Lottery is one of the most popular betting games in the world. By placing a small bet, lottery provides an opportunity to dramatically change one’s financial situation for the better, and such opportunity has attracted the attention of millions of people around the world.

Lotteries are operated by government and states around the world, with certain country granting the ‘rights’ to private entity to operate the lottery. Whether it is operated by government, states or private entities, its operation shares the same characteristics: the participants and bet amount for any lottery session are not available for public viewing; methods of selecting the winning number by the lottery operator is unclear and the lottery operations are centralized and controlled by single party. Lottery players and the public are always suspicious and curious to ascertain if the lottery is operated in fair and transparent manner, given the current circumstances where one single party can influence and control the lottery outcome. Recent scandals in lottery such as, lottery frauds and rigging only deepen the players’ beliefs that the lottery is indeed not fair and transparent.

MOS Lottery is a blockchain based lottery, It is decentralized system which involves a blockchain and consists of several smart-contracts in the perimeter of the block chain and its own crypto currency, And the platform is a system product created by a consortium of the most powerful, competent, and experienced logistic companies and organizations all over the world.

MOS Lottery is a blockchain based lottery. We create MOS Lottery to address the problems inherited in the lottery market, fair and transparent play. By itself, lottery has one of the highest odds in the gambling industry, thus the probability of winning lottery is very low. Though lottery operation is centralized and operated by governments and states, there have always been questions on transparency in terms of winning number selection and if the player indeed places the bet. The recent issues of lottery fraud and rigging further tainted the lottery market and slow down the demand for lottery play.

MOS Lottery is designed as a decentralized platform and its lottery operation is fully managed by Ethereum smart contract. All bets and results are made public and recorded on the blockchain without 3rd party involvement. MOS Lottery smart contract also ensures it has sufficient pool of fund to pay the winning amount before accepting any bet, thus players can be assured of receiving their payouts should they win the lottery. MOS Lottery uniqueness is that the lottery winning number was selected from global stock market index i.e. NASDAQ, Dow Jones, etc. which the numbers are not manipulatable and available for public viewing. We also carefully design the lottery game so it appeals to both avid lottery players and casual players.

MOS token is a multi-currency in a platform that allows users to access, store and spend their cryptographic expenses like any other debit card. which have been designed and developed using Blockchain-based platforms where users can seamlessly use their crypto for their everyday activities. MOS project tends to solve various prevailing problems which will be explained as we move on.

The traditional system of payment is quite old, stressful and even non-efficient. It is high time technology starts being implemented in this aspect of payments. It is no longer news that cryptocurrencies are transforming the financial landscapes and the concept of money. But the problem still lies that the real world usage of these digital currencies are limited, especially in paying for goods and services.

Decentralized manufacturing will make the industry more accessible, safe and economical for more participants in a direct peer-to-peer (P2P) ecosystem. Secondly, MOS Token Wallet will be the center of every interaction within the MOS ecosystem, and also serve as a secure storage and exchange platform for both crypto and fiat currencies, enabling users to store, hold, transmit and exchange cryptocurrencies and supported fiat. Merchants can freely choose and switch between different blockchain assets for payment. Users can convert from BTC, ETH, MOS Token and vice versa, utilize data transfer and inter-peer exchange, and pay merchant services.