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-Difficult to find fit use cases and evaluate business benefits: Companies have difficulties finding the use cases that will apply to their industry and knowing how to evaluate the return on investment.
-No easy way to install and test: Piecing together the blockchain nodes, storage, cloud development environment and GitHub requires a lot of effort and timi.

Introducing Morpheus Labs

Our integrated blockchain platform consists of the following components that provide ready-made resources for rapid prototyping, development and hosting. Components will be available for use on the platform in stages.

Advantages of Morpheus Platform

Turnkey solution – A ready-made blockchain solution supports multiple integrated barriers and development. The test environment provides the most efficient blockchain platform service and handles the most technical challenges facing the company.

Accessible – Our team is highly functional and experienced in blockchain business with diverse backgrounds.

Reliable – Our idea and our founders have been accepted at SGInnovate, the start-up group of the Singapore government. Hired by the most skilled engineers and award-winning teams, SGInnovate has extensive experience in applying large-scale and complex platform applications.

Powerful, Safe, and Valuable – All sources and support are set up on the cloud, allowing you to customize and deploy applications anytime and anywhere in a safe, reliable and scalable environment. The platform is hosted in a private cloud environment during MVP and Phase 1. It will be hosted in leading cloud environments, such as AWS, from Phase 2 and beyond.


Infrastructure is very important in the world economy especially financial technology. However today in the relationship between blockchain, proper infrastructure is lacking.
Morpheus Labs will fill this void by building a revolutionary platform that focuses on fast go-to-market strategy, and user friendliness. Morpheus Labs empowers companies and individuals to prototyping and validating business ideas at low cost. The company claims that it is the first enterprise application store in Southeast Asia, designed to connect companies to a blockchain ecosystem and provides the flexibility to find, select, experiment and deploy applications in their respective industries.

“We position ourselves to be Apple from the blockchain industry,” said Chuang Pei-Han, co-founder of Morpheus Labs. “It’s too early to call the most dominant blockchain.We remove entry barriers like upfront installation costs, provide access to open source applications and increase market time for all parties.New technologies and our fresh approach create a frameless blockchain ecosystem that drives innovation products. “According to the founders, Morpheus helps companies acquire services, ideas, or tools by soliciting contributions from various partner experts and the occupation of people’s contributions, allowing broad innovative ideas and solutions in a relatively short period of time.

Simplify and speed up the development of blockchain applications, giving clients the flexibility to choose between available programming languages ​​and blockchain runtimes that meet the client’s needs. Morfeus Labs provides unrivaled benefits from an integrated collaborative development environment, workspace management, version control repositories and many pre-configured tasks. The platform performs heavy lifting when users focus on value-added work such as making apps and experimenting with blockchain technology at a fraction of the cost and time.

Excellence Morpheus Labs

Reverse Lock Solutions
Quickly build and validate use cases of blockchain over previously used blockchain applications. It shortens time and lowers costs to create a fast and secure environment.

Strong & Scalable
Clients will invest in highly measurable platforms in cloud solutions.

The Morpheus team is cross-functional and is experienced in blockchain business with diverse backgrounds.

Established with quality products and services, with a commitment to give clients value and no unreasonable costs. Inclusion and Blockchain are the mantras.

Idea and founder Morpheus Labs has been accepted at SGInnovate, authorized by the Singapore Government to select startups. Empowered by the most skilled engineers and award-winning teams.

Morpheus Infrastructure Token (MITx)
Benefits of this token are designed for use in the Morpheus BPaaS network for all services and products provided, platform subscription, distribution license and token swaps with other digital currencies or tokens. A total of 1 Billion MITx will be printed. 250 million MITX will be issued to the public in this Token Generation event. The release of MITX 250 million is to generate sufficient funds. The remaining MITx will be used for business expansion and will only be released for sales according to the product roadmap. All results generated from this event will only be used for product and business development.

Once the cap of USD 25M is reached, the public sale will close regardless of which phase the sale is in. Our token will be listed in exchange upon token events closed, irregardless in amount raised.For public who are unable to participate in first token sale, the remaining tokens be their opportunity to participate. Release date will follow closely our product roadmap Value: 8,000 MITx to 1 ETH
For the public that can not participate in the sale of the first token, the remaining 750,000,000 becomes their choice. Conversely, if the sale of tokens is not sold out, unsold tokens will be included in the market maker in charge of maintaining token price stability. This token will be used to facilitate all transactions that are initiated and processed with Morpheus Platform Infrastructure.

Join the project of Morpheus Labs BPaaS, invest in your future!

The project has a powerful team, led by Chuang-Pei-Khan and Branson Lee, who has worked in the industry of blockade technologies, strategies, IT technologies, application development, etc. for over 20 years (C-Suite, IoT & FinTech, UniCredit Bank) eminent and successful advisers, and is launched with the support of the Government of Singapore. Members of the team have links with such large block associations as ACCESS (Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association) and SFA (Singapore Association Fintech), which indicates the high reliability of the project.With Morpheus Labs BPaaS, we are on the verge of a revolution in creating applications for blocking, as well as the widespread distribution of blockbuster technologies!

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