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There exist many essays on the appreciation of music as an art form and as an important part of human existence. What people don’t discuss nearly as much is how music affects everyone differently. Music can bring together conflicting feelings, tangling together emotions in ways people otherwise couldn’t imagine.

There is a difference between hating a song so much you want to turn off the radio and cry and hating a song that brings tears to your eyes but compels you to listen. In the second case, the listener connects with the song; an emotional connection is established. It is a different type of listening than the first one. The listener transcends the notes and the melody and the words sung to find a deeper meaning: something that rings true for them and only them. A different person can listen to the same exact song in the same exact setting and get something entirely different out of it. And that’s the beauty of music

There are alot of platforms that are designed and created for music and musical instruments. Moozicore has now try to take the musical world to the next level by it’s own unique and amazing platform . It is designed based on the trending technology that is blockchain in order to give users the best of experience that have ever had when using musical platforms.

The moozicore platform is blockchain based platform offering music services for business. Unlike other platforms such as Spotify and tidal that moozicore platform is fully licensed and legal for business of all kinds. Moozicore platform provide business owners with essential tools that they require in order to make either their own music that they can share with their customers roght away with the use of their smart phones. In the moozicore platform there is a Web panel that allow business men to create their own vibes that us licenced. The moozicore web panel is made up of over 20 million tracks.

What makes moozicore different from other music platforms is that it gives ots cuter the ability to engage in public music , TV displays directly with the use of their smart phones . The application will be very essential in entertaining venues such restaurants , bars , malls and alot more. It happens a times when you go to a restaurant and the next thign you hear buzzing is one if the songs that you hate the most. This is not interesting right ? Moozicore platform have eliminate this occurrence anymore . It gives customers ability to pick up a song and vote for upcoming music to be played . They can also share music using the moozicore application .

Moozicore application allow customers to carry out four main oustanding activities with the phone .

Voting songs

Allow users to vote for upcoming song by using coins on the platform .

Picking songs

It allow users to pick up songs for the pre – approved library to be played next.

Adding songs

Users also have the privilege to add up new songs to the already available queue on the platform . This is also possible woth the use of the coins .

Sharing songs

Users can also use the moozicore application to share songs by playing them on social media’s together with tagging of their friends for them to easily get access to the music.

Users of the moozicore application with smartphones can purchase moozicore coins by the use of PayPal or by a using MZI and MZG tokens . MZI is a digital currency that is built based on the ERC20 wallet.

MZI token distribution

Uo to 250 million MZI token is supply for the project .

28% allocated for sales

12 % allocated for bonuses.

26.4% Reserve funds.

14.8% for user growth.

18.8% for moozicore team.

MZI gold token structure

A total of 1 000 000 000 MZI gold token is assign.

50% of the token is for ico public sale

11% is for pre -ico public sale.

20% of the token is allocated for referral as well as bounty programme.

5% of the token is for user growth.

14% of the tokens is assign for the moozicore project team.

The token selling date started by NOV 26 2018 and will end on MAY 31 2019 . The accepted currency for purchasing the MZI tokens is etererum which customers can easily use to purchase the tokens.

To know more about the moozicore project

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