MOS is a Blockchain prediction platform


MOS Token Wallet would key to each communication in the MOS biological community, and furthermore be secure capacity and trade stage for both digital currencies and fiat monetary forms, empowering clients to store, hold, send, and trade bolstered cryptographic forms of mazuma and fiat. Vendors can openly pick and switch between sundry blockchain resources for installments. Clients can transmute over from BTC, ETH, MOS Token and the other way around, utilize distributed exchanges of information and trades, and pay for shipper administrations.

What is MOS Lottery?
MOS token is a multi-trade out a stage that enables clients to access, store and spend their cryptographic costs like some other check card. which have been orchestrated and made utilizing Blockchain-predicated stages where clients can superbly utilize their crypto for their general exercises. MOS meander inclines to deal with different winning issues which will be lit up as we proceed ahead.
The standard strategy of the part is especially old, bothering and even non-efficient. The time has desired progression commences being acknowledged in this bit of components. It isn’t any more news that cryptographic sorts of mazuma are transmuting the monetary scenes and Mazuma. In any case, the issue still lies that this present authenticity utilization of these advanced mazuma cognate structures is restricted, concretely in paying for stock and ventures.
Decentralized amassing will make the business more open, assured and a traditionalist for more people in a brisk shared (P2P) natural structure. Additionally, MOS Token Wallet will be the purport of joining of each interest inside the MOS mundane system, and in additament fill in as a shielded accumulating and trade arrange for both crypto and fiat financial structures, empowering clients to store, hold, transmit and trade progressed mazuma cognate measures and upheld fiat. Shippers can direct pick and switch between sundry blockchain resources for the parcel. Clients can transmute over from BTC, ETH, MOS Token, and the alternate way, exchange and between peer trade, and pay vendor sodalities.

It was engendered to ensure a plausible and straightforward draw. We have made the best time and energizing lottery diversion in which winning numbers are taken straightforwardly from the most celebrated stock records, for example, NASDAQ, NYSE, and FTSE!

With another level of trust, our central goal is to position the MOS Lottery as a discretionary lottery stage and assemble the most immensely colossal ecumenical lottery network. Our fun and energizing lottery diversion with a few sizably voluminous stakes will engage lottery players, securities exchange fans, and easygoing players. Therefore, our client base is more sizably voluminous than other lottery administrators.
The Main Future of MOS Lottery Aims
By influencing an online segment to the channel, where you can stack your BTC, ETH, and MOS onto a physical MOS check card to utilize your crypto in a sweeping number of stores and ATMs around the world, Operations drove in blockchain are about hard to feign or stow away.
Less action is transmitted among operators — all interchanges are as of now driven by methods for a decentralized dispersed framework.
To make MOS as a course of action of the one-stop plan as a cryptographic cash exchange natural network for sodalities and individuals due to accommodation and speed paying little regard to geographical and setting aside some cash limits.
Each trade on MOS wallet are ascertained utilizing cryptographic encryption, offering moved compulsion security, fundamentally diminished exchange expenses and bulwark, this factor is fundamental on the two chairmen and the clients.
Token Details
Token Name: MOS Coin
TokenSymbol: MOS
Standard Token: ERC223
Distributing Jurisdiction: Seychelles
Legitimate Qualifications: Utility Token, Not Security
Gaming License: Philippine E-Gaming License
Target Min: 1,000,000 USD
Delicate Cap: 10,000,000 USD
Top Hard: 100,000,000 USD
Number of tokens issued: 10,000,000,000
Value Per Token: 0.01 USD
Consuming Unknown Token: Yes
Token in Frozen: For Management and Advisor, 3 Months Cash got: Ethereal and BTC Least Contribution: 100 USD Nationality Accepted: Nationality, Except: Cumulated States, Singapore and South Korea
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More Information Connect to MOS Lottery
ANN Thread:
Bitcointalk username: Timzbrand
Bitcointalk URL:;u=2040852
Ether address: 0xC7Ee1071822E818Be0e55AefD4BD3Ea033192609


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