There is rarely a technology that is fascinated with the media and the public like blockchain. Tested to be the catalyst of the fourth industrial revolution, the institution experimented with its technology. Similarly, investors have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in blockchain-related companies. Such investments carry the risk of failure in commercialization and organization, which generally have no lab-like environment to experiment with technology in low-risk and secure situations.

Innovation is a combination of creativity and implementation. Often, an idea needs to go through an evolutionary or spinning phase before it reaches maturity for commercialization. In fact, most ideas rarely achieve the value of their commercialization because the cycle is too long and expensive, making it too cost-effective to allow ideas to grow and mature. Therefore, generally, almost 99% of start-ups fail.

Introducing Morpheus Labs

Morpheus Labs BPaaS will simplify and accelerate the development of your blockchain application and give you the flexibility to choose between available programming languages and the runtimes blockchain that suits your needs. You receive unrivaled benefits from an integrated collaborative development environment, workspace management, version control repositories and many pre-configured tasks. Let our platform do heavy lifting as you focus on value-added work such as making apps and experimenting with blockchain technology at a fraction of the cost and time.

Introducing Morpheus Labs

Our integrated blockchain platform consists of the following components that provide ready-made resources for rapid prototyping, development and hosting. Components will be available for use on the platform in stages.

Advantages of Morpheus Platform

Turnkey solution – A ready-made blockchain solution supports multiple integrated barriers and development. The test environment provides the most efficient blockchain platform service and handles the most technical challenges facing the company.

Accessible – Our team is highly functional and experienced in blockchain business with diverse backgrounds.

Reliable – Our idea and our founders have been accepted at SGInnovate, the start-up group of the Singapore government. Hired by the most skilled engineers and award-winning teams, SGInnovate has extensive experience in applying large-scale and complex platform applications.

Powerful, Safe, and Valuable – All sources and support are set up on the cloud, allowing you to customize and deploy applications anytime and anywhere in a safe, reliable and scalable environment. The platform is hosted in a private cloud environment during MVP and Phase 1. It will be hosted in leading cloud environments, such as AWS, from Phase 2 and beyond.

Cost Efficient – We stand by the quality of our products and services. We are committed to delivering value to our clients with no hidden costs. Blockchain to include is our mantra.

MITx Token

The tokens used in all platform services of Morpheus Labs will be called the Morpheus Infrastructure Token version x (MITx). MITx is an ERC-20-compliant token and is designed for use in the Morja BPaaS network for all services and products provided.

Details of Token Sales

Tokens Sale Schedule February 24 – April 15, 2018
Purchase of Ethereum Token
Price Token 8,000 MITx / 1 ETH
Bonus 20% – 35%
Total Supply Token 1,000,000,000 MITx

Details of the sale of MITx tokens:

Country: Singapore

Standard: ERC-20 Total will be issued: 1 million MITx

Tokens for sale: 250 000 000 MITx

3 stages of sales:

  1. February 24-March 9 – 35% bonus
  2. March 10-March 23 – 20% bonus
  3. March 24-April 15 – official sales!

Cost: 8000 MITx = 1 ETH

The project has a powerful team, led by Chuang-Pei-Khan and Branson Lee, who has worked in the industry of blockade technologies, strategies, IT technologies, application development, etc. for over 20 years (C-Suite, IoT & FinTech, UniCredit Bank) eminent and successful advisers, and is launched with the support of the Government of Singapore. Members of the team have links with such large block associations as ACCESS (Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association) and SFA (Singapore Association Fintech), which indicates the high reliability of the project.

With Morpheus Labs BPaaS, we are on the verge of a revolution in creating applications for blocking, as well as the widespread distribution of blockbuster technologies!

Join the project of Morpheus Labs BPaaS, invest in your future!


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