What is Moozicore?

Moozicore   is blockchain and music starts with a very innovative idea: give users control about the background music they hear. You might not believe it, but this is what this company is planning.
Moozicore’s idea is to contract with business owners so that they play songs that are desired by future application users. This is a very interesting idea that has a lot of potential to change the experience of hearing background music outside your home. This service will be online at the end of 2018.

How does Moozicore work?

This company promises to revolutionize your social life. Moozicore’s main idea    is that using only your smartphone, you will be able to change the background music.
Imagine this situation: You are at the bar with your friends and then you decide that you want to listen to some pop songs: You can only use your application to try to influence background music and there is a good chance that the music you want will play (except there are other users of the application there).
Using your application, you will be able to rate songs from accredited environments that have partnerships with Moozicore, add songs to playlists, choose the songs that will be played next and even share pictures on social media with your friends.
You should pay attention that Moozicore is an American company, and that contracts with bars and restaurants will mainly be carried out in the United States. Because of this problem, you might not have access to company products if you live in another country or this service may take years or never contact you at all, so check availability before using this application.

How to Invest in Moozicore?

There is a very easy way to invest in Moozicore: You have to buy the MZI tokens. MZI tokens will be sold on upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The Pre-ICO is scheduled to begin in early 2018, on January 2 and will last until January 28. The main ICO will only be on August 1, 2018, so you will have plenty of time to prepare.
You will be able to   buy MZI tokens using ETH  . With 1 ETH, you can buy 70,000 MZI tokens. To participate in pre-ICO, you must buy at least 0.05 ETH in the MZI token. They can be used to pay for company services or sell later for profit.

The Moozicore Decision

Is this the right investment for you now? Moozicore seems like a really cool idea. This might be the world’s best investment if you think about your return on investment, but if you are interested in using this company’s services, there is a high chance that you will be interested in this investment.
Therefore, the main question you must ask yourself before investing is if you really want to use the services of this company or if you are not interested in using it.
Moozicore can certainly be a good investment, but is that for you? After you answer it, you will have the answer and you will know if you have to invest in this company or not. Remember that you can always sell tokens later at a greater price even if you are not interested in the services offered by the company
The aim of Moozicore is to develop places such as bars,  restaurants, fitness centers and other entertainment  venues by creating personal and social music  experiences for each customer.
What’s unique about our service is that it allows us customers to access a dynamic user experience to engage with public music, TV screens, social media and promotions directly from their smartphones. Customers use the Moozicore mobile app to choose songs, vote on music coming, interacting with other bar viewers, sharing on social media and also reviewing special bar offers. Mozicore believes that artists and songwriters deserve proper compensation for their efforts. For any business that uses our services, get a performance license from The show AS Rights Organization (ASCAP, BMI & SESAC) requested by Moozicore is needed.
With Moozicore Mobile App patrons control music in places  using Coins with:
on the music that will come to influence when it is played
from the place the library was pre-approved to be played next
to the venue playlist currently at the end of the queue
playing on social media with photos and Friends ‘tagged’
Mobile users can buy Coins directly The Moozicore application on their smartphones uses MZI & MZG tokens or through Paypal, Apple Pay (iOS devices) and with any credit card majors. Coins will never expire and can be used anywhere with Moozicore as music source.
To create a more attractive experience for customers and improve restaurant marketing using the Moozicore App, a flare solution for the iOS & Android platforms provided by leading IoT technology system providers. Our services use beacon to target anyone who has an application around the participating locations. After that the beacon song sends their push notification greetings by name, notifying them that their close place is supported by the Moozicore platform and finally their favorite songs are added to the queue.
New research from Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics (CBM) revealed a strong relationship between restaurant vibrations and customer satisfaction.
A strong majority of 91% of casual-dining restaurant visitors say that the influence of the atmosphere attracts their decision to visit certain concepts.
For fast food restaurants, 84% of customers say it is important that the units they visit have a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
In all restaurant segments measured, Gen Z and Millennial consumers prioritize music
52% of the younger generation say that concept music selection is an important factor in their decision to visit a casual dining restaurant, compared to only 43% of older consumers.
98% of consumers who judge the atmosphere of the restaurant and the atmosphere of music are also considered very good on their overall visits (good or good).
75% of consumers show perception developed largely by the preferences of others.
Many tools and technology claim to be the best. But what is the most interesting form of entertainment in a restaurant?
When asked what consumers like to see on a digital screen in a restaurant or bar, music wins again:
Studies show that music preferences as a form of entertainment in restaurants and bars are related to all genders and generations.
79% of women and 77% of men say Listening to music is important to them as a form of entertainment
Other engagement tools prove far more polarization: 67% of men found watching sports entertaining, only 39% of women agreed.
49% of all said that the ability to use their cellphone phones to influence the background of a music restaurant is very important
39% of all said that the ability to use their telephone to connect with restaurant social media channels was very important
43% of all said the ability to use their telephone to share photos of their restaurant experience was very important


BETWEEN November, twenty-six, 2018 AND January twenty-eighth, 2019
MooziCoin Gold (MZG) is an approved ERC20 utility token offered for use in the Moozicore Service. With persecution, MZG in the Moozicore application, a moveable application, turns the close sound in the scene into a playlist sourced from intuitive consumers.

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4Q 2016
Moozicore’s plan was made
1Q 2017
Statistical measurements
2Q 2017
Trademark time period
3Q 2017
M “in the best startup logo in 2017
Group growth
1Q 2018
Moozicore the preSale token with a tiring stamp is coming!
2Q 2018
Stage progress completed (HTML, iOS, Android)
3Q 2018
The beta testing phase starts
Moozicore shipping website
4Q 2018
Public Sales of Moozicore Tokens
1Q 2019
Administration allows completion
Moozicore sent in the US
3Q 2019
Moozicore shipments in Japan
1Q 2020
Moozicore shipping in China
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