tokens will be reserved and used to promote users base growth and also create incentives for venue owners to adopt and facilitate sale of MZG to clients.

147, 000, 000 MZG tokens will be reserved for shareholders, advisors, partners and team expansion.


ICO public sale: 50%

Pre-ICO public sale (MZI Converted): 11%

Referral and Bounty program: 20%

User Growth: 5%

Moozicore team: 14%


Funds generated during the presale and token sale will be distributed accordingly as shown below;

For token presale:

General and administrative: 10%

Tech support: 11%

Marketing: 23%

Content supply set-up: 2%

Service licensing in the US: 41%

Service development: 13%

For token sale:

Legal and Finanse: 5%

Platform upgrade and support: 15%

Service licensing: 35%

Marketing: 45%



Q4: Moozicore concept created


Q1: Market research

Q2: Trademark registration

Q3: “M” in best startup logos in 2017, Team expansion.


Q1: Moozicore token pre-sale

Q2: Platform development finish (HTML, IOS, Android)

Q3: Platform beta testing starts, Moozicore website launch.

Q4: Moozicore token public sale.


Q1: Service licensing finish, Moozicore launch in the USA

Q3: Moozicore launch in Japan


Q1: Moozicore launch in China


Adam Krzak: CEO / Co-Founder (Entrepreneur)

Hubert Kawicki: CFO / Co-Founder (Business Finance)

Szymon Piekarz: CTO / Shareholder (Blockchain and App Developer)

Anna Paszek: Legal Advisor / Shareholder (Founder of Uniqorn Advisory)

Fati Hakim: Strategic Project Manager (ICO Financial Advisor)

Mauro Andriotto: Financial Advisor ( Prof Corporate Finance, EU Comission and Big 4 Consultant CEO @AFS)

Alexander Wermescher: Business Development Manager (ICO Project Manager)


Kamil Goliszewski: ICO Advisor (Founder of Unstock (acquired by Slidely in 2017))

John McAfee: ICO Advisor (Tech Pioneer and Visionary ICO investor)

Steven Stanley: PR Director (35-years experience in Marketing)

Piotr Danelski: VC Advisor / Shareholder (Early-stage provate Investor)

Kim Faist: Outside Sales Consultant (ICO Advisor)

Moozicore is taking music to a whole new level. I strongly encourage everyone to have a close look at this project and make sure you are part of it as I strongly believe it will be a huge success. For more information about the unique Moozicore project please visit the website and whitepaper. Also stay connected with the team and other participants across the globe through the different Moozicore social media platforms whose links are provided below. Thanks.







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