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The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new undertakings. We have the greatest instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is MOS Lottery, a blockchain based lottery, It is decentralized framework which includes a blockchain and comprises of a few savvy contracts in the edge of the square chain and its own particular cryptographic money, And the stage is a framework item made by a consortium of the most capable, skilled, and experienced calculated organizations and associations everywhere throughout the world.

Mos Lottery

MOS token is a multi-cash in a stage that enables clients to access, store and spend their cryptographic costs like some other plastic. which have been planned and created utilizing Blockchain-based stages where clients can flawlessly utilize their crypto for their ordinary exercises. MOS venture has a tendency to take care of different winning issues which will be clarified as we proceed onward.

The conventional arrangement of installment is very old, distressing and even non-eficient. It’s about time that innovation begins being actualized in this part of installments. It is never again news that cryptographic forms of money are changing the monetary scenes and the idea of cash. In any case, the issue still lies that this present reality use of these advanced monetary forms are restricted, particularly in paying for products and ventures.

Decentralized assembling will make the business more open, protected and temperate for more members in an immediate shared (P2P) biological system. Furthermore, MOS Token Wallet will be the focal point of each association inside the MOS biological community, and furthermore fill in as a safe stockpiling and trade stage for both crypto and fiat monetary forms, empowering clients to store, hold, transmit and trade digital currencies and upheld fiat. Shippers can unreservedly pick and switch between various blockchain resources for installment. Clients can change over from BTC, ETH, MOS Token and the other way around, use information exchange and between peer trade, and pay trader administrations.


It was produced to guarantee a reasonable and straightforward draw. We have made the best time and energizing lottery amusement in which winning numbers are taken straightforwardly from the most renowned stock files, for example, NASDAQ, NYSE, and FTSE!


With another level of trust, our main goal is to position the MOS Lottery as a discretionary lottery stage and construct the biggest universal lottery group. Our fun and energizing lottery amusement with a few big stakes will interest lottery players, securities exchange fans and easygoing players.Therefore, our client base is bigger than other lottery administrators.

What does the MOS lottery offer us?

Completely decentralized and straightforward lottery running Ethereum Smart Contract. All activities including player rate, comes about, big stake administration and Sales Fund.

The eventual fate of the MOS stage:

Enhancing the stage, with a noteworthy spotlight on security. Enhanced innovation and new amusement improvement.

The Main Future of MOS Lottery Destination

By making an online introduce channel, where you can aggregate BTC, ETH and MOS to a physical MOS check card to utilize your crypto at a substantial number of stores and ATMs around the world, Operations performed in blockchain are almost difficult to fashion or stow away.

Less movement is transmitted between administrators – all connections are presently done through a decentralized shared system.

To make MOS as an arrangement of one-stop answers for cash trade inside biological communities for organizations and people because of usability and speed with no topographical and saving money confinements.

Each exchange in the MOS wallet is guaranteed utilizing cryptographic encryption, offering blackmail driven security, basically decreasing trade and assurance costs, this factor is critical for the two administrators and customers.

The Main Future of MOS Lottery Aims

By making an online portion channel, where you can stack your BTC, ETH and MOS onto a physical MOS check card to use your crypto in countless and ATMs around the globe, Operations directed in blockchain are about difficult to phony or stow away.

Less movement is transmitted among operators — all communications are currently led by means of a decentralized distributed system.

To make MOS as an arrangement of one-stop arrangement as a cryptographic money trade in biological system for organizations and people because of convenience and speed paying little mind to land and managing an account limits.

Each exchange on MOS wallet are guaranteed using cryptographic encryption, offering moved coercion security, basically diminished trade costs and assurance, this factor is vital on the two administrators and the customers.


The principle reason for the MOS Lottery Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is to crowdfund the capital required for the Jackpot arrangement and position MOS Lottery as one of the main blockchain lottery stages on the planet. Thus, the ICO continues will be essentially utilized as a part of the accompanying vital regions:

• Formation of one primary Jackpot and various small big stakes.

• Promote and market MOS Lottery to a worldwide group of onlookers .

• Continuous item/innovation change and new diversion advancement.

Similarly that the blockchain is kept naturally legitimate by all gatherings concurring, settlement could be as per the dominant part.

Note that, given the Lottery are for the most part open record on the blockchain, coming about cases are not constrained to the gatherings who hold the particular diversion. While gatherings may stay mysterious it is expected that this framework can likewise be coordinated with existing Lottery books or trades.

Pre-ICO and ICO.

Pre-ICO – April 2018. 10% of the token will be appropriated to fabricate a fruitful lottery stage for the Blockchain time.

ICO – March 18 to May 18, 2018. 35% of the token will be appropriated to raise reserves for the bonanza pools and prizes for the players of the Stock Market Lottery.

Token Details

Token Name: MOS Coin

TokenSymbol: MOS

Standard Token: ERC223

Publishing Jurisdiction: Seychelles

Legal Qualifications: Utility Token, Not Security

Gaming License: Philippine E-Gaming License

Target Min: 1,000,000 USD

Soft Cap: 10,000,000 USD

Cap Hard: 100,000,000 USD

Number of tokens issued: 10,000,000,000

Price Per Token: 0.01 USD

Burning Unknown Token: Yes

Token in Frozen: For Management and Advisor, 3 Months

Currency received: Ethereal and BTC

Minimum Contribution: 100 USD

Nationality Accepted: Nationality, Except: United States, Singapore & South Korea

Sales fund distribution

The Token Distribution Plan



MOS Lottery Development

The first and only decentralized lottery platform uses smart blockchain contracts to ensure all fair and transparent bets are in full.


MOS Token Pre Sales

Any initial investor with 1 BTC will be entitled to referral commissions, paid weekly; this will be formed from 15% of the MOS lottery net income.


MOS Token Pre ICO

10% token will be distributed to solve capital problems so we can build a successful lottery platform for the blockchain era.



35% token will be distributed to raise funds for the jackpot pool and win prizes for people who play the Stock Market Lottery


MOS Lottery Platform Launch

The start of the live version of the Lottery MOS with a minimum $ 5million USD jackpot pool.


Trade Exchanges

Listed on most cryptocurrency currency exchange platforms.

JUL 18



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