The Morpheus network was established in close consultation with some of the biggest customs, shipping, and banking companies. Its aim is to come up with a fully-fledged supply chain platform that uses cryptocurrency payment protocols employing the blockchain technology.

  • Automatic digitization and generation of the original shipping contracts as well as documents
  • Well documented shipping and customs details that comply with international regulations
  • Integration of any other blockchain technologies to be incorporated as the main goals in any given smart contract
  • Layered security levels and high-tech encryption techniques with flexible permission settings

Furthermore, as other crypto based payment processing systems target the electronic retail business, the Morpheus Network main target is on the import and export field and global payments, in local currencies to more than 200 countries all over the globe. When dealing with international money transfers, buyer assurance and security is of utmost importance. Morpheus rating system will give prospective network users assurance that they are dealing with a reliable company.

Blockchain Platform as a Service

They offer all businesses an integrated blockchain platform to rapidly develop, test and deploy enterprise blockchain applications at a fraction of the cost. The platform can also be used by individual developers. Multiple blockchain technology, private blockchain alongside public blockchain. In-region hosted cloud data centres, leveraging VM and Docker container virtualisation technology to provide a reliable and scalable cloud environment. Integrated cloud development environment with suite of tools to develop, test and deploy blockchain applications. Preconfigured sample applications and ready-to-use applications from in-platform application marketplace and ready-to-use APIs published (e.g., banking APIs) for fast prototyping and easier customisation. For example, they provision open sourced trade exchange or cryptocurrency exchange, as shown above. User and identity access management and security protection services to secure access to the platform. Support micro service–based application architecture to easily composite new applications. Able to expose blockchain applications as APIs and consume external APIs.

Problem Statements

Which distributed ledger technology?
Enterprises have difficulties selecting which blockchain technology to use. For example, Bitcoin blockchain is more suited for transfer of currencies.
What use cases?
Companies have difficulties understanding the use cases that apply to their industry and knowing how to evaluate the return on investment.
How to deploy and test?
Piecing together the blockchain nodes, storage, cloud development environment and github requires a lot of effort. It is time-consuming and resources intensive, thus excluding most companies or startups except those with deep pockets.


  • Try and evaluate blockchain technology
Experiment with different types of blockchains on 1 platform. Waste no time switching between platforms, applications and providers.
  • Crowdsourcing
Solicit new ideas or tools from your community, experts via crowd wisdom. Aggregate innovative solutions in the shortest time possible.
  • Enterprise Grade
Scalable, secure and robust enterprise blockchain platform for rapid prototyping and easy production deployment.
  • Ready to deploy App
Rapid Prototype to validate use cases atop select pre-deployed application from their ready to deploy blockchain applications. This reduces the time and costs to create a fail fast and safe environment.

Phase 0 – Development of the alpha version – Q3 2016
Alpha versions of the Morpheus Labs BPaaS platform.

Phase 1 – Deployment of DevOps Tools – January 2018
MVP with user interface (UI).

Phase 2 – Collaboration and group development – April 2018.
Enhancement of DevOps tools to support collaboration and group development.

Phase 3 – Commercialization – Q3 2018
Introduction of monthly users access to the service.

Phase 4 – Improve user experience – Q4 2018
Creation of a new set of opportunities to encourage users to search for the most suitable solution for their product, by evaluating the various features of the blockage using the MorpheusLabs platform.

Phase 5 – Interaction between the detachments – 2019

White Paper details the technical component of the project, as well as the necessary information for a deeper understanding of how the project will be implemented.

Most of the Morpheus Labs team from the Southeast Asia region. In 2017, the blockade stratap received the official approval of SGInnnovate, the initiative of the Government of Singapore. Morpheus is also supported by a number of other organizations, including Singapore’s Fintech Association, Snap Innovations and IPI Singapore.

The project team consists of 10 people and 10 advisers, led by Chuang-Pei-Khan and Branson Lee, who have worked in the technology industries of blocking, IT, application development, etc. for over 20 years (C-Suite, IoT & FinTech, UniCredit Bank).

For more information,visit the Website or read the Whitepaper.

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